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VantagePoint is an artificial intelligence trading software that can help you spot trends in the stock market and help you make better trading decisions.

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  • AI trading software
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Pros & Cons


  • Super user-friendly interface
  • It is accurate and reliable
  • You can compare numerous markets across the globe
  • The software foresees what the market will be like in a few days to come


  • You cannot connect it directly to a brokerage platform. You have to do it manually
  • It is a bit pricey

With so many available trading tools and software online, determining one that works best can prove to be a daunting task.  VantagePoint Software has, however, proven its competence and reliability.

This review will breakdown the features and benefits of the software and if it is worth the cost for you to purchase. Let's get started.

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Quick Summary

Product: Stock trading software

Price: $5685 $1497

Promotion: Over 50% off the original price

What is VantagePoint Software?

Are you contemplating joining Forex, stocks, or cryptocurrency trading, but you do not where you should get started?You cannot go wrong with a trading strategy that involves utilizing trading software to help you predict both the currency and market behaviors.

Vantage Point AI software integrates both artificial intelligence and Intermarket analysis to analyze the market and predict where it will be in the future. 

Research has shown that this is the only market analysis software that incorporates the two technologies to establish which markets and currencies have the most significant impact on a particular trading market.

About the Company & Founders

Louis Mendelsohn

This software was invented by Louis Mendelsohn, a renowned software pioneer in the 1980s. 

The company’s headquarters are in Wesley Chapel, FL, and has for the longest time, been the top trading software research and development.

The company has been offering these services since 1979, and you can, therefore, trust that they are trustworthy.

How Does VantagePoint Software Work?

Among the first things to note about this software is its easy usability.  It has been designed with the users’ needs in mind.

It is straightforward without any clutter, and this means that you do not necessarily have to be an expert to use it for trading.

It also uses a straightforward strategy to come up with market predictions.  It applies artificial intelligence to provide you with market change notice, so you can make a sound decision on whether you wish to exit or stay.

This means that with the software, you have higher chances of making profits and minimal chances of losses.  You can foresee how the prices will behave in the future so you can trade wisely.

How does the software generate the predictions?  For starters, it applies technical analysis, which ideally is an evaluation of the past price trends.

This means that if the price has been rising in the past few days, the chances are that history will repeat itself.  The software’s artificial intelligence can generate up to 87.4% accuracy for one to three days in advance.

The software also applies interconnected markets to foresee market trends.  It does so by assessing how other markets across the globe can affect the market that you are trading in.

For instance, the software can analyze the changes in prices in different markets to predict how the prices will behave in your market.

The best part about VantagePoint is that unlike most trading tools and software, this one does not work based on past-prices or trends that have already occurred.

Instead, it focuses on Artificial Intelligence Neural Network to predict market data.  This means that you can already see what will happen in the market up to three days from now.

With this, you will always stay ahead of other traders.  You will know when to keep trading and when to stop as you wait for the market to stabilize.

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What Is Included With VantagePoint Software?

Vantage Point software is crafted to suit all traders. It comes with a range of markets to choose from depending on your goals.

Some of the market categories you can choose your one (1) introductory-priced sector, market, or pair from include:

  • US stock sectors
  • Canadian stock sectors
  • ETFs
  • Forex pairs
  • Futures markets
  • Cryptocurrencies

From this, it is evident that VantagePoint covers all kinds of traders, and that is a plus because it is something that you cannot easily find in other tools. 

This is a money saver because you do not have to invest in different tools every time you wish to join a particular trading market.


This tool is a bit pricier compared to other software in the market, but as they say, you get what you pay for.  The price is worth it, and if used well, Vantagepoint can help you get your money back in a matter of two weeks.

This introductory package of one (1) Market, Sector, or Pair is currently on offer at $1497, but normally, it goes for $5685.

Customer Reviews & Results

VantagePoint has been reviewed as one of the most reliable trading software in the market. Here are some of the reviews.  VantagePoint was my first trading software after it was recommended to me by a friend.

I have to admit that it is the best investment I have made in a long time.  My returns have been rising tremendously, and I don't even have to put in much work. I definitely recommend it.

My partner and I were on the search for reliable trading software for the longest time. Each time we got one, it ended in disappointments.

We decided to try VantagePoint, although we were skeptical at first, we are so glad we gave it a try. It is very accurate and has saved us from losses countless times.

At first, I felt like the price was too high for a retail trading tool, but after using it for two months, I now understand the logic behind it. I totally approve!

Final Verdict

VantagePoint Software has proven its reliability over the years in terms of both easy usage and accuracy.  The results are consistent, and if used correctly, you will undoubtedly make your way to the top of the market within no time.

It is a worthy investment for all traders, but you must note that the use of this tool is to give you predictions and insights into what the market will be like in a few coming days.

The results are super easy to interpret and comprehend too.  Try out today and get to enjoy all the highlighted benefits plus more.

VantagePoint Software

VantagePoint is an artificial intelligence trading software that can help you spot trends in the market and help you make better trading decisions.

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