Cadre Review: Is it a Legit Real Estate Investing Platform?

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Cadre is a financial company dedicated to helping individual investors find the best real estate opportunities. Find out how they can help you invest your money.

Cadre Cadre
Management fee: 1.50%
Minimum investment: $25,000
  • Access to institutional quality assets
  • History of great returns
  • Rigorous vetting process
  • Professionally managed
  • Must be an accredited investor
  • Lack of liquidity

Cadre is a real estate investment manager that invests alongside individuals on our digital platform. Cadre helps individual investors invest in properties and assets that due to a high minimum investment policy would normally only be accessible to institutional investors.

Individual investors often struggle to find assets that are properly vetted and have reasonable investment minimums. This review of Cadre explains how you could invest like institutions do with an experienced team behind you and how Cadre makes that possible.

Cadre has more than 30,000 happy clients diversifying their portfolios on Cadre’s platform, and you can be one of these money-making clients!

Consider this your comprehensive Cadre review. Some Cadre reviews may be brief or basic, but this in-depth review will tell you everything you need to know about this financial company.

Do you want opportunities to invest in massive assets? Do you wish your investments could be better vetted and researched?

Any accredited investor looking for a smart and streamlined investing platform should check out Cadre real estate!

What is Cadre?

Cadre homepage website

Cadre is a premium real estate investment company that helps institutions and individuals get direct access to large commercial properties.

The company uses predictive models and advanced workflow tools to change the property investment experience. Cadre has the perfect tools for gathering, analyzing and leveraging data and information to improve efficiency.

Cadre’s founder is Ryan Williams, a young entrepreneur from LA who attended Harvard University. He began the New York-based financial company with the aim to make real estate like the stock market so real estate investors could invest in smaller and more manageable transactions.

How Cadre Real Estate Works

Cadre allows clients to invest in deal-by-deal opportunities, Cadre Funds and the Cadre Secondary Market. Real estate deals are an excellent way to diversify stocks and Cadre aims to make this diversification simple and safe.

There are many reasons to start investing with Cadre. The top benefits include:

  • Inflation Protection
  • Volatility Hedge
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Cash Flow Generation

Cadre aims to give individuals the same real estate experience as institutional investors so clients can invest directly in high-quality assets with confidence.

Cadre rigorously vets and manages investments, so you get the same level of due diligence on your personal investments as intuitional investments.

Cadre focuses is on data-driven investing, not gut feelings. The knowledgeable investment team at Cadre uses data science and machine learning to recommend the best real estate investment properties and high-growth markets.

With groundbreaking liquidity, investors can reduce their investment time horizon and sell shares on Cadre’s Secondary Market.

Cadre has a national base of operating partners who source and manage an abundance of properties including multi-family homes, office buildings, hotels (including Four Seasons locations) and industrial properties.

These partners help Cadre clients find stable income and outsized investment returns through property allocations, which delivers an excellent historical rate of return.

And with Cadre, you don’t have to worry about enormous or unreasonable fees. Operational efficiencies mean Cadre can charge lower fees than its competitors.

Cadre Investment Options

Cadre offers four different investment options to its clients: Cadre Funds, Cadre Horizon Fund, Deal-by-Deal Investing, and the Cadre Secondary Market.

Cadre can also help clients invest to create a diversified portfolio.

Cadre Funds

Cadre Funds is an excellent investment solution for people who want a one-and-done portfolio. You can invest in Cadre’s assets including apartments, hotels, industrial and other individual properties.

Cadre’s professional investment experts manage all the Cadre Funds assets in growth markets in the U.S. The minimum investment is $25,000.

Benefits of Cadre Funds

  • Access to experience
  • Instant diversification
  • Focus on an Alpha Generation

Cadre Horizon Fund

The Cadre Horizon Fund is for investors who want to access a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate deals in the best growth markets in the U.S.

The minimum investment is $25,000, and the many benefits are well worth it. The Cadre Horizon Fund strategy matches attractive risk-adjusted returns with downside protection.

Benefits of Cadre Horizon Fund

  • Timely and targeted growth
  • High-tech and high-touch approach
  • Institutional quality for individual investors

Diversified Portfolio

With Cadre, you can easily diversify your commercial real estate property holdings. This new bundle deal sources three assets from Cadre’s top sponsors; assets which would otherwise cost you at least $125k to invest in.

But Cadre gives you access to these investments for only $75k with no upfront fees. The diversified portfolio includes Alpine Industrial Park, Windwater at Windmill Lakes and the Waller Creek Development.

Benefits of the Cadre Diversified Portfolio

  • Outperformance in a high-demand industrial market
  • Adds value to your portfolio in a growing market
  • Reinvents an iconic skyline

Deal-by-Deal Investing

Cadre’s Deal-by-Deal Investing gives clients complete control and customization power. You can build a robust and successful real estate portfolio one investment at a time.

