Bitcoin IRA Review: Is it a Legit Company You Can Trust?

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Bitcoin IRA offers investors a great way to capitalize on the potential long-term appreciation of cryptocurrency, and there are no minimum deposits or annual fees.

Bitcoin IRA Bitcoin IRA
Minimum investment: $3,000
Fees: 3.99% set-up fee, 2% trading fee, 0.08% maintenance fee ($20 monthly min.)
  • Buy & sell crypto 24/7
  • Over 60+ cryptocurrencies
  • Up to $700M custodial insurance
  • World-class security
  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile
  • Must trade inside your IRA
Promotion: None

Are you worried your retirement plans won’t keep up with inflation? Have you thought about Bitcoin as a safe option? Before committing to any investment, it’s essential to understand the details surrounding the company, Bitcoin IRA.

In my Bitcoin IRA review, I’ll explore the basics of the company, from setting up an account to comparing it with other investments to determine whether it may suit your needs.

Continue reading to learn more about Bitcoin IRA.

What is Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin IRA homepage website

Bitcoin IRA is the world’s first and largest digital asset individual retirement account (IRA)[PAS1]  company. On the other hand, a Bitcoin IRA is an IRA that enables investors to include crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

Chris Kline and two colleagues, who describe themselves as serial entrepreneurs and Bitcoin enthusiasts, founded Bitcoin IRA in 2016. Bitcoin IRA gave investors access to a new asset class and a way to diversify their retirement portfolios.

The potential of Bitcoin inspired Chris Kline to revolutionize the financial system. He recognized the need for a secure, reliable way for people to access the asset class.

A Bitcoin IRA works like a traditional IRA, providing tax-deferred growth for your retirement savings. It is an IRA that allows you to invest in digital assets such as Bitcoin. With a traditional IRA, you can invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Blockchain technology ensures the security of transactions, so your investments remain safe from malicious actors looking to take advantage online.

Bitcoin IRA Products

Bitcoin IRA products vary in terms of fees, investment options and account setup processes. Investors can choose from a range of products, including the regular crypto IRA, the Bitcoin IRA 401(k), the Bitcoin Roth IRA, and the Saver IRA.

Crypto IRA

The crypto IRA account allows you to invest in various cryptocurrencies. You have the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA, but more flexibility and the potential for greater returns.

Bitcoin IRA approves the purchase of more than 60 coins, including these popular ones:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Zcash
  • EOS
  • Dash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Dogecoin
  • Basic Attention Token

Bitcoin 401(k)

Bitcoin 401(k) is one of the most popular and innovative investments. Your employer deducts your monthly contributions to your Bitcoin 401(k) from your paycheck before tax.

Investors aged 49 and younger can contribute up to $22,500 annually, and investors aged 50 and older may contribute an additional $7,500 annually.

Bitcoin Roth IRA

Compared to a 401(k), you fund a Roth IRA from your income after tax. Interest in Bitcoin Roth IRAs is surging due to the excellent tax benefits.

Contributions to a Roth IRA are limited. The maximum annual contribution is $6,000 for individuals aged 49 and younger and $7,000 for those aged 50 and older.

Saver IRA

The Saver IRA offers tax-free growth, meaning any earnings on your account will not be subject to taxes until you withdraw funds. So, the Saver IRA is an attractive option if you want to save for retirement without paying taxes on your earnings.

You can link your bank account for a regular monthly contribution and open a Saver IRA account with a minimum of $100.

Bitcoin IRA Fees & Minimums

Setup fee0.99% – 4.99% of initial deposit
Transaction fee2%
Administration fee0.08% (billed monthly)
Minimum investment$3,000

How Does Bitcoin IRA Compare?

3.99% set-up fee, 2% trading fee, 0.08% maintenance fee
$300-$1,000 /year
No current promotions
No current promotions
Free Ledger for new customers
3.99% set-up fee, 2% trading fee, 0.08% maintenance fee
No current promotions
No current promotions
$300-$1,000 /year
Free Ledger for new customers

Who Should Use Bitcoin IRA?

