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HMA VPN Review: Is it a VPN You Can Trust?

An audited no-log virtual private network, HMA VPN offers an extensive network of servers worldwide, rapid speeds, user-friendly interface, and strong security with military-grade encryption.

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  • World's largest VPN network
  • Perfect for streaming & P2P
  • More than 290 countries
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Pros & Cons

While HMA VPN has many highlights, such as its top-notch customer support team and no-log VPN, it certainly isn't a perfect VPN. 

If you're considering purchasing HMA VPN, you may want to discover which aspects have both warranted praise and complaints. Let's dive right into the pros and cons of this VPN.


  • Real-time support with live-chat agents
  • Comprehensive network with servers in 290 nations
  • Functions across multiple devices
  • Audited, no-log VPN


  • No month-to-month subscription
  • Lacks recent transparency reports

Have you been searching for ways to surf the web while keeping your browsing activities private? 

You may want to consider investing in HMA VPN or a virtual private network if you are looking to improve your privacy and protection while perusing your favorite websites.

The useful product lets you browse the internet "anonymously and securely from anywhere." 

If you're curious about if HMA VPN is right for you, this review will cover the VPN's key features and frequently asked questions by prospective customers. 

Finally, we've provided the significant pros and cons of HMA VPN, which will give you plenty of information before you decide if you want to purchase the product.

After reading our HMA VPN review, you can determine if this VPN is right for you. 

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Quick Summary

Service: VPN service

Price: $2.99 - $11.99/month

Promotion: Get up to 75% off with yearly plans

What is HMA VPN?

HMA VPN conceals your IP address and shields your internet activity from unwanted viewers like the government, employers, and your ISP by enciphering your web connection and exchanging your IP address for a different one to stop interception, monitoring, or tracking.


HMA VPN provides various useful features, making the product both powerful and quite practical to use. To better familiarize yourself with each attribute, we've listed a few.

No-Logging Policy

An audited no-log virtual private network, HMA VPN ensures that you remain completely anonymous, even to HMA. The company indicates that it will protect your browsing data from your ISP and intrusive government surveillance. 

In fact, HMA indicates on their website that their goal is to be "the ultimate champions of online privacy." With HMA's no-logging policy, the company will never gather, save, or view critical browsing data.

Military-Grade Encryption

Every HMA VPN server offers protection from complex encryption utilized by HMA's systems. Regardless of your server's location, it becomes safeguarded from interference by hackers, law enforcement, or your company.

HMA VPN utilizes the absolute highest encryption level, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. However, keep in mind that this encryption standard isn't exceptionally uncommon or specific to HMA VPN.

Many top-ranked VPN providers use AES with 256-bit keys, so this encryption standard is relatively typical for VPNs. The U.S. government and security experts also use 256-bit AES across the world to safeguard confidential information. 

Global Access

HMA VPN delivers the world to your home with servers across 290 localities. Such extensive coverage allows you to privately access your favorite sites while working overseas or exploring the world. 

Whether you're flying across the country from Los Angeles to New York, backpacking in Germany, vacationing in Thailand, or working remotely in South Africa, HMA VPN offers server locations across 47 U.S. states, 290 nations, and every continent in the world except Antarctica.

One Subscription for Multiple Devices

With only one subscription, you can install HMA VPN on an uncapped number of Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux devices while keeping several devices connected simultaneously. 

With a standard HMA plan, you can maintain five or ten connections at the same time across up to five devices. If you choose the HMA Family Plan, you can have unlimited installs with a maximum of ten simultaneous connections across ten devices.  

With the Business Pricing plan, you can maintain HMA plans for 10, 20, 30, or a custom number of simultaneous connections.

How Much Does It Cost?

The good news is that you can secure your browsing activities and improve your web privacy without breaking the bank. HMA offers several affordable monthly plans, so you can select one that works for you and your budget.

To give you a sense of HMA VPN's costs, here are the prices for the subscription plans under the Standard HMA plan.

  • A free 7-day trial before you get billed
  • One-month plan for $11.99 per month
  • Six-month plan for $8.99 per month
  • 24-month plan for $4.99 per month
  • 36-month plan for $2.99 per month

Pricing for each plan varies, and the monthly costs are more expensive for the Family HMA Plans and the Business HMA Plans.

One downside is that HMA only offers monthly options, so if you're looking for an annual subscription plan, HMA VPN might not be right for you. 

If you decide that the product isn't right for you, there's no need to worry since HMA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Hopefully, we've given you enough information in our HMA VPN review to decide whether or not HMA VPN is right for you.

If you still need more answers, here are our responses to your most frequently asked questions. 

Is HMA VPN Legit?

Yes. With over fifteen years in operation, HideMyAss has earned a reputation as a well-regarded name in the virtual private network industry. 

Owned by Avast, one of the world's biggest security companies, HMA offers a massive network of 1,100+ servers in 290+ areas.
Is It Safe To Use HMA VPN?

Yes. Because HMA VPN is an audited and certified no-log VPN, it's a very safe virtual private network to use. Also, HMA belongs to Avast, one of the most reputable cybersecurity companies in the world. 

Can You Get Tracked Using HMA VPN?

HMA VPN is an audited no-log VPN, so HMA assures its customers that the company will never track, monitor, or record your browsing history as it prioritizes your privacy and anonymity. HMA VPN hides your IP address, encrypts your web traffic, and blocks tracking. 

Is HMA VPN Legal?

Every service HMA provides is 100% legal to download, although the company kindly insists that you opt from using their product for any illegal activities.

HMA also suggests confirming with national laws on VPNs while traveling overseas since governments can adjust their regulations. 

HMA VPN Alternatives


ExpressVPN logo
  • Access to 160 servers
  • Interface is minimal
  • Solid and proven reputation


NordVPN logo
  • Privacy on multiple devices
  • 5,500+ VPN servers worldwide
  • Dedicated IP address

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark logo
  • Super secure encryption
  • Good overall speed
  • Unlimited device use

Who Should Use HMA VPN?

If you want to protect yourself from having your browsing data, such as banking information or private messages, saved and monitored by your Internet Service Provider or sold to advertisers, we recommend using HMA VPN. 

Suppose you spend a considerable amount of time browsing the internet using public WiFi or shared networks, such as at places like company offices or university libraries. In that case, HMA VPN is an optimal product to ensure that your data stays private.

You should use HMA VPN if you are traveling or working in another country that restricts you from accessing websites banned by the government. For example, HideMyAss does not operate reliably in China, as reported by several users. 

Whether you're traveling to Kansas or Kuwait, if you want to stream movies, television shows, or videos from anywhere in the world, HMA VPN is an excellent choice. As long as your VPN is working, your location will appear to be somewhere else. 

Essentially, regardless of your browsing habits, HMA VPN is a useful product for just about anyone who browses the internet.

Final Verdict

HMA VPN offers an expansive network globally, impressive speeds, greater security, responsive customer support via live chat, and secured access to major streaming websites.

However, HMA VPN isn't the cheapest option on the market, and you cannot use the network in certain countries. 

To be transparent, HMA VPN hasn't earned a reputation as a top-ranked VPN, and it's not as well known as other major VPN providers in the industry.  

Suppose you're looking for a moderately priced subscription to a certified no-log VPN with a large number of connections offered by one of the biggest corporate names in the virtual private network industry. 

In that case, we urge you to learn more about HideMyAss VPN and visit their website today.


Best VPN for streaming, anonymity & security. Biggest VPN network. 100% easy to use. Strong data protection, kill-switch, IP shuffle & no activity logs. Surf privately.

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