iTrustCapital Review: Is it a Legit Crypto IRA Company?

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iTrustCapital is a regulated trust company for investing in cryptocurrency, gold and silver, offering tax benefits when saving for retirement.

iTrustCapital iTrustCapital
Fees: 1% crypto trades
Minimum investment: $1,000
  • Buy & sell crypto and precious metals 24/7
  • Institutional-grade custodian
  • Control over your assets
  • Low costs
  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile
  • Must trade inside your IRA
Promotion: $100 reward when you fund your account

Are you tired of feeling like you have very little control over your retirement investments? Do you pay too many fees for your account?

iTrustCapital offers investments in cryptocurrency, as well as gold and silver. All the decisions are yours. There is no account set-up fee or monthly fees. iTrustCapital is an individual retirement account (IRA) company that puts the control back into your hands.

What is iTrustCapital?

iTrustcapital homepage website

iTrustCapital is a digital platform for IRA investing in cryptocurrency and physical gold through customers’ retirement accounts. iTrustCapital uses its platform to make investing in these asset classes easy.

iTrustCapital was named the best crypto investing platform at the IMPACT awards. The company was founded in 2018 by Blake Skadron and Morgan Steckler. Their goal was to offer investors a transparent platform with the lowest possible costs.

They felt investors should be able to move funds from their retirement accounts into cryptocurrency and the physical gold market simply and safely.

In the four years since its inception, iTrustCapital has helped investors with over $6 billion in transactions. This was accomplished by offering the means for investors to move money from retirement accounts into cryptocurrency and gold.

How iTrustCapital Works

Getting started with iTrustCapital is simple. Go to the company’s website, select which type of account you want, then fund your account with a cash contribution, a rollover from a previous employer or an IRA transfer.

That’s all it takes. You will then be ready to start trading. You can fund your account with a cash deposit in as little as one week. If you choose to transfer your IRA into iTrustCapital, it may take one to two weeks.

A rollover may take three to four weeks. So, in a week, you could be on your way to making your trades for your retirement account. One major benefit of investing through iTrustCapital is no account opening or monthly maintenance fees.

Once you have set up your account and your personalized dashboard, you are ready to trade. Your account allows you access 24/7. This means you can make trades whenever you choose, which is very convenient.

There’s no waiting for Monday at 9 a.m. to call your plan representative to buy something. An iTrustCapital account puts you in the driver’s seat of your account. You get to choose how much or little you want to invest.

This account allows you to work with new investments such as cryptocurrency or old-style ones such as gold and silver.

iTrustCapital Assets

When it comes to the types of assets offered on the iTrustCapital’s platform, it stands out from the competition by focusing on providing access to alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies plus gold and silver precious metals.

Traditional retirement accounts will generally trade in stocks. iTrustCapital allows you to invest in other options so you can have a diversified portfolio.

By providing a range of alternative assets, you can tailor your portfolio according to your risk appetite and objectives. You have access to real-time pricing data to stay up to date with market movements before investing.

You can track how these types of investments are doing and decide which works best for you. It truly puts you in control of your funds and investments.


With iTrustCapital, you have over 30 different cryptocurrencies to choose from. Once you have funded your account through one of the three available methods, you can begin buying and selling, choosing from the vast selection available.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, iTrustCapital also offers video tutorials to help you gain a better understanding of the products.

With options such as Aave, Yearn, Sandbox, and Bitcoin, a great deal of information is available with many choices. Take advantage of the tools offered to learn more about each cryptocurrency brand.

Precious Metals

Unlike some other retirement accounts, your iTrustCapital account allows you to buy, sell or trade physical gold and silver. The investment-grade precious metals are held at the Royal Canadian Mint with a secure ledger showing ownership.

iTrustCapital Fees & Minimums

Crypto trades1%
Physical gold$50 over spot per ounce
Physical silver$2.50 over spot per ounce
Minimum Investment$1,000

How Does iTrustCapital Compare?

3.99% set-up fee, 2% trading fee, 0.08% maintenance fee
$300-$1,000 /year
$100 reward when you fund your account
No current promotions
Free Ledger for new customers
$100 reward when you fund your account
3.99% set-up fee, 2% trading fee, 0.08% maintenance fee
No current promotions
$300-$1,000 /year
Free Ledger for new customers

Who Should Use iTrustCapital?

We all need to prepare for our retirement. For some, that time may be closer than others. iTrustCapital is a good option for anyone who wants to take control of their retirement account and make their own decisions.

Investments with iTrustCapital are like any other investments. There are no guarantees of profits. However, the opportunity to benefit exists for those willing to take the risk.

People who are closer to retirement age and want to use this new platform may choose to start with small investments. Individuals can have multiple retirement accounts.

If you have one now and are happy with its performance, that’s great. But you can open another account and potentially add to your retirement income if you wish to.

iTrustCapital Reviews

Stable crypto storage “vault” through extremely well known safe keeping partner. iTrustCapital has always been kind of helpful to me, even when I was panicing due to getting a physical check distribution. I learned the first time, use “wired” direct to bank. There is submittal request, fill out the uploaded form online, and there is a complex and rightfully so phone verification. Love Love Love this company. Thank you!

Randy E., Verified Google customer

I recently had the pleasure of working with an excellent employee. I personally had messed up my form and Sharon Kim was amazing enough to help coach me in the right direction, as well as work with me until everything was finished! She made my life a lot easier and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for making things simple!

Steven l., Verified Google customer

Getting Started with iTrustCapital

Getting started with iTrustCapital is as quick and easy as following a few simple steps:

  1. Create an account: Go to the iTrustCapital website and click “Open Account.”
  2. Start application: Here you fill in your personal information such as name, address, etc.
  3. Choose the type of IRA you want to open: Select a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Traditional IRAs use pre-taxed money, and any gains are tax-deferred until you take a distribution. Roth IRAs use taxed money, and gains are tax-free upon distribution.
  4. Transfer funds from an IRA or 401(k): Here you decide where the money will come from to fund your iTrust account. You can also choose to fund with a cash contribution or a rollover from a previous employer.
  5. Start trading 24/7 in real-time: Now you select how to invest your money. Decide on which cryptocurrencies and precious metals you want in your retirement portfolio.

Should I Invest with iTrustCapital?

Investing can be scary. It’s even scarier when you don’t feel involved in deciding where your money is being invested. iTrustCapital lets you have more control over your retirement money.

Start small if that makes you feel more comfortable. The important thing is to start planning now.

iTrustCapital FAQs

Is iTrustCapital a legitimate company?

Yes, iTrustCapital is young but is already an award-winning company.

Who owns iTrustCapital?

Co-founder Blake Skadron is currently the company’s chief visionary officer and works with a team of financial professionals.

Is iTrustCapital FDIC insured?

iTrustCapital’s third-party custodian, M2 Trust Services, utilizes Signature Bank, an FDIC-insured bank, to deposit its clients’ U.S. dollars.

Does iTrustCapital have any pending lawsuits or complaints?

iTrustCapital has no pending lawsuits or complaints.

Where is iTrustCapital located?

iTrustCapital’s headquarters is at 18575 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92612.


iTrustCapital is the #1 Crypto IRA platform offering cryptocurrencies, gold and silver within your retirement accounts. Open an account today.

We earn a commission if you invest, at no additional cost to you.
itrustcapital review

iTrustCapital has carved out quite a niche in the investment game. They aim to provide a reliable, trustworthy platform for investors to trade in digital currency and physical gold markets.

Product Brand: iTrustCapital

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I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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