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Arrived Homes allows you to invest in a collection of pre-vetted rental properties and earn passive income without the need for operational responsibilities.

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Real Estate investing platform


  • Buy shares in rental properties
  • Earn rental income and appreciation
  • Real estate tax deductions
  • Vetted real estate properties
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Invest in rental homes & properties

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Key Takeaways

  • Invest in rental homes at a low minimum investment of $100.
  • Kick back and relax as the company manages your property.
  • Earn a passive income from net rental income and property appreciation.
  • Diversify by investing in multiple rental properties.

Pros & Cons


  • Low minimum investment
  • Earn passive income
  • No personal liability
  • Diversify your investments


  • Suitable for long-term investments only
  • Limited choice of properties

Owning and managing rental property is costly, challenging, and time-consuming. You must find and evaluate potentially lucrative rental properties, pay substantial upfront costs, maintain your properties, deal with tenants, and more.

Such an investment can be soul-sucking, especially if you don’t have all the time and money. But what if I told you of a hassle-free and cheap way to invest in rental property?

Arrived Homes makes it possible for anyone to invest in real estate and earn passive income without needing to manage their properties. 

The main barrier to entry for most potential investors is money. Arrived Homes allows you to invest with just $100 per property.

Now you must be wondering, is Arrived Homes legit? Is joining Arrived Homes a worthwhile investment?  In this Arrived Homes review, I’ll explain everything you need to know about investing in rental properties with Arrived.

You’ll learn how Arrived works, its features, and whether it’s best for you.

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Quick Summary

Minimum Investment: $100

Annual. Fees: 1%

Promotion: No current promotions

About Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes is an online real estate platform that allows regular and accredited investors to pool money and invest in rental homes. The company was established in 2019 by Ryan Frazier, Alejandro Chouza, and Kenny Cason.

It is based in Seattle, Washington.  Arrived raised millions of dollars in seed funding from various big investors who share their vision.

In June 2021, investors such as Jeff Bezos, Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Uber), and Spencer Rascoff (former CEO of Zillow) helped the company raise $37 million in funding.

In May 2022, Jeff Bezos, among other prominent investors, helped the company raise $25 million in seed funding. In total, Arrived has received $62 million from these investors.

The company’s mission is to help anyone with as little as $100 invest in real estate. After investing, the company does all the heavy lifting for you so you can relax and enjoy a passive income.

Arrived has fully funded over 100 properties in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The total value of the company’s properties is approximately $42 million.

How It Works

Are you ready to start investing with Arrived Homes? First, you should visit their website and sign up for an account. Then browse the available rental properties to select one or several that you like.

The company subjects all properties through a thorough vetting process before making them accessible to new investors.

Here’s what they consider before choosing rental properties:

  • Cash flow potential
  • Appreciation potential
  • Neighborhood
  • The overall quality of properties

To get the best from your investment, look into the key features of a rental property before choosing it.  Once satisfied with one or several properties, determine how many shares you want to buy for each.

Remember, the minimum amount you can invest for each property is $100.  Finally, review the terms and sign an online contract. Arrived will manage your property and assume full liability.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy passive income.


So, what can Arrived Homes offer you if you choose to invest? Here are their main features that they offer. 

Low minimum investment

With Arrived Homes, you don’t have to worry about entry barriers due to initial investment. You will own a piece of a residential property with a minimum investment of $100.

This is a great way to allow investors of all income levels to get started in real estate investment.

Cash dividends

Earn cash dividends that translate to returns ranging between 5.21% to 6.42% annually when you invest in a property with Arrived Homes.

You will also earn revenue as the value of the property appreciates.  The company’s Property Investment Calculator helps investors predict revenues from property appreciation.

This calculator uses historical industry data to estimate investment performance.

Anticipated investment term

Arrived Homes is ideal for long-term investment only. The company’s anticipated hold period for each property is five to seven years.

What if you want to liquidate your investment before the anticipated investment term? Arrived will allow you to request an early share redemption after six months.

Real estate investment guide

Would you like to learn how to invest effectively in real estate? Arrived offers a real estate investment guide with insights on why and how to invest in property.

It also provides tips to help maximize your returns.

Dedicated customer service

Arrived has a dedicated customer service team to answer all your queries and concerns. You can contact them via phone, chat, email, and social media.

Their phone number is 1-814-277-4883, and their email address is [email protected].


Wish to know what you should expect to pay if you use the platform? Our Arrived Homes Review covers a few fees you need to be familiar with before investing. They include:

Annual management fee

Arrived Homes charges a 1% annual management fee. The fee caters to the work done in keeping the business up and running.

Property management fee

Arrived charges 8% property management fee collected at each home. The amount goes to the company’s third-party managers, who take care of the property’s day-to-day management.

Sourcing fee

Arrived charges a one-time sourcing fee that investors pay upon purchase. When choosing the property, you’ll find the cost included in the share price.

You can also find it in the Offering Details section on the investment page.

Who is Arrived Homes Best For?

Arrived Homes is best suited for non-accredited investors in the U.S who are over 18 years. This real estate platform is your best bet if you want to invest in rental properties without playing the landlord.

It’s ideal for people looking for a long-term investment (5-7 years).  This Arrived Homes Review can’t be complete without exploring the benefits of investing in properties with the company.

They include:

  • Accessible. Anyone can invest with a low minimum investment of $100.
  • Easy. It’s a hassle-free way to invest in rental homes without rental management and dealing with tenants.
  • Cost-effective. Maintenance issues can be done at wholesale prices since the company deals with multiple properties. This helps them save money and pass the savings to you.
  • Consistent cash flow. Investing in a property with Arrived allows you to enjoy consistent rental income from your investment.
  • Safe. Arrived Homes allows you to diversify your investments by investing in multiple properties. This helps to reduce the risks involved with one investment failing.

Compare to Other Platforms

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Should You Invest with Arrived Homes?

You should use Arrived Homes. You can start your investment journey with as little as $100 and see your wealth grow. You only need to pay an affordable fee and have someone manage your properties.

Arrived Homes is accessible to everyone in the U.S, as long as you’re over 18. It’s an investment suitable for long-term investors. Visit their website, sign up for an account and choose your favorite properties.


Below are answers to commonly asked questions about Arrived Homes.

Is Arrived Homes safe and secure?

Arrived Homes is safe and secure since it protects you from personal liability. The company places each property in an LLC, meaning in case of any lawsuits regarding your property, Arrived will be liable.

Is Arrived Homes FDIC secured?

No. Investments in any Arrived Homes offering are not FDIC secured.

How does Arrived Homes make money?

Arrived Homes makes money by charging various fees. These fees include annual management fee, sourcing fee, property management fee, and agent rebates.

Is Arrived Homes a REIT?

Yes. Each Arrived Homes property investments are private REITs that you can invest in. Investments are not publicly traded, but investors can enjoy the same tax benefits as standard public REITs.

Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes is a platform for investing in shares of rental homes starting from $100. Buy shares of rental homes and earn passive income.

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I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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