Best Crypto Savings Accounts – Earn Interest on Your Crypto

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Crypto savings accounts are a great way to reduce the inherent risk of cryptocurrency investment. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the best crypto savings accounts.

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  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • APY: up to 8.6%
  • Promotion: Up to $250 in Bitcoin


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  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • APY: 4.5% 
  • Promotion: $20 sign-up bonus


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  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • APY: Up to 4.17%
  • Promotion: $10 free Bitcoin

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What is a Crypto Savings Account?

There is a lot of excitement and confusion within the world of cryptocurrency investment. While some are adamant that crypto is the way of the future, others are warier. 

When considering the best crypto savings accounts, it is best to arm yourself with the most relevant information. As a starting point, you should at least have a strong grasp of what a crypto savings account is.

For the most part, the fundamental function of a crypto savings account is quite similar to that of a traditional savings account. It is a way to store and grow your crypto funds.

Different apps will come with a host of additional features. 

As with a standard savings account, you can expect to earn interest on the currency you deposit into a crypto savings account. This adds some regularity to your returns compared to the volatility of daily crypto price changes.

There are some important differences between the average savings account and a crypto savings account, which we will cover later. But for now, let's take a look at four of the best crypto savings accounts you can start using today.

Compare Top Crypto Saving Accounts Reviewed in 2021

BlockFi - Best Overall

Blockfi icon

When it comes to overall value, BlockFi is your best option for a cryptocurrency savings account app. BlockFi is accommodating to those with minimal crypto experience while offering all the advanced features that an experienced trader would want.

BlockFi offers favorable interest rates that beat those of most of the other best crypto savings accounts. In the best-case scenario, you can expect up to 8.6% APY with BlockFi.

There are only a few downsides to using BlockFi. The most notable of these is that you must wait one day for withdrawals. Meanwhile, you can only receive interest payments on a monthly basis. Other apps offer weekly or even daily payment options. 

With this app, you can count on reliable protection as you trade, borrow, and hold your crypto funds. BlockFi has the trust of many established investors and continues to make advancements in the field of cryptocurrency.

For example, BlockFi is currently developing the first-ever Bitcoin credit card. Once available, you can earn 1.5% for every purchase you make using the card.


  • Impressive interest rates
  • Useful for both beginners and expert crypto investors
  • Offers the first Bitcoin credit card


  • Wait time of one business day for withdrawals.
  • Interest payments only offered on a monthly basis.

Linus - Most User-Friendly

Linus icon

For those new to crypto savings accounts, Linus may be the best option. This app prioritizes ease of use above all else.

This simplicity includes an intuitive user interface that makes it exceptionally easy to open and use your account. And if anything remains unclear, you can depend on a customer service team that will answer your call at any time of day. 

While all crypto savings account interest rates, there can be a lot of fluctuation in the APY you receive from Linus. Additionally, Linus tends to have lower yields than other crypto savings app options. 

Still, the freedom and flexibility of the Linus app is the true selling point. Unlike some other apps, you won’t have to pay fees for withdrawals.

There are also very few barriers to opening a Linus savings account. To your benefit, this process includes no initial credit check.


  • Fantastic user interface
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support
  • No credit check to open an account


  • Lower interest yield compared to other crypto savings accounts
  • Significant fluctuation in APY

Coinbase Wallet - Best for Beginners

Coinbase logo

Risk is one of the main concerns for anyone interested in getting started with cryptocurrency investment. Coinbase Wallet makes its best effort to reduce this risk as much as possible. 

While it is impossible to account for fluctuations in crypto value, Coinbase Wallet offers security in another way. This app relies on decentralized apps to ensure that your funds are safe at all times. 

To compound these security efforts, Coinbase Wallet also uses biometric authentication. This level of protection will set your mind at ease as you transfer nearly any kind of cryptocurrency to nearly any part of the world.

To its detriment, this app comes with higher fees than most other crypto apps. It is also unavailable in eight states. 

But the added security may be worth the associated fees. After all, limiting risk is especially valuable when it comes to cryptocurrency.


  • Best security of any crypto savings app
  • Easy to transfer funds anywhere in the world
  • Support for many varieties of cryptocurrency


  • Relatively high fees
  • Not available in all 50 of the United States

Celsius Network - Best for Rewards

Celsius Network icon

Celsius Network is an app for cryptocurrency that can give you the best rewards. Along with these rewards, this account comes with some of the highest annual yields.

This app comes with rewards that are paid out weekly. That rate leads to a level of convenience that other apps cannot provide. 

Celsius Network is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date tools for managing your funds. This includes an app that allows you to track, spend, and withdraw your funds at any time.

Unfortunately, you can only access Celsius Network via the app, with no option for desktop use. There is also a limit to the customer support that this app provides.

Still, Celsius Network is well worth exploring as a crypto saving account option. Upon opening the account, you’ll find that there are no minimum balance requirements or fees for withdrawals.


  • Valuable weekly rewards
  • No-fee withdrawals at any time
  • No minimum balance requirements


  • Limited customer support
  • No access beyond the mobile app

In the world of investment, cryptocurrency remains a relatively new phenomenon. As such, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this form of currency and its associated savings accounts. 

Tips for New Investors

The most important tip for new investors is to understand the significant risks of cryptocurrency. The value of your investment can change dramatically in a short time.

With such variations day-to-day, it is often best to invest in multiple forms of cryptocurrency. As with traditional investing, it is best not to put all your funds into one investment. 

Also, you should do careful planning before beginning any type of investment. With a clear plan, you can mitigate the build-in risk of investing in cryptocurrency.

Next Steps

The high yields of a crypto savings account are certainly alluring. But don’t forget to recognize the risk of cryptocurrency and its related savings accounts. 

Take a look at the apps featured in this article as a good way to begin. Using one of these apps will give you the best opportunity to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency investment.


BlockFi is a simple and user-friendly platform that’s ideal for beginners who are interested in cryptocurrency investing, though it’s not without a few risks.

Blockfi icon

Crypto Savings Accounts FAQ's

This uncertainty leads people to have a lot of questions about crypto savings accounts. Below you can find answers to three of the most frequently asked questions.

Are Crypto Savings Accounts Safe?

As alluded to earlier, there is an extremely high level of volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Volatility, combined with limited regulations, makes cryptocurrency investment a risky venture.

There is no telling whether the value of your crypto will rise or fall or how quickly it will do so. Of course, this is the case for any investment. But the uncertainty of crypto is often higher than standard forms of investment.

Additionally, traditional savings accounts are backed by FDIC insurance. This guarantees that you won’t lose any of your savings even as your bank uses your money for loans. Crypto savings accounts do not come with this protection, meaning you can lose the crypto you save.

Will You Make Money with a Crypto Savings Account?

With high risk comes high reward. Even the high-yield savings accounts offer no more than 1-2% APY. 

A crypto savings account will almost always have higher yields than that. In some scenarios, cryptocurrency savings accounts will offer more than five times the interest of a traditional savings account.

With such high-yield savings, crypto accounts give you a greater capacity to make money than you would have with a typical bank. Just remember to factor in the inherent risk of these accounts before you open one.

What Makes a Crypto Savings Account Different from a Regular Savings Account?

There are several ways that a cryptocurrency savings account differs from a regular savings account. We have already covered the issue of FDIC insurance. We also know that the best crypto savings accounts will offer better yields.

Another important distinction between regular savings accounts and crypto savings accounts is access. With a traditional account, you can withdraw from your account at any time and in any amount. 

Crypto accounts are often more restrictive. These restrictions sometimes include a limit to how much you can withdraw at any given time.

I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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