Launch Your Blog Biz Review

Aurora is a Canadian freelance writer specializing in content creation and copywriting. She loves writing about food, health, marketing, and business.

Are you a beginner blogger currently struggling to make money from blogging? 6-figure bloggers Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus teach blogging newbies how to launch and monetize a $1,000+/month blog with the course Launch Your Blog Biz.

Launch Your Blog Biz Review

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  • Taught by two 7 figure bloggers
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Lots of successful students
  • Lifetime course updates.
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Best Blogging Course for Beginners

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Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for new bloggers
  • High value course bonuses
  • One-time lifetime price
  • Course is updated regularly


  • Not for advanced bloggers
  • You have to create your own blog and do the work

A little while ago I reviewed Six Figure Blogger, a course on boosting your blogging business income.  It’s a great course, but I felt a lot of readers are still looking for a way to start making money with an online business.

Good news!  The founders of Six Figure Blogger have another, equally affordable course for beginners: the Launch Your Blog Biz.

Interested in making money blogging but don’t know what hosting is? Do you think a WordPress theme refers to a blog’s topic? 

This may be the exact blog course you’re looking for.

Launch Your Blog Course

Quick Summary

Course: How to launch a $1k+ per month blog

Price: $297

Promotion: Lifetime access & updates

What is Launch your Blog Biz?

It’s the “ultimate solution for starting and growing a blog to making over $1,000/month -- without being a tech wizard or a scammy sales person!”

In other words, it’s monetized blogging for beginners. The course promises to teach you how to get started blogging, pick a niche, build a WordPress site, write articles that gain traffic, and most importantly, make money doing it.

Launch your Blog Biz is one of four online courses by Create and Go, a website founded by 6-figure bloggers Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus

Meet the Instructors: Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus

Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus

Alex and Lauren are those kinds of people you creep on Instagram because every photo seems posted from a different, gorgeous place around the world.

You convince yourself there must be some kind of catch—because who could possibly afford to live like that?  But it’s actually legit.

After their first blog was a massive failure (isn’t that almost a prerequisite for a good success story?), the two launched health blog, which made them over 100k by the end of their first year.

Top that with the success of Create and Go’s online courses, and yeah…they’re doing pretty well.  Their pitch is that they’ve taken everything they’ve learned and packaged it up in Launch your Blog Biz.

Who this is for—and who it’s not

This is for beginner bloggers interested in making money online, but don’t know where to start.  It works for those who’ve just started, and those who haven’t even launched a site yet. 

If you’re more experienced and are already monetizing your blog, check out my honest review for Create and Go’s advanced course, Six Figure Blogger - ideal for pushing a successful blog further.

This is also not a course for personal blogs. You may have to produce articles that aren’t actually your passion, or poetically written.

This is about making money, not pursuing a hobby!

What do you get with the course?

Launch Your Blog Biz Course Overview

Launch Your Blog Biz is a collection of videos (powerpoint lectures with recorded audio) and text files.  They’re presented on the super easy-to-navigate Teachable app, which gives the course solid structure.

While some may whip through everything in a couple weeks, I’d say it takes most people 1-2 months to finish this course.

Like all good blogging courses, there's a syllabus:

  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Navigating and Understanding WordPress
  • Blog Themes and Design
  • Blog Content Strategy - How to Create Amazing Content People Love and Share
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Setting Up Your Email Campaign and Strategy
  • Ads and Sponsored Posts
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Affiliate Products
  • Blog Traffic Basics
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Facebook Groups
  • Skills, Hacks, and Other Blogging Resources
  • The Next Steps… Bonus Videos from Six-Figure Blogger

Course Bonuses

  • Affiliate Programs and Marketplaces Round-Up
  • Email Trust Funnel Templates
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Lifetime Access and Updates
  • Course roadmap and one-month blog checklist

As you can see, the course is very thorough. It takes you through all the tech stuff of launching a blog, all the way to SEO and social media marketing.

Plus, the email trust funnel templates in particular are an amazing, high-value bonus you’ll appreciate later.  The only critiques I have are a lack of instruction on some aspects of WordPress, like site security and how to use the recommended plugins.

Which you’ll want figured out before launching!

How much does it cost—and is it worth it?

Launch Your Biz Blog is at a very affordable $297.00. I’ve reviewed a lot of online courses and blogging tools—many on this very topic—and they often run for about 3 times this price.

They don’t offer much more either.  Make sure you keep in mind that your blog will have some extra costs, regardless of this course. 

On your blogging journey, you’ll need to pay for hosting, an email marketing/list-building software (the course recommends ConvertKit), and a theme.

Both yours truly and the course recommends Divi as a WordPress theme.  All these run on an annual subscription, so you’ll be looking at an extra $300 or so minimum in your first month. 

Alex and Lauren offer a 60-day refund policy. 

However, they’ll ask you to prove you’ve done everything the course has told you to do, and still haven’t been able to achieve blogging success.

Which means you’ll be out all those start-up costs regardless.  I don’t believe there’s any reason you’ll need the refund, but you’ve got to be committed.

Blogging is competitive, so be ready to work hard.  With perseverance, you can make a super lucrative side hustle in the online world by implementing Alex and Lauren’s strategies.

Should I buy Launch Your Biz Blog?

If you’ve been looking for a proven way to make money online, but haven’t made any moves yet, this course is perfect for you. 

As any good Launch Your Blog Biz review will explain - Alex, Lauren, and their past students have had proven success blogging, making great incomes from all over the world.

If you’re ready for a change, financially or career-wise, I recommend seriously considering Launch Your Biz Blog.

Launch Your Blog Biz

Are you currently struggling to make money from blogging? 6-figure bloggers Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus teach blogging newbies how to launch and monetize a $1,000+/month blog with the course Launch Your Blog Biz.

Launch Your Blog Course

Aurora is a Canadian freelance writer specializing in content creation and copywriting. She loves writing about food, health, marketing, and business.

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