Billshark Review – Can You Really Save 25% on Your Monthly Bills?

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The Bottom Line: Billshark negotiates lower monthly bills online and only pay a portion of what you save.         

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Best for Lowering Bills


  • Bill reduction app and platform for individuals and businesses
  • Automatically negotiates bills, cancels unwanted subscriptions, obtains service provider refunds
  • Slashes bills for TV, wireless, internet, satellite TV, home security, and other services
  • Available as a web-based platform, iPhone app, and Android app

Overall Rating


A+ BBB Rating

Average review rating 4.9/5 on Birdeye

Billshark Pros & Cons


  • Outsource your bill management
  • Bill negotiation pricing based on success
  • Pre-determine how much negotiating Billshark can do on your behalf
  • Automatically upload your bills online


  • Upfront invoice for savings may unsettle some consumers
  • $9 one time fee per subscription cancelation seems high

“Americans in major cities spend almost $1,000 on monthly bills”, reads a recent CNBC headline.

For many Americans, this number is undoubtedly low.

Recurring monthly expenses add up, eating into cash better spent on home, friends, retirement, or vacations. 

If you’ve wondered how to save money and pay less, you aren’t alone.

Popular internet checklists recommend four steps to save on monthly outgoings.

One: gather competitor offers.

Two: contact service providers.

Three: negotiate, avoiding initial offers.

Four: confirm expiration dates after securing a better offer.

This tactic can work to lower your bills and find the best rate across a range of areas, from cable TV to alarm systems and even bottled water delivery.

But really, do most people have the time? 

Billshark was founded to take the hassle out of reducing monthly bill expenses

The company proudly claims a 90% bill reduction success rate for popular bills for both consumers and smaller businesses.

You need only register, upload bills, and confirm a few details and the bill hunters will go to work contacting service providers.

You get to outsource your bill management to a dedicated team and all for a percent fee based on overall savings.

If Billshark's experts can’t find you a better deal or the best rates, you pay nothing.

The company will even cancel those pesky recurring services you meant to cancel months ago, such as Audible, Stitch Fix, or GoGo, although this will cost you per service canceled.

Still, for consumers with tons of bills and limited time, the savings may just add up. Read on to learn more.

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Quick Summary

Feature: Negotiates your monthly bills

Fees: 40% fee of the total negotiated amount of savings generated per year; $9 per canceled subscription. 

Promotion: $25 new customer promotion, $10 gift card referral program (may have expired).

What is Billshark and how does it work?

Billshark is a leading bill management service for consumers and small size businesses, offered online or as iOS and Android apps.

The company was founded to help consumers save on bills and cancel unwanted monthly service subscriptions.

Billshark founders rightly noticed that many consumers weren’t receiving the best deals on many bills, and that some of these bills could even be canceled.

Busy, stressed-out consumers didn’t want to put in the work of sifting through monthly outgoings and calling the billing companies to find better deals. Enter Billshark.

Officially, the company offers three products: a bill negotiation service, a bill cancelation service, and an insurance comparison tool.

The entire idea of the company is to help consumers extract as much savings from monthly (or yearly) bills as possible.

Just upload your bills and their bill sharks will hunt for deals and savings.

The flagship product is the bill negotiation service.

For a fee, the company will look through your current monthly bills and negotiate with companies on your behalf to get a better deal.

They only charge if they secure a discount.

Billshark targets popular bills such as TV, gym memberships, internet, and satellite radio, among others. 

The other main service is the subscription canceling services.

Consumers again provide a list of their monthly bills, and the company will cancel any unwanted services, such as Dollar Shave Club or Hulu. 

Importantly, the company is negotiating on your behalf, which means that you can’t decline any savings the company acquires.

This doesn’t mean though that you will have to pay extra for a service increase that may save you in the long run.

If this happens, Billshark will call you to confirm you would like to change your service level. 

Company Background

Billshark was founded in 2015 and is based in the greater Boston area.

The company has set its sights on saving consumers and businesses $2.7 billion by 2025 – a noble goal.

The bill sharks at Billshark managed to attract the attention of Mark Cuban, who you may know as a star on Shark Tank (or the owner of the Dallas Mavericks).

Together with Mark and Billshark team proudly exclaimed: “Prey for your service providers”.

The company actively maintains a decent reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

As of this writing, the company has an A rating with an aggregate 3.7 stars over 64 customer reviews. 

In addition, Billshark recently announced a partnership with BankMobile, an online bank. 

The company believes in giving back as well, and has committed to donating one hour of financial literacy instruction to children for each bill negotiated.

Billshark competes against other bill negotiation companies such as Truebill, Trim, and LowerMyBills.

Save 25% on monthly bills in 2 minutes with Billshark

Billshark Features

  • Save On Your Monthly and Yearly Bills. Automatically reviews your current bills and negotiates better rates for a 40% fee.
  • Established Success. The company boasts an 85% to 90% success rate in helping customers reduce monthly bill costs.
  • Cut Your Monthly Fees On a Range of Bills. Save on everything from internet to alarm systems to gym memberships and more.
  • Well Rated. An 'A' Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Pay Only When Bills Are Reduced. You only pay on negotiated bills when Billshark successfully negotiates.
  • Automatically Cancel Old Subscription Services. Billshark will cancel subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify for you.
  • Flat-fee Subscription Cancelation Fee. You pay $9 per service that Billshark cancels, guaranteed. 
  • Three Different Services. Negotiate bills, cancel subscriptions, and compare home and auto insurance rates.

How Does Billshark Work?

Billshark is a three-in-one technology and consulting business.

