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Benzinga Pro Review – Is it worth it?

By admin

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Bottomline: Benzgina Pro is a financial news and research platform with all of the information you need to make you a smarter investor.

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  • Real-time stock news alerts
  • Exclusive newsdesk access
  • Chart & fundamental analysis
  • Outstanding customer reviews

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Pros & Cons

There are plenty of pros to using Benzinga Pro. Traders who put Benzinga Pro’s information to good use could more than pay for a monthly subscription in a single transaction.

Here are some of the best features of Benzinga Pro. 


  • News desk access
  • Live trading news feed
  • Innovative Interface
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Equities News Only
  • Squawk Box is Offered by Competitors

The internet is wide, and information is always tumbling down its pipeline. Do you feel like it is impossible to sort through the information and act on the knowledge that you find? 

For investors and traders, up-to-the-minute news is essential. Benzinga Pro, a live news feed for professional traders, is provided by financial news outlet Benzinga.

Here we’ll review Benzinga Pro’s features, its pros and cons, and whether it’s a good investment for you. 

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Quick Summary

Service: Stock news & research

Pricing: $99/month and up

Promotion: 2 week free trial

What is Benzinga Pro? 

Benzinga Pro is a live news feed from Benzinga, a financial news service. News, rumors, financial document releases, and other important financial information that’s not usually broadcast through traditional financial news outlets are offered through Benzinga in real-time. 

This is key for trades where time and delays can very well cost you money. 

Included with Benzinga is a squawk box feature that gives subscribers information before financial writers have time to write it up and get it online. That feature gives traders valuable time to take action on the information.

Pricing & Plans 

You get what you pay for. Benzinga Pro’s pricing is competitive in the market and offers levels of information according to price. The basic plan is less than $100 a month, whether purchased monthly or at the annual rate, and offers Benzinga Pro’s news desk. 

A tier higher, the essential service has all advertised Benzinga Pro features and also has a discount if purchased annually.

The highest tier, enterprise, is available for purchase by contacting Benzinga directly. It offers the highest levels and insights into the stock market available anywhere. 

Start your two week free trial today!

Who Should Use Benzinga Pro? 

An innovative fintech and news organization, Benzinga offers its Benzinga Pro subscription service to serious traders looking for a trading platform for the latest financial news and information. 

Its stock research, screening, analysis, and charting is best for traders who plan to translate that information into profits. 

For those who are not active equities traders, news streaming may not be of as much use. If a buy-and-hold strategy is what you’re after, then the subscription service may be one you won’t need for day-to-day investing unless you are a financial news junkie.


Those new to Benzinga Pro may have a few questions about the subscription service. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions. 

How Do You Use Benzinga Pro?

The Benzinga Pro news platform is desktop-based and can be personalized with watchlists to bring you the news you want in real-time. 

Easy-to-understand tips and Benzinga’s design will help you along the way as you develop lists of the movers and shakers of the equities market.

What Type of Trader is Benzinga Pro Best For?

Those who take the Warren Buffett advice of buy and hold may not find Benzinga Pro as useful as those who trade more frequently and need the latest news to secure stocks at the best prices and sell high to see greater profits.  

Real-time news like that offered by Benzinga Pro translates into profits for them and is necessary for them to get an accurate view of the stock market landscape. 

For day traders, not having the most timely business news at hand is like flying blind. 

Information is money to those who base their strategies and trades upon it. For these traders in 2021, Benzinga Pro is a financial news service subscription worth consideration.

How Does Benzinga Pro Compare to Other News Sources?

Benzinga Pro has competition from TradeTheNews and RanSquawk in live news feeds and squawk box features. 

They’re similarly priced and have similar speed, but where Benzinga Pro shines is in its innovative interface and the experienced news team behind Benzinga Pro’s analysis and information.  

Benzinga Pro has a more modern and customizable interface that offers customers the ability to filter the financial news of the hour to fit their needs, interests, and investments. Their squawk box feature even has an audio version that you can listen to instead of reading.  

The news judgment that the Benzinga Pro team brings to financial information sets it apart and makes its streaming service worth a subscription price.

Final Verdict 

Time is money. The faster investors and traders get financial information, the more time they have to act upon it and turn that information into profits.

Keeping in the know with up-to-the-minute financial news, analysis, information, and documents is a must for serious equity investors and traders. 

For these reasons, Benzinga Pro should be a subscription news service considered by traders in the changing and challenging financial landscape.

Benzinga Pro

Benzgina Pro is a financial news and research platform with all of the information you need to make you a smarter investor.

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