Trade Ideas Review – Is the Stock Scanner Worth It?

Trade Ideas is a platform that produces recommended stocks via various indicators to minimize research so that an investor can quickly analyze stocks that meet their investment criteria.

Through the platform's stock screener technology, the software will identify entry and exit points, surging stocks, filtering rules and more with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI).

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  • A.I. powered automated trading
  • Powerful stock scanner
  • Free live trading chatroom
  • Simulated trading for practice
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Pros & Cons

  • Live trading room
  • Real time data and scans
  • Customization options
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Limited charting indicators
  • An overwhelming amount of information for beginners

As a stock investor, one of the most challenging aspects of having success in trading stocks is the analysis.  Whether you are a technical or a fundamental trader, analyzing stocks is the most vital component in determining which stocks fit your investment criteria for success.

A serious platform has hit the scene that specializes in scanning stocks.  And what is this new platform? Trade Ideas. After scanning the market, Trade Ideas offers critical data for investor analysis that includes: 

  •  Charts
  • Alert Windows
  • Backtesting
  • Trade Ideas Pro
  • Live Room
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Active and Auto Trading
  • Training

You will learn how the entire system works and how you can profit, save time, and monitor trends, by taking advantage of this robust stock scanning tool.

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Quick Summary

Product: Stock trading scanner

Monthly Prices: Standard $118, Premium $228

Promotion: Get 15% off 1st month or year

What is Trade Ideas Stock Scanner?

Trade Ideas Stock scanner searches the stock market during active trading hours.  The software allows trade ideas subscribers to set up customized criteria to capture a recommended set of stocks that matches your trading strategies and style.

A "watchlist" appears on the platform's that saves the trader time that allows analysis to be the primary focus.  Trades can be executed through this technology through specific criteria input by the investor.

The platform is advantageous to an investor who takes advantage of profitable opportunities and minimizes the risk of loss.

Why Should I Use a Stock Scanner?

An active trader should use Trade Ideas Stock scanner for reasons such as:

  • Scanner functions: This time-saving tool promotes smarter time management. The layouts are easily discernible providing the ability to compare and contrast stock movements over time. Chance disappears, and confidence takes its place because of the viewing of volume, price action and breakouts.
  • Customizable options: Options allowing trader to set up indicators that make their investment decisions easier to execute. As a result, confidence in trades increases as various bits of information such as moving averages, volume percentages, and other charting information is available. You can even set up color coding and a numbering system based on porn preference.
  • Day trading scanner: Trade-Ideas provides quick and easy access through a simple "quick click bar" that reveals multiple windows at once. In other words, it provides detailed market data specific to the stock of choice. There is even a custom layout option available.
  • Options channel: This channel shows where the volume of a stock is high. With this indicator, the investor can click on the stock symbol, and related information along with charting data appears.
  • Technical indicators: The technical indicators appear at once as designed by the investor. The indicators notify of emerging entrances or exits.
  • Pre-market channel: Up Gappers and Down Gappers appear on this channel, which allows the trader to take advantage of profitable opportunities. It also promotes investors to learn how to trade a stock that gaps up or down.
  • Channel bar: The channel bar allows for the input of many customized settings. These settings appear when cycling through various stocks with simple descriptions to identify the information shown.

Trade Ideas Platform Features

Chart Windows

Charting is an add-on to the overwhelming amount of data seen on the Trade Ideas platform. It allows you to confirm the fundamentals revealed during the scanning and screening portion of the software.

Alert Windows

The alerting technology notifies the trader of potential trade setups. Hence, further analysis is available to be confirmed through the charting software.


Backtesting technology improves traders preset strategies to receive optimal results quickly and easily. It also provides reviews of other trades based on these enhanced strategies in the hopes of improving entry and exit signals during future trades.

Trade Ideas Pro

Trade Ideas Pro is available for even faster scanning analysis that is predominantly needed by active day traders or individuals who are swing trading.

Live Traders Room

The Live Room is available for those who would like to join a community of Trade Ideas members.  In the Trade Ideas chat room you can actively chat with co-founder Dan Mirkin and others to improve your analysis and understanding of key concepts.

Impressive for a free trading room.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Artificial Intelligence Technology splits investment strategies into separate units to navigate various stocks through its research.

Overnight, it searches available data to provide you successful premarket options. There is an option to watch it live, but it is unnecessary to do so.

The results are available upon completion.

Active and Auto Trading

The active and auto trading options allow you to trade stocks upon your leisure whether present or not. The individual trader can quickly identify an entry or exit enter to complete a trade.

There are also preset auto indicators allowing the system to make trades for you.

Trade Ideas Education

There is platform training available for Trade Ideas users - The Trade Ideas University. There is free-based training to get started, and if additional training is needed, fee-based training is available too.

Plans & Pricing

Trade Ideas brokerage offers three pricing plans which include:

  • A standard package: It includes charting, real-time data, price alerts, and customized functions, all for $118 per month and $1,068 annually.
  • A premium package: It includes all of the functions within the basic package and also adds backtesting, additional alerting features, AI, and more for $228 per month or $2,268 annually.
  • Broker Plus: This package includes all services offered on the platform plus more. These services begin at $1,100 annually.

Testimonials & Client Results

Should I Buy Trade Ideas Stock Scanner?

Yes, you should purchase the Trade Ideas Stock Scanner - especially if you're hoping to create a trading career.  Due to the ease of customizing indicators, and the technology doing the research to identify stocks based on individual preferences, the amount of time saved allows the focus to be on in-depth stock analysis.

The Trade Ideas support team are second-to-none too.  Through the Trade Ideas software stock scanner platform, big profits are on the horizon.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas is a platform that produces recommended stocks via various indicators to minimize research so that an investor can quickly analyze stocks that meet their investment criteria and trading strategy.

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