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Top podcast host Pat Flynn has launched a comprehensive course to starting your own. In Power-Up Podcasting®, aspiring podcasters will learn everything from purchasing equipment to launching an original and fully monetized podcast.

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  • Completely comprehensive course
  • Access to exclusive Facebook community
  • Lessons in video, audio, and PDF format
  • Payment plan options


  • Podcasts are competitive and need consistency—make sure you want to commit.
  • Extra costs attached to starting a podcast.

Podcasts: those who like them, love them. And often think about starting their own.  But it’s a daunting thing. A 2019 study by podcastinsights.com showed that there are currently over 750,000 podcasts.

With hundreds of thousands already out there, how do you begin to market yours?  I just found out about this awesome new course by podcast superstar Pat Flynn - host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast - in which he spills everything he knows about starting a great podcast. 

Power-up Podcasting

Quick Summary

Training: Launch a Successful Podcast

Price: $799 (or 3 installments of $299)

Promotion: Lifetime Access & free updates

What is Power-Up Podcasting?

Power-up Podcasting, or PUP for short, is an online podcasting course. It’s targeted to podcasting newbies, as it teaches how to set up, launch, and market a new podcast. 

This is ideal for entrepreneurs in need of new content channels or hobbyists who love podcasts and have always wanted to start their own.

What do these people have in common?


a. have no idea where to start, and/or

b. are totally overwhelmed. 

PUP promises to help students overcome these doubts and uncertainties.  The course covers everything from where to get the best equipment to consistency and monetization post-launch.

Read below for a look inside the course.  But first, who the heck is running the show?

The Man Behind the Mic: PUP’s Instructor Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn certainly has the credentials to be teaching a podcasting course. 

He began nearly ten years ago with the Smart Passive Income Podcastwhich currently has over 26,000 subscribers and consistently ranks as one of the top business podcasts.

He’s also launched AskPat Podcast, All of Your Beeswax, the FoodTruckr Podcast, and 1-Day Business Breakthrough.

He took everything he’s learned in the process—including all the mistakes—and bundled it up in Power-Up Podcasting®, so his clients can have an easier time than he did starting out with a business podcast.

What’s included in the course?

The course is extremely well laid out. Flynn uses Teachable to present his lessons, which is an easy-to-navigate learning platform.

It’s all found online in downloadable video format, with 59 lessons/6 hours of content.  Each lesson has a downloadable PDF transcript, as well as audio recordings.

It’s entirely work at your own pace, but if you give a good go of it you could have your podcast launched within a couple months of starting the course!

Here’s a look at the syllabus:

Pre-Launch Step 1: You and Your Future Podcast

Getting all the right equipment, figuring out what your podcast is about, and determining the artwork, music, and voiceovers you’ll need.

Pre-Launch Step 2: Planning Your Podcast Episodes

Planning your show’s content, intros, guest interviews, and call to actions. There’s also a lesson on what to include in your first episode.

Pre-Launch Step 3: Recording and Editing Your Show

All the technical aspects of your new show: hooking up equipment, setting up recording software, how to record and interview, and keeping everything organized.

Pre-Launch Step 4: Preparing Your Audio File for The World

Exporting your first episode, Auphonic, titling your episodes, hosting, uploading, RSS feed, Apple Podcast accounts, transcribing, and webpages. Phew!

Pre-Launch Step 5: The Launch Plan

Setting up a launch plan and getting your new podcast out into the world!

Launch Week

Once you’ve launched your podcast, this lesson series helps you submit it to podcast directories, market it to your audience, and prepare you for the post-launch phase.

After Launch

The process for publishing post-launch, as well as analyzing statistics, getting reviews and exposure, growing an email list, and staying consistent with your own podcast. 

Podcast Monetization

Affiliate marketing, Patreon, advertising, and selling your own products.

  • BONUS: Growing Your Podcast Audience
  • BONUS: Podcast Recording Checklist


  • Exclusive access to a Facebook community of students
  • Office hours with Pat to ask questions (first month only)

How much does it cost?

PUP costs either a one-time payment of $799.00 or three payments of $299.00.  I consider this very reasonable considering the completeness of the course.

It will take you from square one to having a perfectly executed, monetized podcast.  Not to mention the bonus Q&A sessions with Flynn himself, whose time must be very valuable.

Time is money, and having everything laid out for you will save a ton of both down the road.  It’s also important to remember the costs of equipment starting up.

It should cost you just under $200.00 for the recommended mic, mic boom, and pop filter.  Some hosts charge a fee, but you should be able to find one that doesn’t.

Flynn also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should I buy Power-Up Podcasting?

If you’re interested in starting your own business podcast, Pat Flynn's podcasting course is an excellent option. I’m very impressed by Flynn’s comprehensive approach.

He walks you through every step of the way. Applying the knowledge accrued in this course would put you miles ahead in terms of time, money, and quality. 

While podcasting certainly isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, it’s a great way to create your own podcasts, extend your online brand, make some extra cash, and have fun!

Check out Power-up Podcasting today to see if it is the right podcasting course for you.

Power-Up Podcasting

Top podcast host Pat Flynn has launched a comprehensive course to starting your own. In Power-Up Podcasting®, aspiring podcasters will learn everything from purchasing equipment to launching an original and fully monetized podcast.

Power-up Podcasting
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