8 Best Places to Buy Gold Bars Online

Want to find out the eight best places to buy gold bars and coins online, and what each company offers? We've got you covered, but before you place your first order, be sure and review some of the most commonly asked questions by first-time investors.

Buying Gold Bars

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Gold is increasing in price because of 2020 instability. Now is the time to invest, since buying physical gold bars protects you from inflation.

Gold is also a tangible asset, both portable and liquidable. Best of all, gold prices tend to go up even in a bad economy.  While it's a no-brainer to invest in gold, many novice investors don't know where to begin. 

  • Is there a safe and ethical online company that lets you buy gold?
  • Do you have to store the gold you purchase, or can you own it, keeping it off-site?
  • What quantity of gold do most people buy? 

Here, we will discuss buying gold bars and things you need to know before making your first purchase.

In this guide to buying gold bars, we will also list the eight best places to buy gold online and what deals they offer the new investor.

8 Best Places to Buy Online in 2022

According to my research, here are the best places to buy gold bars and coins with the pros and cons listed for each company.

Goldco Precious Metals - Best Overall

Goldco icon

Goldco Precious Metals offers a self-directed gold Individual Retirement Account, which is an investment tool, as well as a direct purchase of gold. Goldco was founded in 2006, giving it longevity, even among competitors. 

When you sign up, a Goldco IRA account executive helps you start the process and meet your investment goals.

The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been ranked by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the U.S.


  • Highest rating from multiple organizations for reliability and honesty.
  • No penalties or additional investment required besides quoted price.
  • Seniority, with a history going back to 2006.


  • No direct sales.
  • You must call or email the company to get started.

Noble Gold Investments - Best Education

Noble Gold icon

Based in Pasadena, California, Noble Gold Investments provides a safe and easy way to invest in gold. The company volunteers to protect your future by offering a gold IRA account and acquiring and storing bullion in their Texas-based depository.

The International Depository Services is the site that physically stores your gold. However, the company still offers the same gold IRA rollover process, transforming your retirement account into a gold IRA.

You can get a gold survival pack delivered to you, or have it forwarded, or collect it in person if your circumstances require. With favorable ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs Accredited, and Business Consumer Alliance, Noble Gold Investments’ reputation is solid. 

Noble Gold Investments also promotes education of how gold investment and IRAs work, offering a free kit explaining the process to its clients.


  • Simple five-minute process to get started with an IRA gold account.
  • Offers a buy-back program to its clients if their circumstances change.
  • Get a free guide that teaches you how to protect your assets, by rolling over a 401k.


  • A relatively new company, though with experienced CEOs running it.
  • You must call or email the company to get started.

Birch Gold Group - Best Customer Empowerment

Birch Gold Group icon

Birch Gold Group believes in empowering its clients to meet all objectives and motivations when investing in gold. The company offers educational resources, empathetic customer service, and an ethical and transparent process. 

Birch Gold was founded way back in 2003 and still keeps a stellar reputation, even having a celebrity clientele list, including Ben Shapiro. Located in Burbank, California, the company shows its high rankings with the BBB, Google Business, and Consumer Affairs.

You can chat with a specialist who will explain the latest news in the stock market and how it might affect gold prices and your IRA. The thorough process empowers you to make educated decisions about retirement goals, fully understanding the risks and growth potential.


  • An excellent one-on-one process, where specialists explain gold investment.
  • Wide range of gold IRAs with metals from around the world.
  • Frequent updates of the financial market and transparent explanation of all fees.


  • Averagely high set up charges and annual fees, which are not explained onsite.
  • The company only does business in the U.S., which not all investors will appreciate.

Advantage Gold - Best Customer Service

Advantage Gold icon

Advantage Gold claims to be the industry leader in precious metal IRA rollovers, and since the company won the Best of TrustLink Prize three years in a row, it's hard to deny their success. 

The Los Angeles-based company can convert IRA or 401k accounts into gold and educate clients during every step of the way. 

The customer service for Advantage Gold has been ranked high, not only for generous buyback policies, but also for promptness, full-service customer assistance, and thousands of positive reviews. 

Not only does the company have a favorable rating from the Better Business Bureau, but they also verify positive reviews by way of TrustLink and TrustPilot.


  • Customer service helps with educating clients, explaining how an investment works.
  • Also provides an extensive online resources page for more gold investment reading.
  • Bullion and coins bars offered, with coins featured on the website.


  • Founded fairly recently, in 2014.
  • No direct online purchase.

Augusta Precious Metals - Best Customer Experience

Augusta Precious Metals icon

Augusta Precious Metals offers a "partner" in gold IRA investment, a team that will help educate you on market conditions and protect your savings. Since 2012, the company has been offering knowledgeable and education-focused investment opportunities to its clientele.

Citing celebrity clientele, like Joe Montana, and high ratings from the likes of Google Business, Facebook Business, the National Ethics Association, and the BBB, the company seeks to empower its customers. 

Augusta offers four departments devoted to giving you the best customer experience, including a customer success agent, an economic analytics team that helps with studying the market, a processing team that handles the legal work, and the order desk, which lets you choose metals. 

Staff also helps with 95 percent of the legal paperwork, including transfer and rollover forms.


  • Augusta offers phone and webchat for client education.
  • Company waives fees for the first year.
  • Four departments devoted to a great customer experience.


  • No online orders.
  • High minimum orders, $25,000 for cash purchases and $100,000 for IRA.

