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CyberPolicy allows small businesses and individuals to compare and buy a wide range of insurance policies from established insurance providers without leaving their home or their office.

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Small Business Insurance


  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Coverage begins within 24 hours
  • Compare quotes instantly
  • Backed by trusted carriers
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Best cyber insurance for small businesses

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Key Takeaways

  • Large variety of insurance policies available for every stage of the business.
  • CyberPolicy works with the main insurance companies on the market.
  • Available countrywide and in a few international locations.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using CyberPolicy.


  • Free quotes showing real rates, not estimates
  • No broker’s fee
  • Option to speak to an advisor before purchase
  • Policies for a low as $10 a month


  • Not appropriate for large companies
  • CyberPolicy is an intermediary, not the insurance company.

CyberPolicy, a conglomerate of CoverHound Inc., is a platform for cyber and business insurance. It liaises with various insurance companies to assist startups in comparing their viable alternatives and finding the right cover.

The excellence of the insurance providers that CyberPolicy collaborates with sets it apart from other comparable brokers. What can you do to protect the business from cyberattacks?

Keep reading this CyberPolicy review to learn more about this company and the different products they offer.

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Quick Summary

Service: Cyber & Small Business Insurance

Rates: Varies based upon the policy

Promotion: No current promotions

About CyberPolicy

The corporation was established in 2016 as the world’s first platform for startups to compare, quote, and purchase insurance coverage. CyberPolicy’s selection of services has grown to include insurance solutions for individuals and companies.

With a user-friendly platform for comparing and purchasing insurance, buyers in all 50 states can access reliable and real-time insurance quotations from seasoned U.S. insurance companies.

The company is a retail division of Brown & Brown, Inc. (NYSE: BRO), a renowned insurance agency providing risk management alternatives to people and companies since 1939.

With over 8,000 Retail teammates spread across 300+ locations in the United States and a few international markets, the Brown & Brown team is just as connected domestically as it is globally.

CyberPolicy has increased the coverage of its cyber insurance solutions to 98 percent of startup types with approximately $250 million in revenue.

Partnering with industry titans like Chubb, Hiscox, and others, CyberPolicy has created comprehensive, bundled cybersecurity packages to assist startups in strategizing.

The team is dedicated to working with you to look for solutions to satisfy your constantly changing needs, regardless of where you are in your growth journey.

An effective workforce drives CyberPolicy’s success. With varying backgrounds and a wide array of skills, their committed team is determined to improve the insurance sector.

The company has two service-ready locations in California. Licensed insurance consultants assist clients one-on-one in the Westlake Village office by answering queries.

The company’s San Francisco team is obligated with branding, product design, engineering, and enhancing the convenience of online comparison buying.

CyberPolicy was predicated on the premise that you deserve an astute and straightforward method of insurance shopping.


CyberPolicy offers a wide range of business insurance products. If you’re looking to protect your business from a wide range of risks, including cyberattacks and monetary losses, you may consider purchasing a comprehensive coverage plan.

Cyber Insurance

The cover, starting at $10 per month, protects your business against the dangers of ransomware, cyberattacks, and lost information.

General Liability

General liability starts at $20 per month and is the most basic insurance coverage you can get for your business.  The package will assist in covering hospital bills and litigation costs incurred due to personal injuries or damage to property for which your firm may be legally accountable.

It also covers the most pervasive litigations that can arise from your daily business operations, such as damage to property, slander, defamation, and much more.

Business Owners Policy

The cover is $20 monthly and incorporates General Liability Insurance and Business Property Insurance. If your business is legally liable for bodily injury or damage to property, General Liability insurance can help cover the costs of medical care and litigation costs.

Additionally, it secures your firm from several common lawsuits that can emerge from daily business operations. Business Property insurance covers damage to a leased or owned property and its contents.

Professional Liability Insurance

The insurance, starting at $20 per month, covers you and your company from negligence claims and faulty or unsatisfactory services.

The coverage is intended to safeguard you from the risks associated with business services. You’re secured against revenue losses, lawyers’ fees, and litigation costs whether you are at blame or not.

