Authority Hacker Pro Review: Should You Buy?

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in the digital marketing field. His work has been published on SEO and affiliate marketing-specific niches like Monitor Backlinks, Niche Pursuits, Blogging Wizard, Web Hosting Secret Revealed, and others.

Authority Hacker Pro is Authority Hacker's flagship training program including all their most advanced tactics for high level, experienced marketers.

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Is your authority website no longer increasing its monthly income? Worse, is it losing revenue because the affiliate programs you joined cut their commission rates or it dropped its ranking on organic search after an algorithm update?

Growing the site to reach a thousand dollars worth of revenue is challenging. But the most difficult part is sustaining its success, if not building off it, while facing some of the problems above.

While there are uncontrolled variables that affect the earning potential of your authority site, you must continually adapt to the changes these factors bring. At the same time, you need to implement more advanced and scalable tactics and strategies to make your site even more authoritative.

This is what Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro) teaches its members. In this Authority Hacker review, we’ll look into what makes this membership program different from other affiliate marketing courses and whether or not you should join this group.

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Quick Summary

Product: Authority Site Training

Price: $249/month for 12 months

Promotion: Save $491 with one-time payment

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is the brainchild of Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the guys behind the Authority Hacker website and The Authority Site System (TASS), which we reviewed in-depth here.

The Authority Hacker brand is one of the most renowned and well-respected resources about online marketing. Its blog offers free valuable information on how to get your website up and running in no time. 

To inspire people to get started with their authority site, it also serves up case studies of successful websites earning thousands of dollars monthly through the same model. There’s also a podcast hosted by Gael and Mark.

They talk about the latest digital marketing trends and interview influential people in the industry to share their ideas and strategies with listeners.

Authority Hacker Pro is a logical step to what they’re doing on their site. The training program contains even more advanced techniques to help website owners establish or reimagine their processes.

This should help them scale their business and grow their revenue further.

Authority Site System (TASS) vs. Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker offers two premium training programs: the Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro. Both have different goals and are therefore geared towards different audiences.

The Authority Site System 3.0 is an online course that provides beginners and newbies everything they need to know about the authority site online business model. It offers a step-by-step process on how to build an authority site from scratch. 

Gael and Mark discuss the foundations of an authority website and how it generates income before it delves into the details of setting up a WordPress site on a hosting platform. From here, they talk about how to approach content creation and delegating tasks to your team if you don’t want to do everything yourself. 

By following the steps and guidelines presented in this course, you should be able to build a website that will eventually generate sustainable income over time.

After building your authority site, you want to take it to the next level by implementing more sophisticated and effective strategies that can multiply your traffic and earnings. As mentioned, since TASS is designed for beginners, it only deals with paving the foundation for your website.

As a result, there isn’t much diversity in the course regarding techniques.

Authority Hacker Pro, therefore, is for people who want to get more out of their authority websites. They’re already getting decent traffic and revenue from their site and want to discover different ways on how to scale their site’s performance.

It shouldn’t be a secret that most Authority Hacker Pro members came from TASS after successfully building an authority site following Gael and Mark’s direction.

And in this premium membership, both don’t pull back the punches as they unleash some of the best systems and processes that help site owners build their own workflow to further build upon the success of their website.

What’s Inside Authority Hacker Pro

Upon joining Authority Hacker Pro, you will gain access to over 420+ video lessons spanning across different Blueprints. There are also over 150+ available templates for automation, landing pages, and hiring plans that you can just copy and paste onto your site or email to speed up the process. 

If you have a dedicated team for your authority site, you can send them the SOPs available from the program, so they implement them into your current workflow without breaking a sweat.

Finally, you can join its private Facebook group, where you can find other Authority Hacker Pro members and discuss your milestones, talk strategy, and share tricks of the trade.

Even when you’ve run through the Blueprints in the program, you can expect to learn new things from the members of the group generous enough to share their findings with everyone.

But the entree of the program is the Blueprints. Each covers different facets of making your site even more authoritative.

In TASS, much of the training focuses on optimizing your site for Google and your target audience. While there are still Blueprints in the program that tackle more advanced SEO concepts, there are others that cover matters outside the scope of SEO.

