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Marin Katusa's premium newsletter: Katusa Resource Opportunities. Advocating quality research, first-to-the-story, excellent customer service and education.

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Pros & Cons

The advantages of Katusa's Resource Opportunities service far outweigh the disadvantages, and they may help you make a purchasing decision.


  • Market Intelligence Center
  • Recommendations in the natural resource market
  • Regularly updated newsletter
  • Recommendations from Marin Katusa 


  • Does not provide investment advice
  • No money back guarantee

If you have gotten tired of pitches on social media that promise huge profits and deliver nothing except a ding on your bank account, you probably doubt everything that you see.

Still, you need to listen up for a rare opportunity to get advice that works for you.  Professional investor Marin Katusa understands the natural resource investment market, and he shows you how to benefit from his expertise.

With guidance from Katusa, you can appreciate the advantages of natural resources as investments.

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Quick Summary

Service: Research driven resource stock opportunities

Cost: $3,495 Annually

Promotion: Bonus special report

What is Katusa's Resource Opportunities?

An annual subscription to a monthly investment advisory run by Marin Katusa - which lets you look over his shoulder to see his investment choices that you can make as well.

Throughout the year, you receive privileged access to monthly issues of Katusa's Resource Opportunities, special reports, interim alerts, the Personal Resource Portfolio and extraordinary customer service.

The precise recommendations that you receive as a subscriber distinguish Katusa's Resource Opportunities with its in-depth research that identifies trends in the gold market.

Aimed at investors like you who have accumulated wealth, his reports offer unique guidance in the gold market, oil, mining and other natural resources.

Katusa's Resource Opportunities

Gaining Access to Dynamic Guidance

Through his more than one-million air miles, he has visited over 500 resource projects around the world.  The facts that he gathers contribute to his personal fortune and may enhance yours as well.

His research shows you how historical precedents may influence your opportunity to make money in the next gold bull market.

Purpose of Katusa's Resource Opportunities

The newsletter that comes with a subscription keeps you informed on the latest trends in gold stocks and other investment opportunities that you need to know.

By putting his money into the investments that he recommends, Katusa demonstrates a firm belief in their value to investors.

From his position as founder of an independent research organization, he focuses on finding the best natural resource stock investments.

Who is Marin Katusa?

Marin Katusa

Professional investor and natural resource market expert Marin Katusa brings a unique set of skills that he shares with subscribers. 

His advice and recommendations have a purity about them that makes them dramatically different from those of less knowledgeable advisers who claim to know the market.

Katusa's practical experience gives him a competitive edge that extends to his subscribers.

What's Included with the Service?

A subscription gives you access to dynamic and authentic information about the natural resource market by an authority in the field.

A rare opportunity to see the choices that an experienced investor makes gives you insights that can influence your decisions. 

Katusa's Resource Opportunities Service
  • The Monthly Issue – You’ll be sent an electronic issue of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities straight to your inbox.
  • Special Reports – These reports we publish periodically will give you all the details on specific sectors, so you can jump in on quick money-making opportunities.
  • Interim Alerts – Katusa Research subscribers are like alligators waiting in the trenches for the right money-making opportunities.
  • Access to My Personal Resource Portfolio in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities
  • Access to the Katusa Research Members Area
  • Special Members Only Report & Videos
  • Quality Customer Service

How Much Does It Cost?

Excellent advice does not come cheaply, and you do not expect it as a smart investor.  Katusa's Resource Opportunities gives you remarkable value, and it costs you less than you may expect for access to knowledgeable and expert recommendations.

The subscriber list is literally a who's-who of the resource industry.  While many of those clients around the world have happily paid $25,000 per year for access to his exceptional research and recommendations, Katusa gives subscribers a price that almost defies imagination. 

At the regular price of $3,495, subscribers may receive a tremendous financial advantage in the market.  A reduction of 35% makes the offer too enticing to refuse.

For a special rate of $2,995, you can receive the benefits of membership in an exclusive club of professional investors in the natural resource market.

The price extends to your annual renewal as well.

Client Testimonials & Stock Performance

High praise comes to Marin Katusa from corporate leaders who appreciate the recommendations that advance their fortunes.

The chairman of Casey Research regards his expertise as a predictor of influence as significant as Warren Buffett's market advice.

The CEO of Africa Oil sees him as one of only a few people who have a thorough understanding of the oil and mining industry from an encompassing perspective.

Katusa Research Reviews

A Few of His Past Winning Trades

Northern Dynasty Minerals Trade
Pitchstone Exploration Trade
Ventana Gold Trade

Who is Katusa's Resource Opportunities For?

A work product from Katusa Research, Resource Opportunities provides a service that assist investors in navigating the natural resource market with knowledge and understanding.

Marin Katusa searches the world for resource sites that show investment potential, and he travels to countries that contain them.

With his in-depth knowledge of gold, silver, all precious metals and the entire natural resource market, he uncovers prospective sites that give investors recommendations that enhance portfolios.

Should I Buy Katusa's Resource Opportunities?

The Katusa Resource Opportunities service is one of those rare opportunities to get access to a seasoned veteran trader and investor who has direct access to relationships, you could not be able to get on your own.

The amount of research and due diligence that goes into each opportunity that Marin recommends helps you limit your own risk because he is investing along side you.

In this case, I feel the wise recommendations that you receive with a subscription to Katusa's Resource Opportunities make this service an absolute no brainer.

Katusa Resource Opportunities

Marin Katusa's premium newsletter: Katusa Resource Opportunities. Advocating quality research, first-to-the-story, excellent customer service and education.

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