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Vinovest is a user-friendly wine investing platform that caters to new investors with low minimum budgets to work with. They are friendly folk with a strong customer service team and a group of wine and investment experts primed to help you diversify your portfolio and strengthen it. 

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Fine Wine Investments


  • Attractive historical returns
  • Direct ownership of world-class wines
  • Portfolio diversity
  • Robust recession-resistance
Overall Rating
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Key Takeaways 

If you take anything away from this Vinovest review, it should be the following: 

  • Investing in fine wine with Vinovest is a safe, stable, low-risk way to grow wealth.
  • The company makes investing more accessible to beginner investors.
  • No experience in wine or investing is necessary to succeed.

Pros & Cons

Vinovest contains a variety of pros and cons that may influence your investment decision.


  • Impressive recession-resistance
  • Strong returns
  • Low investment minimum
  • You own the wine you invest in and can sell it anytime.


  • Selling comes with extra fees and selling penalties
  • Significant management fees

Are you itching to invest your hard-earned money in something serious and dependable? Do you want to grow your wealth with minimal risk?

A wine investing platform may be the answer for you.  Luckily investing in wine is a fantastic opportunity that can make the average investor a significant amount of money.

As a result, wine investing platforms for fine wine are popping up all over the world. But which ones are the best, and which ones should you skip? 

In this Vinovest review, I discuss the ins and outs of Vinovest.

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Quick Summary

Minimum Investment: $1,000

Annual Fee: 2.25%-2.85%

Promotion: Full insurance

About Vinovest 

Curating a fine wine investment portfolio is an excellent way to grow wealth and prepare for retirement. I found that Vinovest is a superior platform that creates a well-balanced and diverse portfolio.

The company also uses an automated process and a team of expert sommeliers and entrepreneurs to help guide you through the process.

Vinovest is a hassle-free investment platform. Their team authenticates the wine you buy, stores the wine, and ensures the wine is secure during shipment.

How It Works

Investing in fine wine and with Vinovest is reasonably straightforward. All you need to do is create an account and fill out a short survey to help the Vinovest team understand your budget and whether you want to invest aggressively or not. 

Once the company has an adequate amount of information, they build your unique portfolio. They are passionate about high-quality wine and focus on introducing limited vintages that will maximize your returns. 

Vinovest also provides wine experts that are available at any time for questions about your portfolio. They have a transparent reporting policy as well. 

Each quarter, investors receive a comprehensive report that details returns on specific wine investments as well as important company news. 

In addition to their combined decades of experience, Vinovest utilizes AI algorithms that analyze wine prices worldwide. Their proprietary financial and data analytic platforms give investors a cutting edge by providing below retail prices and advanced insights into upcoming trends.

The company is responsible for authenticating the wine they add to your portfolio. They also utilize environmentally sustainable shipping methods if you want the wine you invested in delivered. 

The returns for Vinovest are positive. Although the company has not been in business for more than a couple of years, investors across the board can expect an average of 10.6% annually.

Pricing Plans

Vinovest has several portfolio offerings that reflect different budgets and initial investments.


The starter pack is particularly popular for new investors. It requires a minimum balance of $1,000 and has an annual fee of 2.85%.

With this package, Vinovest experts authenticate all of their high-quality wines and provide global, technologically advanced storage facilities and full investment insurance.


Vinovest's Plus package is the most popular option. The minimum investment is $10,000, but the annual fee is lower at 2.70%. It also comes with a portfolio manager and exclusive access to new releases of rare wines.


The second-most exclusive tier at VInovest is the Premium tier. A $50,000 minimum balance grants investors access to a 2.5% annual fee, wine features, and a customized portfolio.

It also provides exclusive access to wines only available at auctions. The company hosts wine tastings and special events to which investors at this tier have access.

Grand Cru

The final and most expensive investment tier is the Grand Cru tier. Investors who put in a minimum balance of $250,000 have access to all of the perks of the previous levels and has an annual fee of 2.25%. 

They also have access to personalized quarterly portfolio reviews and extra exclusive wine releases. 

Who is Vinovest Best For? 

Fine wine investments are a solid, rescission-resistant addition to any portfolio. Wine is not market-dependent. No matter what happens in the market, the price of wine remains consistent.

As a result, Vinovest is an ideal investment opportunity for anyone who wants to diversify their portfolios with something safe, reliable, and stable. 

It is also a company that allows investors direct ownership, so whatever stocks or bonds you purchase through Vinovest belong to you.

You have complete control over the wine you sell, the wine you buy, and the wine you have shipped over to yourself to enjoy.  Vinovest is an excellent place to put your hard-earned cash if you want to control your investment. 

Vinovest Alternatives

Vint logo
  • Fee: one-time 12% sourcing fee
  • Minimum Investment: $50
  • Promotion: No current promotions
WineCap logo
  • Fee: 5% storage fee
  • Minimum Investment: £5,000
  • Promotion: No current promotions
Cult Wines
Cult Wines logo
  • Annual Fee: 2.25% - 2.95%
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Promotion: No current promotions

Should You Use Vinovest? 

Investing in fine wine is a personal decision that depends on financial factors, investment strategies, and wealth growth goals. You should use Vinovest if you are a new investor with limited funds but a desire to start a portfolio.

Vinovest is also a fantastic opportunity for experienced investors who want to add something fun and unique to their existing market-dependent portfolio assets.


Vinovest is democratizing fine wine investing, providing clients with unparalleled access, liquidity, and transparency.

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Do you still have questions you haven't seen in this Vinovest review? Let's address some frequently asked questions that new and experienced Vinovest investors have about the company and how it works.

Is Vinovest a trustworthy company?

Vinovest is a highly trustworthy company. They have been an active business since 2019 and are FDIC insured. They have strict policies to help create solid and well-balanced portfolios for all of their clients.

They also insure and protect all of their wine selections and keep their transactions transparent.  Furthermore, Vinovest does not hide its stable management fees.

This aspect is a much different strategy than their competitors' approaches, many of whom charge management fees based on the size of your portfolio, insurance, and storage fees. 

Vinovest also has historical price and ROI data for future investors to peruse before making any kind of commitment.

What is the minimum you need to invest?

The minimum investment for Vinovest is $1,000. This amount is significantly lower than many similar fine wine investment platforms, making it more accessible to the average investor or beginners. 

The $1,000 you spend can go to Vinovest via wire transfers, credit cards, and even cryptocurrency. Higher tiers require larger minimum investments, the most expensive of which costs $250,000.

Do you own the wines that you invest in?

All Vinovest investors own the wine investments they make. Once you buy a wine, Vinovest sends out ownership certificates and a series of legal documents that prove you are the owner.

As the wine owner, you can buy, sell, or drink whatever wine you want at any time. 

How are my gains from wines taxed?

The country you live in affects the collectibles tax from Vinovest wines. All personal gains from wine at Vinovest are subject to collectibles taxes in the United States.

In other parts of the world, wine investments are not subject to capital gains tax. 

I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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