This is a great thing as it helps diversify your traffic sources and add more value to your website for higher earnings.

To learn what the topics of each Blueprint is, below is the complete list organized according to type and a description of each:

Content Creation Blueprints

Some of the Blueprints in AH Pro cover similar topics in TASS. However, since this program is for more established websites, the tactics you’ll see regarding content creation are much more deliberate and sophisticated here. 

Below are Blueprints that will help you ramp up your site’s content production to ensure the publishing of high-quality content like clockwork:

Keyword Research Blueprint

Keyword Research Blueprint

Consistently finding new keywords for your site authority will be key (pun intended) for its continued growth. This Blueprint, therefore, will provide you with a framework that will help you replenish your Master Content Database with new opportunities so you won’t run out of low-hanging fruit topics to write and publish.

It contains the following Blueprints:

  • Introduction to Keyword Research - Learn everything you need to know about researching the right keywords when starting out.
  • Preparing Keyword Research Documents - Use the templates and resources provided to you in the program so you can refine your process before you even start with your research.
  • Keyword Research Tactics - Find the best methods of finding keyword opportunities for your site to help you produce an endless stream of keyword ideas.
  • Implementation - Find out what to do next once you’ve gathered as many keywords as you can.

Editorial System Blueprint

Editorial System Blueprint

In this Blueprint, you will learn everything you must know about building an editorially-driven business model. It breaks down the types of articles that are best for each type of audience and where to source these articles that won't cost a dime in labor or produce revenue.

You will also know which tools help make sure all processes run smoothly (even if there's only one person running things).

Here are the modules included in this Blueprint:

  • Introduction to the Editorial System - Discuss the importance of having a streamlined editorial system and what you need to know before getting started.
  • Creating an Asana Work Environment - Familiarize yourself with this popular project management platform where you’ll be conducting your editorial business with your team.
  • Day to Day Usage - Find out how to manage your editorial workflow using the platform.
  • Content Templates - Learn the different types of content you need to write and publish on your site for your target keywords. Use the templates as formulas for writing your content to remove the guesswork from the process.

Build an Editorial Team Blueprint

Build an Editorial Team Blueprint

The Building Your Content Team Blueprint is a new guide created to help entrepreneurs acquire an all-star content team without spending too much money. This Blueprint covers the detailed process of how to hire great people while budgeting and managing costs in your business.

Link Building Blueprints

Once you’ve covered the on-page SEO of your site, it’s time to focus on the on-page aspect of it. 

Acquiring high-quality backlinks has been the biggest challenge among site owners. On top of this, they have to worry about their sites not getting penalized due to poor link building practices.

In this Blueprint, Authority Hacker teaches you white hat methods to generate backlinks from equally, if not more, authoritative websites. This way, you can increase your ranking on search engines faster without having to worry about Google penalizing your website.

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is an incredibly engaging, creative system that will walk you through the most efficient white hat link building process around. It allows you to build relevant links at scale using this repeatable system.

  • Shotgun Skyscraper 101 - An intro to this link building strategy and what it takes to implement it.
  • Keywords & Content - Look for the best info content for your chosen keyword and create a much better version of it.
  • Gathering Prospects - Find sites linking to these info content pieces so you can reach out to them with your Skyscraper content. 
  • Data Management - Organize your campaign using its templates and resources with the help of your team.
  • Initial Outreach - Launch your initial campaign while ensuring the maximum deliverability of your emails. 
  • Negotiation - Know what to say to link prospects for every possible scenario and help increase your chances of securing backlinks.
  • Advanced Tactics - Learn how to scale this technique without getting overboard and spammy.
  • SOPs and Job Descriptions - Contains instructions that you can send your team to help them execute this strategy correctly.

HARO Blueprint

Help a Reporter Out, or HARO is one of the best sources of backlinks for authority websites. By lending journalists your subject matter expertise, you help them successfully write their pieces. 

In return, they will link to your site from the published article. Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, there are factors you need to be aware of before you plunge into this technique. For instance, just because you submitted a quote to journalists using HARO, doesn’t mean they’ll use it for their piece.

