Should You Invest in Quant?

There are plenty of choices in cryptocurrencies today – over 6,500 as of the latest count. Quant, however, stands out among most for a number of reasons.

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Although most cryptocurrencies work autonomously on their own blockchain, Quant, introduced in 2018, uses an API Gateway created to provide interoperability between independent digital currency alternatives. 

In addition, it utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, which gives it considerable support and has continued to become attractive to cryptocurrency holders and investors.

Over ledger uses an architecture that supports interoperability and scaling equally. It got inspiration from TCP/IP models conventionally used for Internet-based communications and employs layers to perform individual tasks.

Quant (QNT), the digital currency associated with the platform, continues to appreciate and, according to recent data from TradingView, has rallied over 200% in the past month. 

This rating puts it at the top of the charts regarding steady growth, making it an excellent option for cryptocurrency investors.

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What is Quant (QNT)?

According to Quant's website, the Quant Network provides interoperability for individuals and businesses through its Overledger DLT (distributed ledger technology) gateway. 

It allows different entities to connect in the digital age without the need to create new infrastructure. Quant partners with Oracle, Nvidia, Hyperledger, and more.

The latest iteration of Overledger, version 2.0.5, natively supports blockchain payments and greatly enhances the ability of individuals and enterprises to settle transactions between different asset types. 

It supports transactions in QNT, Tether (USDT), VeChain, OKB, and a host of other digital currencies.

Put simply, Overledger is a technologically-agnostic platform. This means that users of the platform are not restricted to a single tech solution and can work among various networks and blockchains without disruption.

Because Quant is a cross-blockchain solution, the Quant App Store is designed to read and monitor transactions across multiple ledgers. 

For example, using Overledger, developers write smart contracts, which can even be drafted on Bitcoin through Quant. Developers can also create multi-chain applications (MApps) and publish them in the store.

Who Are The Founders of Quant?

Gilbert Verdian is a co-founder of Quant, who previously worked for the UK's Treasury Department and, later, as the Chief Information Security Officer for Australia's Department of Health. 

It was in the latter position that he realized the benefits blockchain could offer, and ultimately established the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307, which is now supported by 57 countries and organizations working to standardize blockchain technology.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, an entrepreneur, and digital economist who specializes in distributed systems, joined Verdian. 

He has served as a special advisor on blockchain technologies for the EU Parliament, the United Nations, and numerous central banks worldwide. 

Tasca is also the co-author of a handful of books on FinTech and the co-founder and governing board chair of Retail Blockchain Consortium.

How Many Quant Coins Are in Circulation?

According to CoinGecko, there are approximately 14 million QNT currently in circulation out of a total supply of 14.6 million. 

QNT is on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, and anyone can mine. The best way is by joining a mining pool, but you will need either an ASIC or strong GPU.

QNT has a fully diluted market cap of $4.36 billion and a current 24-hour volume of $82 million. 9.9 million tokens were sold during its initial coin offering (ICO), with 1.3 million reserved for company founders.

Advisors received 651,000, and 2.6 million went into reserves.

In addition to the number of tokens, access fees are also based on a fixed fiat currency amount. For example, consumption fees for developers and enterprises amounting to $10 per month assume that payments to the Quant Treasury are made based on the equivalent price in QNT tokens.

The QNT token is the cryptocurrency of choice for using Overledger and the Quant Network. Any entity looking to either experiment with the products or integrate them into their operations must do so utilizing QNT for all transactions.

How is Quant Network Secured?

The Quant Overledger DLT Gateway is highly scalable and was developed based on Google's Kubernetes technology. This offers another layer of security on top of the inherent security offered by DLT and rests on top of the user's underlying ledgers as an additional buffer.

Overledger includes gateways that link different blockchains. For example, the Quant Network community, similar to most Ethereum-based proof-of-stake blockchains, handles treasury smart contracts. 

That community ensures QNT payments flow properly from users to the gateways, incorporating complete transparency across all operations that anyone can monitor.

What Makes Quant Unique?

Quant has real-world value because it was designed with a specific goal in mind – providing DLT interoperability to individuals and enterprises. This allows it to capitalize on the power of blockchain technology to provide a solution not inherently found in other alternatives.

Quant's design uses different app layers and interacts at different levels depending on their usage. For example, transactions, messaging, filtering and ordering, and message correlation between different apps all occur on different layers.

Quant is also developing its own Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform for enterprise and middleware applications. 

These apps will feature solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of individual sectors based on the demands of a particular industry. One of the apps to be introduced is Quant Health, which will help healthcare institutions keep their systems operational via the blockchain.

Quant Alternatives

$ 29,069.003.14%
$ 1,946.222.44%
$ 1.000.06%
usd-coinUSD Coin
$ 1.000.27%
$ 298.901.68%
$ 0.408212.44%
binance-usdBinance USD
$ 1.000.5%
$ 0.5068093.99%
$ 49.285.22%
$ 0.0840072.74%

Should I Invest in Quant?

Because Quant can provide a much-needed, dedicated solution, it has continued to be received well by blockchain supporters and cryptocurrency investors. Moreover, its value to enterprise operations is fueling support for QNT, which continues to increase in price. 

According to experts, the cryptocurrency is expected to climb 615% within five years.

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