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Weekly Windfalls Review – Should You Buy?

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Best Options Trading Service


  • Live trading chatroom
  • Weekly options trades
  • Opportunity for large gains
  • Endorsed by Daymond John (from Shark Tank)

Overall RI Rating


Taught by Jason Bond

Average review rating 4.5/5 on TrustPilot

The Bottom Line: Weekly Windfalls is an options trading service where Jason Bonds teaches you how to make profitable trades and also shares his live picks with you. It is a no brainer if you want to make money with options.

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Sick and tired of grinding every day trying to make successful trades?

You know how it works. You spend countless hours researching. You look for all the right signals. You keep up with all the latest trends. 

You plan. You execute. But you still come up short. 

No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get the returns you’d like.

Until now…  

If you’ve spent any time online researching day trading or penny stocks, then I’m sure you’ve heard the name Jason Bond.

He’s notorious for helping novice and experienced traders make wins in the stock market and explode their income. 

He created his successful penny stock course, Jason Bond Picks, nearly 7 years ago, but he’s back for more. 

In June 2019, Jason released a new course, called Weekly Windfalls, aimed at helping options traders make money in their sleep. 

But how does Weekly Windfalls stack up against the competition?

We’ve done a deep-dive on this service to bring you the pros, the cons, and everything in between. 

Ready to learn how you can get the wins you crave without having to hover around your computer 24/7? 

Read on. 

Weekly Windfalls icon

Quick Summary

Service: Options Trading Picks & Live Chatroom

Price: $1,497 (annual)  $2,497 (lifetime access)

Who Is Jason Bond?

Who Is Jason Bond

Jason Bond has made quite a name for himself in the day trading space.

He’s the creator and owner of Jason Bond Picks—a stock trading services that uses a small cap swing trade strategy to generate profits. 

But he didn’t start out that way...

Jason got his start as a broke, but passionate NYS school teacher (I know, not what you're expecting).

He absolutely loved teaching, but he and his wife were smothered by $250,000 of debt.

In an attempt to break free, Jason began looking for ways to increase his income.

He unsuccessfully tried to swing trade on his own for two years before finally consulting Jeff Bishop, a legendary stock trader and mentor to Jason.

Jeff taught Jason everything he knew about the stock market. And today, Jason is returning the favor by teaching everyone he knows through Jason Bond Picks.

Jason quit his full-time teaching job in 2011 and is a multi-millionaire today. And, guess what? He’s made every cent trading penny stocks.

Until now...

Jason recently developed a new options trading strategy that blows his old strategy out of the water.

He created Weekly Windfalls so that he can teach other people (just like you) this brand-new, groundbreaking options trading strategy.

What Is Weekly Windfalls?

Jason Bond has thrown everything he's got at this Weekly Windfalls course. (And if you know Jason, you know he's got tons of energy.) 

But, what is it? 

Weekly Windfalls is Jason Bond’s new and improved options trading course. It’s a program where you sell options on the largest companies in the world that other people are buying. 

And let me tell you… the strategy used in this course is the most hands-off we’ve seen to date.

So if you’re strapped for time or don’t want to sit by your computer 24/7, this might just be the course for you. 

Jason’s goal with this course is to help you make consistent gains as a trader.

As with any investment, nothing is guaranteed, and there’s always a level of risk. But Jason promises you’ll have your best chance at winning with this strategy.

Jason’s traditional stock trading strategy brought him $350,000 just a few months into 2019. With this bigger and better options trading strategy, Jason predicts it’ll outperform the other by 10x. 

And check this out...

In two weeks alone, Jason had 19 straight wins and made over $40,000 with his options strategy. 

In two weeks!

That’s more than most people make in 6 months or a year. This astonishing win streak is the very thing that has Jason so pumped to share his strategy with the world.

Weekly Windfalls Trades

This screenshot shows some of Jason’s wins from his 19-19 streak with Weekly Windfalls.

Quick Rundown of Options Trading

Options typically expire worthless between 70% to 80% of the time (i.e. the option ends without any remaining value).