Consider that other people will also submit similar quotes to yours that reporters could also include in the article. At the same time, you have to worry about the risk of not getting a link back from the author despite your efforts.

In this Blueprint, Authority Hacker discusses the best practices on how to ensure that journalists will use your quote and get a backlink to your site in return.

Guest Posting Blueprint

Guest Posting Blueprint

Guest posting remains to be one of the more effective ways to build links to your site. It works both ways — site owners will return the favor of providing great content to them by linking to your website.

But to do this properly, you need to vet which blog or site owners to reach out to. From here, you must launch an email campaign to get them to reply to you and secure a guest post opportunity on their blog.

This Blueprint shares with you the exact process on how to do this correctly. Below are the Blueprints contained inside:

  • Guest Posting 101 - A quick introduction about guest posting as a link building strategy.
  • Prospecting Strategies - Learn how to vet the best guest blogging prospects for your campaign using different factors.
  • Email Prospecting - Use the best tools for finding emails of these prospects.
  • Initial Sending - Launch your campaign to ensure deliverability and success rate.
  • Negotiation - Similar to the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint, learn what to say to site owners for every possible scenario to secure a guest posting slot.
  • Submissions Tracking - Monitor your campaign by checking which among your prospects accepted your guest post proposal and published them on their sites already.

Recurring Traffic Blueprints

The best kind of traffic is one that keeps coming back to your authority website for more. This set of Blueprints should help build your site’s repeat visitors, so you don’t have to rely on a single traffic source exclusively.

Below are the Blueprints that will help you achieve this:

Giveaways Blueprint

Giveaways Blueprint

Giveaways is a highly repeatable marketing tactic, making it the perfect way for you to spread awareness about your site and grow an audience in record time.

This Blueprint will help guide you through the step-by-step process of launching a successful giveaway campaign that will generate lots of awareness to your authority site.

Email Marketing Blueprint

Email Marketing Blueprint

The Email Marketing Blueprint is the ultimate guide to building an automated email system that engages and sells. It will teach you how to build your newsletter with ease so you can tell stories, send out offers, and follow up on leads from a distance.

This Blueprint teaches you which tools to use, the autoresponder campaigns you need to set up, and more.

Content Promotion Blueprint

Content Promotion Blueprint

The Content Promotion Blueprint will show you how to maximize your content’s earning potential with a comprehensive plan.

It includes a step-by-step process for driving traffic and engagement plus in-depth explanations of the intricacies that make up successful promotion strategies on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and others.

Sales Funnel Blueprints

The key to a profitable website is to create funnels that turn visitors into clients or customers. Keep in mind that you need to mobilize your traffic into conversions — it doesn’t matter how much traffic your site is raking in if you’re not able to monetize them.

In these Blueprints, you get to learn the different funnels you can develop to help you turn in a profit with your authority site.

Building Info Products Blueprint

Building an Info Product Blueprint walks you through the exact process used by the Authority Hacker team countless times to create high-quality information products on our sites, even if you are not an expert.

This structured approach will help you produce a truly helpful product that will thrill your new customers.

Evergreen Funnels Blueprint

Evergreen Funnels Blueprint

Evergreen Funnels Blueprint teaches you how to sell any product on your site incredibly effectively. Using a mix of evergreen scarcity and powerful sequences, Evergreen is responsible for millions in revenue at our company alone!

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is for you if you want to attract new customers with the best possible conversion rate. This course will teach how to use this creative strategy by mixing up multiple different mediums like email advertisements and social media posts among others that can help boost your sales volume in no time at all.

Other Blueprints

AH Pro goes out of its way to cover as much information under the internet marketing banner as possible to help people get the most out of their websites. Below are other Blueprints you will have access to once you sign up for its program:

Lead Magnet Creation Blueprint

You can’t engage with your audience via email if you haven’t built a list yet. And one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your subscribers is via lead magnets. Visitors will only gain access to this content type if they join your email list. 

This Blueprint shows how you can create lead magnets effortlessly that people will want to download.