When deciding the ideal age to invest with Bitcoin IRA, one of the main considerations is the long-term outlook for the asset. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset class, and its long-term performance is unpredictable.

Therefore, it is important to consider your risk tolerance and investment objectives before investing with Bitcoin IRA. If you are a younger investor, you may want to wait until you have more experience and knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

You will need to make an informed decision about your investments as well as the amount of risk you can take. As an older investor looking to diversify your retirement portfolio, you may consider signing up with Bitcoin IRA.

The current market conditions may provide an opportunity to capitalize on Bitcoin’s potential. And the tax benefits of a Bitcoin IRA can maximize your retirement savings.

Bitcoin IRA Reviews

It was extremely easy to get started with Bitcoin IRA! The trade I made was accomplished in a timely fashion, and I was kept informed during the process. My trade has turned out to be very profitable and I am very happy with the results and with the trading platforms network interface. Their online and phone based support is fast and most helpful.

Randy W., Verified Google User

Joining Bitcoin IRA is the best decision I’ve made! They explain things to you before you get started. They offer convenient onboarding and they are quite innovative in their mission to make their services available to the public. My experience thus far has been great! I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Cynthia P., Verified Google User

Getting Started with Bitcoin IRA

With the potential for huge returns, it can be tempting to jump right in, but there are a few key steps you should take before diving into the cryptocurrency market.

It’s important to understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and their prices can rise and fall quickly due to market conditions or governmental regulations.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies are not backed by any government or central bank, making them a risky investment. Follow these steps to create your account at Bitcoin IRA when you are ready:

  1. Create an account: Creating an account is quick and easy. You must provide your name, phone number, email address and password. There is a dashboard tutorial and live pricing of cryptocurrencies to help you get started.
  2. Transfer funds from your IRA or 401(k): Transfer funds from your bank account to your Bitcoin IRA wallet. Use these funds to purchase Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Start small and gradually increase your investment amount as you become more comfortable with the process.
  3. Start trading 24/7 in real-time: It’s essential to track your investment to ensure it’s performing well. Pay attention to the news and current events that could affect the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Should I Invest with Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin IRA is a company that allows you to invest in cryptocurrency in your IRA. Diversifying your portfolio with Bitcoin IRA can provide potential benefits from investing in cryptocurrencies. You must be comfortable with the risk of cryptocurrency volatility.

With Bitcoin IRA, you can set up an account and start investing in minutes. Investing with Bitcoin IRA allows you to take advantage of the tax benefits of IRAs and the long-term growth potential in the cryptocurrency markets.

With a wide array of options, you can diversify your retirement portfolio and benefit from the increasing value of digital currencies. Secure your financial future and open your account with Bitcoin IRA today.

Bitcoin IRA FAQs

Is Bitcoin IRA a legitimate company?

Yes, Bitcoin IRA is a legitimate company that allows individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies through a self-directed IRA.

Who owns Bitcoin IRA?

Camilo Concha, Johannes Haze, and Chris Kline founded Bitcoin IRA. They also serve as the executives of the company.

Does Bitcoin IRA have any pending lawsuits or complaints?

No, there are no pending lawsuits or complaints against Bitcoin IRA. The company has a strong reputation for providing reliable services and customer support.

Where is Bitcoin IRA located?

The head office of Bitcoin IRA is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is the 1st and most trusted crypto IRA platform that lets you self-trade cryptocurrency in a self-directed IRA. Open an account today.

We earn a commission if you invest, at no additional cost to you.
Bitcoin IRA
bitcoin ira review

Bitcoin IRA is the 1st and most trusted crypto IRA platform that lets you self-trade cryptocurrency in a self-directed IRA.

Product Brand: Bitcoin IRA

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I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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