As of this writing, the company offers the following three no hassle services:

  1. Bill negotiation
  2. Cancel subscriptions
  3. Home and auto insurance comparison tool

Consumers and smaller businesses can sign up on the company’s website or through the Android and iOS apps. 

Bill Negotiations

Billshark is first-and-foremost a bill negotiation service that aims to help consumers and small businesses save a bundle on monthly or yearly bills.

The company combines technology with savvy bill reduction specialists to negotiate on your behalf.

They can also help you cancel those pesky subscription services that you may inadvertently be paying on.

The company also operates a home and auto insurance comparison tool. 

Billshark will work with you and your service providers to negotiate a better monthly fee.

This could be in the form of a special promotion or a discount for signing up for an additional year of service.

The company claims that 8 out of 10 people overpay on bills such as internet or wireless phone.

As the consumer, you empower Billshark to contact providers on your behalf and to lock in any savings they find.

The company takes a flat 40% fee from the total savings they negotiate – ideally a win-win for you and the Billshark team.

Importantly, any future discount the company negotiates will have to be paid during the next month’s invoice.

This means that if the company manages to save you $100 on your yearly internet, you’ll owe $40 during the next billing cycle.

Be prepared. The company claims somewhere in the neighborhood of an 85% to 90% success rate, although this is difficult to verify. 

There are three steps to get started with Billshark negotiation.

  1. Estimate which bills you may save on and a total estimate
  2. Register and upload your bills to Billshark’s online platform, iOS app, or Android app
  3. Wait for Billshark to contact your providers and to confirm monthly or yearly savings

This service is offered to both individuals and small businesses.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of which monthly payment bills Billshark may be able to reduce.


  • Internet
  • Cell phone bill
  • Pay TV
  • Satellite radio
  • Gym memberships
  • Landline phone
  • Home security
  • TV, internet & phone bundles

Small Business:

  • Mobility
  • Telecom
  • Waste Management
  • SaaS Subscriptions
  • Document Services

The company prides itself on the ability of its bill sharks to acquire savings.

This could happen in many different ways. Below are some of the ways Billshark employees will try to find you savings on your monthly or yearly bills.

  • Bill negotiation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract termination
  • Service plan analysis
  • Monitors changing costs and fees
  • Checks for upgrades or downgrades
  • Identifies billing errors

Cancel Subscriptions

While Billshark is primarily known as a bill negotiation service, they also will hunt down those unused subscription services you may be paying for.

It’s no secret that, in recent years, subscription services have exploded.

Companies like Netflix, Blue Apron, and Spotify have made millions committing customers to monthly service fees. 

These deals are great when you use the services regularly, not so great if you forget to cancel the subscription.

Companies bank on many customers doing exactly this: not using the service often and failing to unsubscribe in a timely manner.

Billshark recognized this. The company charges $9 per service canceled with a stated 98% success rate. 

There are three steps to get started with Billshark cancelation, similar to Billshark’s negotiation service.

  1. Estimate which bills you may save on and a total estimate
  2. Register and upload your bills to Billshark’s online platform, iOS app, or Android app
  3. Billshark will confirm and cancel your unused subscription services

This service is offered to both individuals and small businesses.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of which bills Billshark can cancel.


  • Internet
  • Wireless phone
  • Pay TV
  • Satellite radio
  • Gym memberships
  • Landline phone
  • Home security
  • TV, internet & phone bundles

Small Business:

  • Mobility
  • Telecom
  • Waste Management
  • SaaS Subscriptions
  • Document Services

Home & Auto Insurance Comparison Tool

This service is relatively straightforward when compared to Billshark’s other two services.

Below are the highlights of the service. 

  • Free
  • All 50 states served
  • 30+ insurers rated

In order to use the service, you will need to upload a copy of your insurance bill on either the Billshark website or through one of the apps.

After uploading your bill, Billshark’s partner company Answer Financial will provide you a no-obligation quote for home insurance, auto insurance, or a bundle of both.

Billshark vs. Competitors

best choice

Truebill logo
  • Cost: Free
  • Promotion: 1-year subscriptions are on sale for only $20


Billshark Logo
  • Cost: $9 per canceled subscription
  • Promotion: $25 new customer promotion


Trim App logo
  • Cost: Free
  • Promotion: Earn cashback

How to Get Started with Billshark

Billshark makes getting started simple and straightforward. Below are six steps to get going with Billshark. 


Select your platform: web, iOS app, or Android app


Select the bills you want Billshark to review


Upload your bills


Confirm which service you want to use


Wait for Billshark to save you money

Billshark review - the Final Verdict

Billshark is best for consumers and small businesses who need serious help managing bills and who can afford the upfront 40% fee on savings.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to sift through your monthly bills, outsource your troubles to Billshark.

This can be especially useful if you think you are paying more than the average consumer in your area for services such as internet, pay TV, or home security.

The best part is that you are only charged if the company manages to negotiate or cancel unwanted bills - so while they don't guarantee savings, you only pay if they succeed. 

What's more, you can set up a payment plan if the company make serious savings and you find yourself needing to pay multiple $9 charges.

Overall, we think this is an important service for those who simply aren’t interested in the hassle of bill management, and who want to save more money.

Small business owners who are willing to outsource this service may find the most benefit from a company like Billshark, and probably stand the most to gain.

Importantly, do make sure you understand how Billshark saves you money and works and that you will be billed for total savings immediately.

This is a common complaint from consumers who didn’t realize they would have to pay the 40% today for future saved money the company negotiates successfully. 


Billshark negotiates lower monthly bills online and only pay a portion of what you save.         

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