On-Page SEO Blueprint

This Blueprint goes in-depth about on-page SEO to help your authority website rank on top of Google. As mentioned, some of the Blueprints here are already covered in TASS.

But these contain more advanced techniques on how to ensure that your site is in tip-top shape and is optimized further for Google.

Core Web Vitals Blueprint

Core Web Vitals Blueprint

The latest addition to AH Pro, Core Web Vitals (CWV) talks about how you can increase the performance of your website to appease this latest Google ranking factor. It doesn’t just talk about how to improve your site speed. 

The Blueprint also tackles the various aspects pertaining to Core Web Vitals for the benefit of your visitors and search engines.

Most importantly, you don’t need to be a developer to implement the fixes provided here. It shows you how to do it in layman’s terms so you can improve your CWV score effectively.

Below are the things covered in this Blueprint:

  • Core Web Vitals 101 - A brief intro about CWV and how it works.
  • Fixes to common CWV issues - See the step-by-step process of implementing the chances to improve your site’s CWV score.
  • Suggestions of tools to use for improving CWV score - AH Pro lists down the recommended tools you need to help your site get better CWV scores.
  • Cheat Sheet: PageSpeed Insights Errors and How to Fix Them - Shows the easiest ways to troubleshoot issues that your site may have on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Growth Hacks Blueprint

Growth Hacks Blueprint is a collection of various tips and tricks for any entrepreneur looking to implement growth hacking techniques. These hacks don’t quite fall into only one category but can be applied as standalone tactics or combined with other Blueprints in the book.

The modules you will find under this Blueprint are as follows:

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips - Get more visitors who will convert into affiliate sales using advanced tactics shared in this module.
  • OnPage SEO and Content Tips - Learn how to get your content ranking much faster on search engines and on-page tips you must observe on all your pages.
  • Website and WordPress Tips - Find out how to manage your WordPress site more effectively using different plugins and other techniques.

Website Sale Blueprint

You must understand how much your website is worth and what it has accomplished. When it comes to selling your website, you have a number of options. Which one do you go with? Website Sale Blueprint includes all of the information you need to answer these questions.

How Much Does Authority Hacker Pro Cost?

The Authority Hacker Pro membership is open only to the public at a limited time every year. As of writing, the last time they opened the program was in April 2021.

During that launch, Authority Hacker Pro costs $249/month for the next 12 months. There’s also a one-time payment option of $2,497 which is $491 less than the monthly plan.

New members can pay via credit card or PayPal. Once paid, they will gain access to all of the Blueprints and resources discussed above.

Similar to The Authority Site System, you get future updates added to your account. Suppose Gael and Mark added a new course or updated a previous one in lieu of changes with Google’s algorithm, you’ll get all of them free of charge.

If, in any case, you’re unhappy with your purchase, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just hit them up with your request, and the Authority Hacker team will refund your money, no questions asked.

Join Authority Hacker Pro Today!

Pros & Cons

Before we discuss the pros and cons of this Authority Hacker course, we must clarify a couple of things first.

Regarding the pricing, the Authority Hacker Pro is much more expensive compared to most paid courses out there. However, it shouldn’t be counted against the membership program.

To help you understand, we need to go back to whom the program is geared towards. 

If you’re already making money with your authority site, then the price of this program should be manageable at best. 

The program offers high-level techniques and strategies with the help of templates and SOP on top of a very active Facebook group. Therefore, the additional earnings you’ll make after implementing them to your site strategy will help you cover the costs, if not more.

And if you can’t afford Authority Hacker Pro, then the assumption is that you’re not ready for the materials and resources in the program. You’re probably better off getting The Authority Site System course, for now, to help you build an authority site and earn your first few thousand dollars.

Once you’re able to sustain that income, if not add up to it, you should be able to move up to an Authority Hacker Pro membership and take things to the next level.

Also, AH Pro will require you to use premium tools to help execute some of the tactics presented in the program. At this point, you’re probably using most of them, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

At the same time, the program supplies you with custom tools to help you perform some of the tasks presented in each Blueprint. So it’s not like the program is totally dependent on premium tools.

