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Stockbrokers and brokerage firms look for investment platforms that tailor to your specific needs. Check out London Capital Group if you’re looking for many different kinds of products to customize your account.

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  • Regulated broker for over 20 years
  • 7000+ instruments across 9 asset classes
  • World-class trading platforms
  • 24-hour client support
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Best forex broker for beginners

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Pros & Cons

LCG has several advantages for providing access to an FX platform for trading brokers to buy and sell foreign currency. LCG also has some disadvantages.

You can take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages below: 


  • No minimum deposit
  • Offers protection for client accounts
  • 7,000+ instruments across 9 asset classes
  • 24/7 trading platform


  • Does not accept U.S. clients
  • Preferred by day traders
  • Trade thousands of global markets across 9 assets including forex, indices, shares, commodities, bonds and interest rates, vanilla options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.
  • Competitive pricing and low margins requirements on your spreadsheets. 
  • 20 years of world-class trading and over $1 billion in deposits, resulting in money in trusted Tier 1 banks. 

Do you want to get started with online trading, but feel intimidated because you’re new to the game? London Capital Group is rated Best Forex Broker for beginners. 

You will see the broad selection of CFDs and spread betting across several different asset classes.  LCG trading platforms are stable and easy to access from any web browser.

The easy-to-use platform and one-click trading serve traders well with their technical reports to offer updated looks for novice traders. 

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Quick Summary

Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $45 per $1,000,000 traded

Promotion: No current promotions

About London Capital Group 

LCG has committed over 20 years to the trading industry. Their commitment is to provide competitive prices and advanced technology for all types of traders in the industry. 

LCG includes two trading platforms, LCG trader and MT4.  Long Capital Group offers trading webinars for traders of all knowledge, whether beginner or advanced investors, to show the diverse buying and trading of the products offered by LCG.

LCG Products 

London Capital Group providers traders and buyers with access to a broad selection of financial instruments and products, across a wide range of different asset classes that you can see on charting layouts, including: 

  • Forex
    • The FOREX platform buys one currency while simultaneously selling another currency. The trading is done over the counter, rather than in a centralized marketplace. 
  • Indices
    • Indices are accessible to all traders to represent an industry or a sector. They are ideal for broader trading segments. Gauging market performance is made easy to see if the market had increased or decreased each day. 
  • Commodities
    • Various commodity markers including, metals, energies, agriculture, livestock, and meat can be done with one account on LCG. 
    • Commodities are trading by analyzing supply and demand charts from around the world. Economic and political events all around the world make certain commodities fluctuate. 
  • Shares
    • LCG gives 24-hour news coverage for the prices of your shares. LCG gives you access to thousands of shares in corporations all around the world including, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google. 
    • Without needing to own shares, you can have an opportunity to invest in major companies depending on their chances of increasing or decreasing in the market. 
  • Bonds
    • LCG offers trading on German bunds, UK Gilts, Euribor rates, Short Sterling, and Swiss Euroswiss contracts for US 10 and 30-year treasuries. 
    • Accessible to all traders, but preferred by macro traders. 
  • Vanilla Options
    • Vanilla options can be traded on global currencies, indices, and shares on the LCG platform. 
    • Options trading on the LCG platform include straddles, strangles, call spreads, and ratio call spreads. 
      • These option traders are versatile assets for a wide range of options strategies. 
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) 
    • There are over 500+ exchange-traded funds with LCG platforms. 
    • ETFs are considered “passive investments.” These passive investment methods thrive on the competitive pricing and low margin requirements for the purchase. 
    • ETFs are funds that track certain assets of yours including commodities, an index, shares, and bonds. However, these funds trade like stocks. 
    • If you want a simple way to share trading, then ETF is the option for you. ETFs can be bought and sold during trading hours. 
  • Spot Metals 
    • Gold and silver are highly appealing to active traders. 
    • The price of metals is significantly affected by political and economic events which change their values over time. 
    • Spreads for Spot Gold are as low as 0.3 and you can benefit on the spot metal market or hedge against inflation.

The charting layouts of each financial instrument can be found on the mobile app, desktop platform, and web versions. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to see your trading in action. 

LCG Commissions & Fees 

Commissions are charged at 45 commissions per US Dollar of 1,000,000 traded.  If you operate using a standard account, there is no minimum deposit required for new customers wishing to open an account.

Stand accounts are subject to margin requirements of the smallest trade size, due to not requiring a minimum deposit for opening the account. 

Electronic communications network (ECN) accounts require a minimum deposit of $10,000.  Spreads and Commissions for LCG include an inactive fee of $20 per month that you are not using the platforms, with no trading activity in 6 months. 

There are no withdrawal fees, however, there are despotic fees of 2% across the platforms.  Additional fees may be added if you are considering doing a trade-in in a different time zone. 

Some of the financial instruments that LCG operates can only be traded at certain times throughout the day, resulting in overnight financing costs.

Who is LCG Best For? 

London Capital Group is best for advanced traders who want to be active and be a dominating force on the web trading platform. 

LCG Trader is made for professional trainers and advanced users.  LCG’s platform MetaTrader 4 has an interface that is more for beginners.

If you are interested in becoming a serious investor, then starting with London Capital Group can help you set up an online presence in investments. 

Looking at the fees and commission that come with using LCG, then you have to ask yourself which platform would be best for you. 

How do you want to make trades?  This question needs to be asked when you choose to use London Capital Group. LCG provides helpful resources for both beginners and advanced investors.

They have competitive pricing on the different products listed above. 

Compare to Other Brokers

IG Trading
IG Trading logo
  • Trading Fees: .5%
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Promotion: Sign-up bonus depending on deposit
CMC Markets
CMC Markets logo
  • Trading Fees: $11.00 or 0.10%
  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Promotion: Risk-free demo logo
  • Trading Fees: Depends on the trade
  • Minimum Deposit: $210
  • Promotion: Up to $5,000 welcome bonus


Is LCG trustworthy?

After being established in 1996, London Capital Group has been publicly listed in London, making them one of the most trusted platforms. 

Your funds are securely held in Tier 1 banks around the world. Clients of London Capital Group trade with the confidence that their funds are being taken care of.

Is LCG good for beginners?

Yes. Client support is there to help you through the entire process of trading. Professional multilingual service teams are available 24/7.

The service teams are available over the phone, email, or live chats.  LCG offers expert advice, tips from fellow traders, expert traders, and professionals who work for the London Capital Group.

Is LCG safe to use?

With your funds being held securely in Tier 1 banks, LCG is known as one of the safest platforms to use for trading. 

LCG is also safe to buy currencies from the web trading platform. Various payment methods that are securely held help you to buy currencies directly from the platform.

Take the Next Step

With LCG being one of the top competitors, LCG is considered a top broker for traders who can manually manage their trades on a platform. 

If you are someone who puts a high value on managing your trades, then LCG is the right spot for you.  If you hold customer service on a high stature, then you’ll be pleased with the customer service of LCG, whether you call, email, or live chat with a representative.

If you think LCG is right for you, open an account today!

London Capital Group

LCG is a leading CFD provider offering online financial trading and investment services such as forex, shares, commodities, metals, oil and spread betting.

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I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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