Write to 1k Review

Successful freelance writer Elna Cain shares her wisdom in Write to 1k, an online course that provides aspiring freelance writers the tools to build their own portfolio, personal brand, and success.

Write to 1k Course Review

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  • Taught by full time freelance writer
  • Video training course
  • Plenty of successful students
  • Lifetime access with all updates
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Pros & Cons


  • Blueprint to make money as a freelance writer
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lifetime access to future updates
  • High-value bonuses


  • Doesn’t teach you how to write
  • Not ideal for already successful freelance writers

We all know what freelance writing is, but how exactly do people pull it off?  How do you compete when others are fighting to the bottom, accepting as little as 2 cents a word?

As a freelance writer, I know exactly how that frustration and hesitation feels. That’s why I was excited to discover this freelance course by Elna Cain.

Write to 1k is an online course that teaches you how to make a great income working from home with your writing skills.

Elna Cain

Quick Summary

Training: Make money as a freelance writer online

Price: $195

Promotion: Lifetime access to updates

Who is Elna Cain?

Elna Cain

Cain’s a mother of twins who recognized she needed to find a way to earn income from home.  Within six months of writing for online brands, she had replaced her full-time income writing part-time and was able to quit her job. 

Now she writes two blogs and teaches multiple online courses, all while maintaining her freelance writing career. 

Who is this course for?

If you’re interested in building a successful freelance writing business, make sure:

  1. You’re a good writer with a command of English.
  2. You actually enjoy writing.
  3. You have a strong work ethic. Successful writers need the motivation to get up and do the work without being told.

This course is perfect for total freelance newbies who have no idea where to start or are having trouble finding clients. This course does not teach you how to write. It teaches you how to build a freelance writing business.

Also, this course is heavy on blogging and long-form text. It will not teach you copywriting.  Finally, I don’t recommend this to current writers who are looking for an advanced writing course.

This is better for those still struggling to make a solid income.

What does the course entail?

Write to 1k is composed of videos, printable worksheets, tracking forms, and resources for further study.  It’s on the Teachable app, which is a super easy-to-navigate system.

Here’s a look at the 7 modules, which contain more than 50 lessons:

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation
  • Module 2: Building your Writer Platform
  • Module 3: Building your Portfolio
  • Module 4: Finding Writing Clients
  • Module 5: Your Pitch
  • Module 6: Your First $1k
  • Module 7: Your Freelance Business

What else comes with the course?

Elna includes a bunch of high-value bonuses for people who want to start freelance writing:

The Pitching Bundle

Pitching can be one of the hardest, most nerve-wracking things when you’re starting out. I know this because I wrote a lot of terrible pitches, wasting many opportunities as a result. 

This bundle has all the pitches Cain has successfully used to find clients, including her current one which has a 75% closing rate. That’s crazy! I see this as one of the highest-value items in the course, and I’m impressed Cain is willing to share it.

Level Up Your Freelance Writing Biz eBook

This freelance writing industry eBook helps you scale your business. There’s help doubling your rate, getting great testimonials, branding, and improving your writing.

Get on the Right Track Bundle

Budget tracking and goal setting worksheets, among other craft-improving guides.

Profitable Niche Workbook

Help picking out the perfect niche, including information on which are actually profitable.

Book Clients in 30 Days Challenge

A day-by-day task list to hold students’ hands and help motivate them. Love this one!

Personalized Pitch Review

Cain will personally go over your pitch, giving you feedback to make it as effective as possible.

Private Facebook Support Group

An exclusive private Facebook group community of fellow students there to answer questions and provide support.

How much does it cost—and is it worth it?

This course is either one payment of $195 or 3 payments of $75 ($225).  I have to say, this is the most affordable price of any course I think I’ve come across.

You could pay this back within a day or two of working as a freelance writer. I’m talking 1-2 blogs.  Plus, Cain offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find the course content doesn’t resonate with you.

If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle, enjoy writing, and like the lifestyle that would come with being a well paid writer, there’s no reason this price should hinder you.  

Is this another scam?

Absolutely not. It promises no get-rich-quick schemes and offers you excellent tools to build a successful freelance business and wealth yourself.

Cain is a legit self-made success, published in a variety of online publications, including The Huffington Post. There’s no reason to believe this course is a scam.

Should You buy Write to 1k Course?

As someone who’s been there, done that, I can tell you that I really would have benefitted from this course, had I known about it starting out.

Cain made all the mistakes on the road to success and has packaged the right way of doing things into a self-paced online course so that you don’t have to.

You don’t need this course to see success, but this will put you months and months ahead, saving you time—and therefore money—in the long run.

Write to 1k Course

Successful freelance writer Elna Cain shares her wisdom in Write to 1k, an online course that provides aspiring freelance writers the tools to build their own portfolio, personal brand, and success.

Elna Cain
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