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Stansberry Research is a well-known research and publishing company that specializes in investment research and industry recommendations. Their innovation report is an affordable and valuable resource, but like most stock market advice, should be taken with caution.

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An astonishing 52% of adults in the United States have money invested in the stock market, but how many of those individuals are simply breaking even or losing money on their carefully thought-out investments?

More importantly, are you one of them?  If you’ve ever done any research on how to improve your return on investments, then the name Stansberry Research may have come across your screen.

They claim to provide “actionable investment recommendations” and research that help self-managing individuals.  With over half a million subscribers world-wide, it’s no surprise that questions have surfaced surrounding the legitimacy and effectiveness of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research products and newsletters.

In this Stansberry Research review, we put the pedal to the metal in order to find out everything we could about their products and the man behind the name, Porter Stansberry.

Keep reading to find out if the Innovation Report and Investment Advisory are the right tools for you.

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Quick Summary

Services: Innovations Report or Investment Advisory

Annual Price: $49/yr or $79/yr

Promotion: 75% off regular price

What is Stansberry Research?

Stansberry Research is a privately owned American publishing company founded by Frank Porter Stansberry in 1999. They specialize in investment research and provide specialized recommendations as well as analysis for clients who manage their own portfolios. 

Stansberry Research publishes periodic newsletters and manages multiple subscription products such as the Stansberry Innovation Report and the Stansberry Investment Advisory, which are covered in this Stansberry Research review.

Who is Porter Stansberry?

Porter Stansberry

Frank Porter Stansberry was born on February 2nd, 1970, in Florida.

He founded Stansberry Research at the age of 29 in 1999 with offices based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Stansberry is the author of the company’s monthly newsletter, Stansberry Investment Advisory, and has also published many books on topics including the stock market, real estate, and commodities.

Stansberry Innovations Report

Stansberry Innovation Report

The Stansberry Innovations Report is a monthly advisory, managed by editor John Engel, that covers promising companies that Stansberry believes are a worthwhile investment. 

Engel focuses on weeding out up-and-coming companies that are innovating the world of technology, treating their shareholders right, and providing opportunities for lucrative financial gains.

John Engel has a Master of Science from John Hopkins University and has worked at a large pharmaceutical company and a biotech startup.

Here is what’s included with a standard subscription to the Stansberry Innovation Report:

  • An entire year (12 issues) of the Stansberry Innovation Report
  • Special Report: Bitcoin and Blockchain Quick-Start Guide
  • Special Report: How to Make a Fortune with Masters of Digital Currency
  • Special Report: 2 Companies Revolutionizing the Digital Shift
  • Access to a library of exclusive Special Reports, including The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% Gains in
  • America Today and The 3 Assets You Do Not Have to Report to the Government


  • The investment newsletters are online and easy to access.
  • You receive more than just monthly stock picks.
  • Full access to the archives of past picks and newsletters.
  • Works out to approximately $4 per month for the first year


  • There is always a risk of losing money on an investment, even if you’re following the experts.
  • Due to steep discounts, the subscription price quadruples after your first year.

Stansberry Investment Advisory

Stansberry Investment Advisory

On the other hand, the Stansberry Investment Advisory has been around since the company’s inception and is managed by Porter Stansberry himself. 

This monthly newsletter claims to show you how to make money by following popular and emerging trends that are affecting the market, as well as following relevant economic forces. 

The only way to receive the Stansberry Investment Advisory is to sign up for Stansberry Research’s premium subscription. Once you’ve registered, you receive the five basic features included with the Stansberry Innovation Report (listed above) as well as:

  • An entire year (12 issues) of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, distributed on the first Friday of each month
  • A copy of The American Jubilee (2019) by Porter Stansberry, which discusses the radical financial move and its potential consequences
  • A copy of The Battle for America (2020) also by Porter Stansberry, which covers the progressive financial platform expected to be established during the Biden presidency
  • Full access to over 160 Special Reports by Porter Stansberry, including topics like How to Reduce Your Taxes by 90%, Without Leaving America, and How the Rich Make a Fortune During a Credit Crisis 

Both subscription options offered by Stansberry research provide a 30-day trial subscription where you can test the full power of the platform and info and decide if you’d like to continue or withdraw - with no strings attached.


  • Newsletter contributors are not allowed to own any of the securities they recommend.
  • The Stansberry Investment Podcast is an excellent preview of what you’ll have access to.
  • Newsletter is more affordable than other industry competitors.
  • Best for investors with at least $1,000.


  • Special bonus reports aren't that beneficial.
  • Must make your own trades and investment decisions.

Is Stansberry Research Legit?

Stansberry Research's legitimacy is heavily debated by industry and stock market experts world-wide, and the verdict changes depending on who you ask. Many Stansberry Research reviews vary in their opinion.

In 2007, Stansberry Research landed feed-first into hot waters with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the company was ordered to pay back $1.5 million in restitution and civil penalties.

The judge ruled that Porter Stansberry had intentionally frauded purchasers of a Special Report that he had written in 2002, claiming that “investors could double their money if they paid $1,000 for a stock tip involving Bethesda energy company USEC Inc.”

Porter Stansberry released a long-winded, public letter in 2014 where he defended himself and went in-depth on the court procedures and ultimate rulings. 

More recently, though, in February of 2020, the court vacated the injunction against Stansberry Research, as it has been approximately 17 years since the original conduct issue occurred, and the company has gone through many changes since then.

Still, many stock market experts and weary individuals warn against going all-in with Stansberry Research because their claims are not always backed by sufficient research and can often fall flat from what they advertised as a possible result.

Should You Subscribe to Stansberry Research?

Overall, Stansberry Research provides a number of valuable resources for individuals looking to work towards true wealth and improve their luck in the stock market with heavily analyzed investment opportunities.

The first year subscription costs are reasonable but rise significantly once you hit your second year.

Despite the run-in with the SEC over a decade ago, Stansberry Research’s business and research practices have changed extensively since then in order to improve their legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Like always, take any advice you receive with a grain of salt, and make each investment decision with utmost care and judgment. With guidance from Stansberry Research, though, your chances of making a profit are better than most.

Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a well-known research and publishing company that specializes in investment research and industry recommendations.

Stansberry Research icon

I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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