Workers Compensation Policy

The policy starting at $20 per month, covers your workers if they sustain injuries or become sick while on the job. Mishaps are unavoidable, so your workers will be compensated for lost wages and hospital bills for all the unpredictable happenings in the workplace.

Sometimes, it also secures your business from lawsuits from allegedly hazardous working conditions. Ensure that you and your workers have the necessary protection during a mishap.

Directors & Officers Policy

The cover starts at $10 per month and is intended to safeguard a firm’s administrators, supervisors, and trustees against claims of illegal actions in their leadership positions.

The cover offers legitimate defense and financial protection in case your firm’s officials and executives are taken to court individually.

Commercial Auto Policy

The package covers any crashes involving cars driven by you or your workers for business purposes. Accidents occur, and it’s impossible to foresee the climatic conditions, the conduct of another driver, or the road conditions.

Other Coverages

Extra protection to satisfy each of your requirements includes:

  • Umbrella Insurance: Introduces an extra layer of security to your extant liability insurance, safeguarding your firm against things your basic insurance may not cover.
  • Fidelity and Crime Insurance: Safeguards your business from financial loss and litigation costs resulting from employee-committed offenses.
  • Employment Practices Liability: Safeguard you and your company from claims filed by potential, present, and ex-employees insinuating discriminatory treatment, abuse, or unfair dismissal.
  • Lessor’s Risk: Offers legal responsibility and property protection for property owners renting out space.
  • Surety Bond: The coverage reduces the risk of monetary loss. It ensures that a party meets its contractual obligations on time while complying with legal provisions and industry standards.

Who is CyberPolicy Best For?

After describing CynerPolicy’s products, let’s talk about in this CyberPolicy review who is this provider best for. CyberPolicy serves startups, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofit entities, and the government.

CyberPolicy has many benefits for its customers. CyberPolicy is the only platform where you can get and compare business insurance quotes.

Every business faces the genuine danger of ransomware, hacker attacks, and data loss. CyberPolicy protects you online, where you need it the most.

You’ll have competitive quotations depending on your requirements in a few minutes.  When they learn more about your firm, they will show you the insurance policies that best suit your requirements.

You can purchase insurance online or through a licensed consultant and get the insurance you need in no time.  The company offers continual legal assistance in the event of litigation, assistance with the payment of regulatory fees, and credit monitoring for affected clients.

If your operations are interrupted, you can receive compensation for revenue lost.

CyberPolicy Alternatives

NEXT Insurance
Next Insurance logo
  • Best For: Small businesses
  • Rates: Depends on policy
  • Promotion: Up to 10% for multiple policies
Hiscox logo
  • Best For: Affordability
  • Rates: Depends on policy
  • Promotion: No current promotions
Embroker logo
  • Best For: Startups
  • Rates: Depends on policy
  • Promotion: No current promotions

Should You Use CyberPolicy?

Rather than focusing on well-known insurance providers, many other business insurance brokers offer coverage from one or two “mainstay” insurers and a greater number of less-known insurers.

CyberPolicy, on the other hand, as stipulated in the review’s details, has established business ties with a diverse group of well-known insurers.

Therefore, it should be on the bucket list of any small or medium-sized firm seeking to compare robust coverage options.


CyberPolicy is the only place where you can compare business insurance quotes and buy multiple insurance policies online.

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To end this CyberPolicy review, here are the most commonly asked questions about CyberPolicy.

Is CyberPolicy a legitimate insurance provider?

CyberPolicy is not an insurance provider. They are a web-based insurance broker that partners with the sector’s giant insurance providers to offer many insurance options to small and medium-sized businesses.

They supply you with prompt, exact, and trackable quotations to facilitate comparison shopping.

How long does it take to get coverage?

Coverage begins within 24 hours of policy purchasing.

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber insurance covers the dangers of ransomware, cyberattacks, and lost information.

How does CyberPolicy keep my personal data safe?

CyberPolicy places a premium on the protection of clients’ information. The company adheres to universally accepted guidelines for transmitting and handling personal information.

When you enter sensitive data on their billing forms, they encrypt its transmission using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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