Review is a cryptocurrency exchange turned management tool suite. In addition to trading hundreds of coins and tokens, you can manage staking services, purchase NFTs, and get a debit card that allows you to buy real-world stuff with your crypto. logo

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  • Offers crypto credit card with 8% back
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  • Offers over 250+ cryptos
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Best Exchange for Buying Crypto & NFT's

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Pros & Cons offers options for a cryptocurrency holder that other exchanges don’t have. There are a lot of things to look forward to when using, including: 


  • A huge offering of different cryptocurrencies on the exchange and Earn services.
  • Fees are competitive with other exchanges that don’t offer the same suite of earning options.
  • The debit cards have a myriad of perks, including Spotify and Netflix reimbursements.
  • The new NFT and DeFi services offer a way to get into these spaces without setting up a separate software or hardware wallet.


  • It takes a lot of CRO to reach the higher tiers, meaning it won’t be in reach for most users.
  • Buying crypto on the website with credit or debits cards costs more than cash.

Over the last six years, has grown from its original purpose as an exchange. With millions of active users participating in its staking programs, debit card holdings, and other services, is a well-known name in the world of crypto trading. 

If you want to see how this platform can help you earn more from your cryptocurrency with a little extra effort on your part, then check out this review.

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Quick Summary

Account Minimum: $0

Trading Fees: 0%-2.99%

Promotion: No current promotions

About was founded back in 2016 in Hong Kong. The website started as a cryptocurrency exchange where someone could go and purchase different cryptocurrencies. 

Now, the platform offers a wide range of services that allow users to buy, sell, and earn using cryptocurrency. Recently, has expanded its reach, including the purchase and renaming of the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

The company made these purchases thanks to a combination of a large number of new cryptocurrency buyers and the positive price action seen by those assets in the same year. 

With its suite of services and offers, is a good choice for anyone looking to do more than just buy and hold their cryptocurrencies.

As the website expands its services into the NFT and DeFi space, the number of ways a user can put their coins to work is increasing. Services

Over the last six years, the developers of have put a lot of work into developing the exchange into what it is today. Part of their vision for the exchange was to turn the website into a platform that would allow users to have an active role in managing their cryptocurrency investments

With trading, staking, and other new income strategies being developed for different cryptocurrency projects, works to give its users some of those options on its website.

Here are some of those options and what they mean for the user: 

  • Spot trading: The original focus of the website, users can trade between over 250 different cryptocurrencies using over 20 different fiat currencies.
  • Proprietary token: The CRO token is’s ERC-20 token, which offers rewards and discounts when staked on the platform. 
  • Metal debit cards: Part of your CRO staking rewards allows you to get better reward tiers using the metal Visa debit cards offered by
  • Earn: By staking valid cryptocurrencies in this program, a user can generate some passive income using their purchased coins and tokens. 
  • NFTs: A newer feature for the website, this marketplace offers NFT sales and auctions from popular brands and creators. 
  • DeFi wallet: For those that want more control over their finances, also has a DeFi wallet that allows for finer control over your staking preferences. 

Fee Breakdown

In general,’s trading fees are competitive with other exchanges. For users with a monthly trading volume below $25,000, you’ll pay a 0.4% fee on each trade you make.

This fee structure is comparable to other exchanges, meaning it isn’t much higher or lower than the other popular exchanges.  However, you can reduce this fee in a few ways.

For example, having a higher monthly trading volume would see you reduce the per-trade fee to 0.04%, much lower than the standard rate.

Also, staking 5,000 CRO, the website’s token, reduces your trading fees by 10% to 0.36% or 0.036%, depending on monthly trade volume. 

Finally, doesn’t charge fees for withdrawing or depositing fiat with their platform. There’s also no annual fee for the debit card or to use any of the staking options from the Earn services. Bonus Offer

According to their customer support pages, has several ways you can earn some extra crypto as a new user. The most popular way is with the website’s referral system, where current users can give new users a referral link to use on sign-up.

With this, the new and current users can earn some extra CRO when they stake CRO within the signup period.  On-chain crypto deposits will let you earn a small amount of CRO to help with your initial staking.

CRO can also be used when trading cryptos to reduce your trading fees, usually between 20% to 100%. 

Who Is For? is for the user that wants to do more with their coins than just hold onto them. Instead, offers a wide range of services that let folks use their crypto to generate income or enter into other exciting areas of the crypto space. 

It’s also a great way for folks to use their crypto to buy real-world things. The debit cards you get from signing up with the service allow users to load crypto onto the card.

When you swipe the card, the crypto in the card sells into fiat for the transaction. 

Compare to Similar Exchanges

coinbase logo
  • Trading Fees: 1.49% per trade
  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Promotion: Offers $10 free bitcoin to new users
binance logo
  • Trading Fees: .1% per trade
  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Promotion: Up to a $45 bonus (qualifying deposit)
eToro Logo
  • Trading Fees: .12% - .24%
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • Promotion: Up to a $250 bonus (qualifying deposit)

Should I Use

If you want an easy way to generate extra money with your crypto in one easy-to-use platform, then is an easy choice. The services from their Earn tab are easy to follow.

Plus, managing all of your staking options from one app beats using the wide range of wallets out there, especially as a beginner. 

As long as you know that this website is for active management of your crypto and is not a dedicated spot trading platform anymore, is a worthy inclusion for your cryptocurrency management tools.

Access and give it a try. FAQ's

Since is a large exchange, there are bound to be questions about its operations. Here are some of the common questions we've seen about the exchange:

Is trustworthy? is a trustworthy service. It’s been around for around six years now and hasn’t had any major scandals involving lost customers' funds or outages.

How long do withdrawals take on

Cryptocurrency withdrawals tend to be processed within two to three hours. If you withdraw fiat currency to a bank account, it can take three to five business days. 

Should you use to buy NFTs? makes it easy to buy NFTs using their new marketplace, making it a great way to start investing in or exploring the NFT space.

How does make money? makes its money from the trading fees it charges when users spot trade crypto. Partnerships and other business relationships also give a small source of non-crypto trading income.

Is digital insured?

According to their website, has $750 million in insurance to cover lost funds from damages or third-party thefts. is a cryptocurrency exchange app based in Singapore. It is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency.

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