The minimum investment is $25,000 for commercial real estate properties in the growth markets in the U.S.

Deal-by-deal investing starts with acquisition, followed by syndication, the management process and then the final sale.

Benefits of Deal-by-Deal Investing

  • Power of customization
  • Optimized real estate portfolio
  • Institutional network scaled for individuals and advisors

Secondary Market Investing

Cadre’s Secondary Market can match buyers and sellers of private commercial real estate properties. This market is a revolutionary exchange offering enticing opportunities and potential liquidity.

The Secondary Market offers maximum flexibility for the long term and creates many opportunities for purchasing or selling top-quality shares.

The investment minimum for growth markets in the U.S. is $25,000.

Benefits of Cadre Secondary Market Investing

  • Long-term flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Control of your cash flow
  • Less risky decision making

Cadre Track Record

Cadre Track Record
Cadre track record since 2015

Cadre Fees & Investment Minimum

Management Fee1.5%
Administration Fee.50%
Commitment Fee3.5%
Transaction Fee1%
Minimum Investment$25,000

Who is Cadre Best For?

Cadre is best for accredited investors looking for data-driven investments and flexibility. People who want access to more commercial real estate properties and investments can benefit from what Cadre offers.

Individual accredited investors who have the resources to invest like institutions can access the best vetting and due diligence process through Cadre.

It’s also an excellent company for financial investors to manage their clients’ money wisely and find the best real estate investment opportunities.

How Does Cadre Compare?

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Management fee:
Management fee:
.85% to 1%
Management fee:
1% to 1.25%
Minimum investment:
Minimum investment:
Minimum investment:
Primary Rating:
Management fee:
Minimum investment:
Primary Rating:
Management fee:
.85% to 1%
Minimum investment:
Primary Rating:
Management fee:
1% to 1.25%
Minimum investment:

Getting Started with Cadre

If the Cadre platform sounds like an investment dream to you, getting started is easy. Below are the steps to follow if you’re ready to start exploring the Cadre marketplace and investing.

  1. Sign-Up on the Cadre platform – The first step to investing with Cadre and reaching your investment goals is signing up on the Cadre platform. You can easily sign up as an individual investor or a as financial advisor if you plan to invest on behalf of others. You only need to provide a few details to create your account.
  2. Fill out your investor profile – Once you create your account, the Cadre platform will ask you to fill out your investor profile. This step takes longer than your Cadre account setup, as you need to answer several questions about your resources, assets, and investment goals. Take your time filling this out as it will help the Cadre team better recommend alternative investments and strategies for you.
  3. Access the Cadre marketplace – After you complete your investor profile, you’ll gain access to the exciting Cadre Marketplace full of opportunities and assets. Take some time to learn how to navigate the platform, explore the marketplace and get a feel for the kinds of assets available for investing.
  4. Research properties – Once you have a feel for the Cadre platform and marketplace, you can start researching properties so you can find the perfect assets for your investments. The Cadre team is always ready to help you if you have any questions or concerns about a specific asset.
  5. Pick uour investment products – After completing some property research, you can select the assets and investment opportunities that suit your resources and goals. The Cadre team can help you make these investments and manage your portfolio, and you can start seeing impressive returns.

Should I Invest with Cadre?

Accredited investors looking for more flexibility, a superior investment team of experts, and impeccable assets waiting for investments should start doing business with Cadre immediately.

Cadre gives you a wide selection of investment opportunities and has the best real estate partners across the U.S. Whether you want more customization, security, knowledgeable assistance or flexibility, Cadre is the right platform for you.

If one or more of Cadre’s investment opportunities appeals to you, don’t hesitate to set up an account and start exploring the exquisite Cadre marketplace.

Cadre FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions about commercial real estate investing with Cadre.

Is Cadre real estate legit?

Yes! This real estate investment company is more than legit, it’s super trustworthy, reputable, and can help you make wise and profitable investments.

Its track record shows how it helps clients generate passive income to increase their net worth.

How does Cadre make money?

Since Cadre’s fees are relatively low compared to our institutional competitors, they also make money by having skin in the game in their investments ourselves.

Their firm and employees directly invest in our deals. 

Is Cadre only for accredited investors?

Yes. If you want to invest with Cadre, you need to meet the criteria for being an accredited investor.

How does Cadre protect its investors?

Cadre protects its investors by using advanced cybersecurity to protect their data, finances and information.
Beyond our data/cybersecurity practices, we actually have a backstop to our deals. This means that we have dedicated funding that will help us protect investor capital.


Cadre gives you direct access to highly curated commercial real estate investments. Learn about our investment options and become a member in minutes.

We earn a commission if you sign-up, at no additional cost to you.
cadre review

Cadre gives you direct access to highly curated commercial real estate investments.

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I'm Donny. I'm a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketing aficionado who has a big appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. I thrive on being able to create things that impact change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.

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