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Aurora is a Canadian freelance writer specializing in content creation and copywriting. She loves writing about food, health, marketing, and business.

Using the InboxDollars App, you can earn extra pocket money through easy online activities like completing surveys, playing games, reading emails, and more.

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  • $5 signup bonus
  • Earn money for watching videos
  • Get paid in cash or gift cards
  • Free to signup
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Pros & Cons


  • Get paid for very easy work
  • Free to signup
  • $5 bonus for signing up
  • Get paid to watch videos & completing surveys


  • Some peoples’ accounts get deleted
  • $3 processing fee on payments

I don’t know about you guys, but I waste a lot of time online.  Whether it’s scrolling my Facebook feed, Googling random facts, or watching Netflix, that time adds up embarrassingly quick.

I may have a solution for you.  There’s a way to make some extra money while doing so!  What, did you think I was going to tell you to quit wasting time online?!

I’m not cruel.  Let's cover what InboxDollars really is and if it is really a legit company that will actually pay you.


Quick Summary

Service: Make extra money for completing online activities

Signup Cost: Free

Promotion: Earn a $5 sign-up bonus

What is InboxDollars & how does it work?

InboxDollars is an app and survey site that pays you to do small online tasks or support certain brands.

These tasks include 

  • Taking online surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Online shopping
  • Reading promotional emails
  • Using coupons

InboxDollars does this because big names like Netflix, Walmart, Target, H&R Block, and others pay them for the work you do to support larger marketing strategies.

That’s why you’ll make a lot more money taking surveys, for example, than playing games.  But more on that below! Once you rack up $30 in points/work, you’re eligible to redeem it via paper cheque or electronic payment.

Who is this for?

First, let me be clear on who this is not for: anyone looking to break the bank with a side gig.  If you’re looking for something to help you buy a new car or put a down payment on a house, survey sites like these are not what you’re looking for.

What this is ideal for is making a few dollars in your spare time.  Since each paid task takes only minutes (or less), this is the perfect way to earn some pocket change while you’re bingeing Netflix, waiting for class to start, or waiting in line. 

You can complete tasks either on your phone or laptop from virtually anywhere.  You can even earn money for using the InboxDollars search engine, rather than Google.

In return you'll get scratch and win opportunities - virtual scratch cards with the chance to win a small cash prize.  So while it gets a low score for profitability, it gets an A+ for flexibility. 

How much money can you Earn?

It all depends on how much you put in. But like I said, it’s not going to pay the rent.  The most anyone has made that I’ve come across is $40.00 every two weeks. 

But that seems very high compared to others. Other reviewers report making $60-90 annually. Just a few dollars a week.  Online surveys seem to pay out the most, InboxDollars pays between $0.50 to $5.00.

They take 3-25 minutes to complete.  Don’t get too excited though. You won’t qualify for many surveys based on your demographic.

The annoying thing is that the survey will often only tell you this when you’re almost done, and can be kind of a timewaster.

This is pretty normal on similar apps too.  A timewaster within a really is 2022 isn’t it? You also earn rebates on money spent at certain retailers.

For example, $7 back on $25 spent. But don’t spend money to make money!  Just take advantage of it when you already need to purchase a particular item.

If you choose to make true 'inbox dollars' by reading emails, InboxDollar will pay you 2 cents per email, at four emails a day.  Not much, but opening and deleting a few emails a day doesn’t exactly require much effort either.

It’s all about low effort work for very petty cash.  Cash that you otherwise wouldn’t be making waiting at the doctor’s office, for example.

Earn Cash For Your Everyday Activities

Instead of doing stuff for free, get paid for what you already do.

Does InboxDollars cost anything to use?

Nope! InboxDollars is free to use.  The only “payment” you make towards the app is a $3 processing fee when redeeming your cash.

Also, right now InboxDollars is offering a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Is InboxDollars legit?

Yes, InboxDollar is a legit reward sites company with hundreds of thousands of daily users who make a bit of extra cash using the service.

The service doesn't ask you for the kind of personal info or credit card details you'd expect from a scam site - so nothing to worry about there.

In truth, the InboxDollar company doesn't give away free money - it is an advertising platform - and they pay you to play games, for your time or for your opinions.

There's nothing to worry about here - just a different approach to marketing.

The good, the bad, & the downright frustrating

I’ve highlighted how InboxDollars can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks in your spare time.  But I couldn’t write a review without noting some of the negative experiences some have had too.

Many report that after reaching that $30 mark and redeeming it, their account was terminated due to “bot-like activity” and they never ended up receiving a cheque. 

Also, InboxDollars’ website reports a 4-star rating out of five on TrustPilot, which is accurate.  Since InboxDollars never asks you for credit information or money, these things aren’t massive red flags like they would be in a course review, for example.

The worst that will happen is not getting paid that $30. Even the 2 and 3-star reviews are generally people just unhappy about the amount of time it takes to cash out.

I see a lot of people using their InboxDollars account happily and successfully for years. But I just wanted to point out the risk to my readers.

InboxDollars vs. Competitors

best for surveys

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  • Potential Earnings: $2 to $75 (per survey)
  • Signup Cost: Free
  • Promotion: Earn additional rewards


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  • Signup Cost: Free
  • Promotion: $10 sign-up bonus


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  • Service: Price protection monitoring
  • Signup Cost: Free
  • Promotion: No current promos

InboxDollars Reviews

Should I use InboxDollars?

If you have the free time to spare, don’t mind being on your phone or laptop, and could use an extra $30 a month, then there’s no reason not to try InboxDollars.

Like I said, this isn’t a tool that’ll get you rich. It will not replace a minimum-wage job.  But it may put a little extra seed towards that rainy day fund!


Using the InboxDollars App, you can earn extra pocket money through easy online activities like completing surveys, playing games, reading emails, and more.


Aurora is a Canadian freelance writer specializing in content creation and copywriting. She loves writing about food, health, marketing, and business.

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