Trezor Model T Review

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The Trezor Model T is the upgraded Trezor wallet that continues its commitment to security and open-source services. While the Trezor Model T won’t suit an iOS user, everyone else will find the wallet is easy to use and more expansive in its services than other hardware wallets. 

Trezor Model T

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  • Invented for your digital independence
  • Keeps your keys safe
  • Network-isolated authentication
  • Easily back up your entire wallet
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Pros & Cons

Trezor is one of the few open-source manufacturers of cold storage crypto wallets. This fact sets them apart from most of the other manufacturers out there that are much more centralized and secretive about their security and licenses.


  • Open-source code
  • Color touchscreen
  • Over 1,600 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Passphrase and multi-signature support


  • No mobile support for iOS devices
  • Expensive when compared to competitors

Overall, the Trezor Model T offers a lot of accessibility and security to a crypto holder, so long as that holder can afford the expense and uses the right platforms. 

Trezor and Ledger often fight for the top spot in many crypto holders’ minds when it comes to cold storage wallets. Both of these manufacturers put a lot of thought and care into their devices. 

However, Trezor often comes ahead because of its open-source licenses and emphasis on security.  So, let’s see what this device has to offer in this Trezor Model T review. 

Trezor Model T

Quick Summary

Product: Crypto Wallet

Price: $215

Promotion: No current promotions

About Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is the upgraded version of Trezor’s previous model of crypto wallet, the Trezone ONE. The upgrades on the Model T are clear to anyone who used the previous model, including the color touchscreen on the front face of the device.

With this addition, a user can access their stored crypto without having to plug the device in.  As an open-source platform, Trezor focuses on security and access to the stored coins on their Bitcoin wallet and other support crypto wallets. 


The main feature of the Trezor Model T is the same functionality of the previous Trezor devices: the ability to store any supported cryptocurrency on the Model T.

Unlike the Ledger series of cold storage wallets, the Trezor Model T can store any number of the over 1,600 supported cryptos on the device without downloading any apps or extensions. 

Trezor also continues to go big on its security features. Trezor has worked with other industry giants to help create protocols for seed phrase recovery, meaning that a user can recover their crypto without fear of having it taken from them. 

You see, Trezor is the first manufacturer to use the Shamir Backup (SLIP39) protocol, which allows a SatoshiLabs device to recreate the seed phrase of a device based on part of the seed phrase being input.

Because Trezor products are made by SatoshiLabs, the Trezor Model T features this protocol natively in its functions. To further improve security, the Trezor Model T also uses a Universal 2nd-Factor (U2F) hardware token. 

This token allows the Trezor user to see what transactions they are approving before being sent off, allowing the user to verify where their coins will go before committing.

Since other hardware tokens don’t feature the color display of the Trezor, the Model T stands out in this regard. However, this is one weakness to all of this security: physical interaction.

If someone has access to the Trezor Model T and the right hardware, they can access the private keys of the wallet. Most users keep their hardware wallets locked away, but this vulnerability can be a problem for those that carry their hardware wallets around with them.


If you’re reading this Trezor Model T review, you’ll want to know pricing details. For all of these features, the Trezor Model T can run on the expensive side.

At the current going price of $215, the Trezor Model T is not cheap.  However, the initial price that you pay will be the last required money you have to pay to get the most out of the Model T.

There aren’t any extra subscriptions or additional fees you have to pay to use the wallet. 

Who Should Use Trezor Model T?

The Trezor Model T is perfect for crypto veterans with a wide range of coins and tokens they’ve invested in. Because of its ability to store over 1,600 cryptocurrencies and its focus on security, the Trezor Model T works best for someone looking to secure their crypto investments. 

This wallet isn’t only for crypto veterans, though. Thanks to the color touchscreen, this cold storage wallet is easier to interface with than other wallets at the same price point.

With the clarity offered by this wallet when used, a Trezor Model T user can ensure that their crypto stays and goes where they want it to regardless of their experience level. 

Should I Use Trezor Model T?

If you have cryptocurrency that you want to ensure stays safe when not being used, then the Trezor Model T is a good choice for you. The touchscreen makes it easy to interact with your coins regardless of what you are doing. 

However, iOS users will want to pass over this wallet. Because of the lack of iOS support, the Trezor Model T won’t work if you want to do the majority of your crypto trading on your iPhone or iPad.

Also, if you expect this device will be around others with some frequency, then you might want to skip over this wallet.  Check out the Trezor shop and see if the Model T is the best choice for you. 

Trezor also has a lot of documentation about their products on their page, which is worth a read.

Trezor Model T FAQ's

So, with all of that info covered in this Trezor Model T review, here are some of the common questions out there regarding the Trezor Model T:

Is Trezor Model T safe to use?

The Trezor Model T is safe to use as long as you purchase the wallet directly from the manufacturer. The passphrase and multi-signature support for the device requires that the wallet user have identifying information before any transactions will be verified for use from the Trezor’s wallet address. 

Is Trezor Model T worth it?

The Model T has security features that other crypto wallets lack, partly due to the color touchscreen. Recovering your wallet on a new device involves entering your seed phrase on the device’s touchscreen, rather than on a separate device.

This practice helps keep your passphrase from sitting on a less-secure device, such as a tablet or smartphone. 

Can Trezor Model T be hacked?

Like other cold storage wallets, it isn’t possible to virtually hack a Trezor Model T. However, scams and other coercion tactics can force an individual to give up their crypto holdings.

Also, access to the physical device allows someone with the right technical knowledge to get into the storage of the device and get to the cryptocurrency that way. 

Is Trezor Model T good for beginners?

As long as a beginner is okay with the upfront cost of the device, the Trezor Model T is great for them. The touchscreen is easy to use and offers clear access to the stored cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the Android mobile support and USB-C connector, the Model T works with most devices. 

How many coins can you store on Trezor Model T?

The Trezor Model T can store any of the 1,600 cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. This is because, unlike other cold storage wallets, you don’t have to download and install applications onto your Trezor Model T for the device to store your cryptocurrency.

So, no matter how many coins you hold, the Trezor Model T can store them all. 

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Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is an advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Store Bitcoin, passwords, tokens and other keys with confidence.

Trezor Model T

I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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