Gold Alliance - Best Client Satisfaction

Gold Alliance icon

Gold Alliance was started with the intent to help Americans avoid market volatility after retirement. With high ratings from the Business Consumer Alliance and Google Business, they have a fine reputation. 

The company even received the Better Business Bureau's annual five-star rating three times in a row. Gold Alliance provides research and education and market news, and a consultation with a Senior Portfolio Manager who helps teach you about the market. 

The company helps clients establish a gold IRA account with a qualified custodian, with no tax penalties. Gold Alliance also features gold coins on-site and has been featured on mainstream news sites like Forbes, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal. 

The company is also actively involved in charity, giving to three veteran organizations with its profits.


  • Lifetime client support with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • Free precious metals storage with the purchase.
  • Low annual fees and buyback guarantee.


  • Does not publish enough gold price information.
  • Some complaints of junk mail ads, which were marked as resolved by the BBB.

iTrust Capital - Lowest Fees

iTrust Capital icon

The iTrust Capital company was founded as an alternative to the traditional gold IRA model, offering direct sales and trade of gold and cryptocurrencies in real-time.

The goal was to reduce the cost and the minimum investment and utilize cryptocurrency as well as gold. Doing so may cost 90 percent lower than traditional IRA investments. There is a one percent trade fee with crypto, and gold goes for $50 over spot-per-ounce. 

With iTrust, there is no high transaction fee or spread associated with physically-based companies. Fees starting with iTrust are surprisingly low and with a low minimum investment of at least $1,000. 

Along with startup, you also get IRS tax reporting help, unlimited storage with institutional custody partners, and a low one percent buy and sell fee.


  • Low minimums and a one percent fee, the lowest you can find.
  • Trade 24 hours a day, and with full IRS compliance.
  • The company offers tax-free trades with IRA account.


  • Some consider all forms of cryptocurrency risky.
  • A new company, with not many reviews in comparison to others.

Regal Assets - Best Product Offerings

Regal Assets logo

Regal Assets claims to have one of the "highest rating profiles" in the industry for its almost ten-year history, citing praise from Inc 500, Forbes, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, and even celebrities like Dennis Miller and Laura Ingraham.

The company helps clients transfer IRA or 401k accounts and 403(b), SEP, and TSP plans. What makes Regal Assets unique is that clients get additional product offerings not available elsewhere. 

You can get segregated metal storage worldwide at a low cost (no shared ownership), fully insured assets, as well as the right to have gold bullion delivered to your front door anywhere in the world since affiliated vaults are located in various worldwide cities. 

You also get a low flat rate for your account's life, not a percentage of your investment. These products, along with full-time surveillance and guarded vault protection, make Regal one of the world's most recognized gold investment firms.


  • Worldwide delivery with a secure system.
  • Lifetime flat rate of $250 per year.
  • Private, insured and segregated storage in your name.


  • Fairly high minimum of $5000 to start.
  • Some complaints of higher-than-average gold prices.

Why You Should Invest in Physical Gold

Most people think of precious metals as protection against catastrophe, but there is no downside from investing in gold even in a best-case scenario. 

According to Investopedia, gold has a history of holding its value and hedging against inflation, regardless of how low the U.S. dollar falls in value

You can also benefit from the increasing demand for gold and portfolio diversification. 

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins

When it's time to start investing, you will decide whether to invest in coinage, bullion gold metal, or a little of both.

According to Forbes, both methods have pros and cons, but there are some important takeaways to consider when buying gold bars or coins. 

Gold Coins

Gold Bars

Easier to trade

More practical for large quantity buys

More liquidable

Have lower premiums than coinage

Sell for higher prices than gold bullion

May increase in value for collectible coins

3 Things to Avoid Before Buying Gold

Many newcomers make common mistakes when buying gold. They think that buying gold bars or coins is protection all by itself.

However, like any other investment, there are risks to consider. 

As The Street explains, asking specific questions to gold companies will help you to avoid scammers.

  1. Choosing a company that won't help you sell the gold as needed. You should have the full right to sell the precious metals you own, and maybe even transport it.
  2. No strategy in investing. Only buying gold and storing it might not be enough.
  3. Working with a company that has a poor reputation. Some of these unscrupulous companies use fear-mongering/pushy behavior to get you to buy.

How to Buy Gold Bars Online

  1. After finding your favorite company, try to "buy low and sell high" and pay attention to what the market is doing.  
  2. Contact your favorite company and speak to a representative so they can explain their investment strategy as well as all your rights to the gold bullion you purchase. You may have to fill out an online form detailing your wants and needs.
  3. Decide on bullion bars or coinage and then explain your limit to the company representative. Talk to the company about storage and make sure you understand how the deposits work.
  4. Prepare to pay a 5-8 percent premium, depending on the company you choose and all associated fees.
  5. Wait for processing, during which the company will transfer funds to the new IRA account. When funds are finished processing, your order is fulfilled with precious metals and or cryptocurrency. Expect regular updates from the most reputable companies.

Final Thoughts

Remember that gold is a protection against inflation and economic turmoil, but can also be a solid investment strategy if you work with the right gold company. 

There are several reputable gold investment firms, but each one has its approach and its terms and conditions - some of which may be favorable to you personally. 

Why not talk to a company representative and get some questions answered about gold-backed online investment for the uncertain future?

Gold Bars FAQ's

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How much is a gold bar worth?

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