With these said, below is a shortlist of the pros and cons of AH Pro:


  • Complete resources you’ll need to double your authority site’s earnings - Authority Hacker is very generous with regard to the level of information and detail included in TASS, and AH Pro is no different. It covers everything a site owner needs to know about taking their authority site to the next level, whether it’s building an email list or acquiring links for your tentpole content. And despite the complexity of the tactics, Gael and Mark are able to break down each Blueprint into their most basic elements. As a result, viewers can understand them and implement the teachings into their strategy easily. 
  • Extensive templates and SOPs - Authority Hacker’s templates are a goldmine for site owners. Without these resources, site owners will have to draft outreach emails and develop processes from scratch, which could take days, if not weeks, to complete and execute properly. Using proven templates that the Authority Hacker themselves use, you can just copy and tweak for editing before executing them. This way, you’re able to speed up the process on the way to your authority site’s success.
  • Highly active Facebook group - Learning and growing your authority site doesn’t stop with the resources provided by the program. By keeping in touch with the activity in the Facebook group, you can find case studies from current members and how they were able to improve their authority sites’ performance with help from the program or from personal tests they’ve conducted. Use what you can view here as inspiration for doing your authority site work. You can also ask questions about AH Pro or if you get stuck with your website as Gael, Mark, and other members will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.


The only disadvantage of note with Authority Hacker Pro is the lack of ala carte pricing plans.

As mentioned, the comprehensive list of tactics and strategies covered by the program puts other online courses to shame. 

However, let’s say I’m only interested in their link building and website sale Blueprints and can do without the rest because I already know how to do them. I’ll have to purchase the $249/month or $2499 one-time payment to get both Blueprints along with the rest.

I may have some use for the other Blueprints later on. Then again, I may not, assuming I’m updated and knowledgeable about the other topics covered in the program. Therefore, buying AH Pro feels redundant in this case.

To be fair, Authority Hacker sells its latest Blueprints as standalone products at a limited time. For example, they sold their Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint in 2019 for $997.

Currently, they have the Core Web Vitals Blueprint on sale for $997 but was available at a limited time for $249.

However, once time expires, you will have to wait until Authority Hacker decides to sell them as standalone products. When that will happen again is uncertain.

The Blueprints, however, are absorbed into AH Pro’s program. You can gain access to them once you sign up for its premium plan.

The tactic utilized by the Authority Hacker team is sound and understandable from their perspective. It’s obvious they want people to join AH Pro so they can enjoy the full experience of using their resources.

Still, it would be better if they offered the Blueprints individually, even at increased prices. At least, this gives people an option to go with Blueprints they want and need instead of being forced into a membership account with Blueprints they don’t need.

Should I Buy Authority Hacker Pro?

If you signed up to TASS, it only makes sense for you to join Authority Hacker Pro once you’ve built a profitable authority site and want to make even more money off it. 

It picks up where TASS left off by focusing on more advanced processes and systems required to improve your site’s SEO performance, leading to more traffic and sales. 

AH Pro also covers non-SEO-related topics such as email marketing and info product creation to help increase the value of your website. 

Finally, if you’re ready to part ways with your site, the Website Sale Blueprint will teach you everything you must know to get the most out of your site in return. 

From here, you can repeat the processes as seen in both Authority Hacker courses so you can keep building successful authority sites and flip them into tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in return!

This is all possible if you stick with the processes indicated in Authority Hacker Pro. In fact, what makes AH Pro work is the quality of the information in the program and how it’s taught to members.

The videos, templates, and SOPs are some of the best in the industry so you can revamp your strategy and simplify your workflow with the help of these resources. 

Once the dust has settled, Authority Hacker Pro proves to be one of the best internet marketing courses available, if not the best. It contains everything you need for building authority sites that you can profit off or sell at scale.

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is Authority Hacker's flagship training program including all their most advanced tactics for high level, experienced marketers.

Authority Hacker Pro icon

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in the digital marketing field. His work has been published on SEO and affiliate marketing-specific niches like Monitor Backlinks, Niche Pursuits, Blogging Wizard, Web Hosting Secret Revealed, and others.

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