Because of this, it’s actually better to sell options than to buy them. Based on the percentages above, you actually have the odds in your favor with options trading as long as you can: 

  1. Guess the trend in the market
  2. Guess the trend in the stock

Now, this may seem difficult, but Jason has spent the better part of a decade analyzing and identifying trends (and he’s had a lot of success with it).

With Weekly Windfalls, trades are put on one to two times a day during the week and windfalls typically land in your account every Friday.

What Can I Expect When I Trade With Weekly Windfalls?

The beauty of Weekly Windfalls is that you don't have to work your tail off to get results.

Jason front loads all the work himself.

He researches the stock.

He sends you trade ideas (that he’s currently trying out himself with real money, BTW). 

Current Weekly Windfalls members say this is their absolute favorite way to trade. 

When you join Weekly Windfalls you can expect to: 

  • Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day making trades
  • Spend 3 to 5 minutes a day studying
  • Turn a profit every week (Jason claims up to $10,000)

Sneak Peak Inside the Members Area (as promised)

Weekly Windfalls Trade Alerts

Screenshot of the video trade alerts that Jason provides to members 

Weekly Windfall Newsletter

Live trade alerts and email newsletter

Jason Bond Picks vs Weekly Windfalls

Wondering why you may want to trade options instead of penny stocks?

We’ve laid out some comparisons below...

With Jason’s small-caps trading service, you typically make about 20% on a good swing trade. With options trading, it’s common to make 50%.

With small-caps trading, your win rate is around 60%. With options trading, its 70% to 80%.

Trading small-caps has a higher defined risk than options trading. 

So, not only are you winning more often with options trading, but your gains are higher and there’s less risk.   

Typically the house always wins, but with Weekly Windfalls, Jason claims you’re the house.

Who Is Weekly Windfalls Best For?

WeeklyWindfalls Options Trades

Weekly Windfalls is for everyone from novice beginners to experienced traders. You need zero investing experience to join.

But, hey, if you have experience already, it can only help. 

Jason teaches you everything you need to know to be profitable. He even gives members the opportunity to look over his shoulder as he performs live trades himself. 

But if you’re brand new to investing, he encourages you to take it slow.

Maybe start with one contract or watch and learn until you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own. 

The speed you want to go at is completely up to you.

So, whether you have yet to dip your toes in the investing waters or you’ve made thousands over the years, Weekly Windfalls may be for you. 

Is The Weekly Windfalls Strategy Hard To Learn?

Absolutely not.

Jason uses a “set and forget it” strategy for trades.

And unlike other platforms that require hours of hands-on investing per week, Weekly Windfalls only requires 15-minutes per day. 

Jason also sends out recorded video lessons weekly, in bite-sized chunks so you actually have time to digest the information.

And if you’re new to the program, he’ll send out 3-minute tips every few days as you become familiar with options trading. 

But remember… the point of this service is to make more trades (one to two per day) with higher potential returns (usually around 80%) for less effort (about 15-minutes a day). 

You have 15 extra minutes a day right?

What Do Customers Say About Weekly Windfalls?

Jason Bond Picks has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot with nearly 700 reviews.

These reviews sing praises of Weekly Windfalls, Jason Bond Picks, and Raging Bull (its parent company).

Weekly Windfall Reviews

The screenshot above shows recent Weekly Windfall reviews from Trustpilot.

Weekly Windfalls is a fairly new program, so there aren’t tons of reviews out there on the service just yet.

But from what we can tell, people are loving what they’re seeing. 

There isn’t a single negative review about Weekly Windfalls on Trustpilot. Customers claim that this is Jason’s best service to date.

One customer states that he’s been with Jason for 8 years and it just keeps getting better and better.

This particular reviewer got a late start on saving for retirement and, through Weekly Windfalls and Jason Bond Picks, he’s been able to create a comfortable nest egg for himself. 

Customers also love that this strategy requires zero effort claiming “no more staring at my screen all day. Thanks guys!”

And as always, customers are forever praising Jason’s teaching style. They love that he’s full of energy (which keeps your eyes glued on the video lessons).

They also say his teaching style is unmatched and that he has an uncanny ability to break complex topics down in a way that anyone can understand.  

How Much Does Weekly Windfalls Cost?

Weekly Windfalls has two membership packages to choose from. One is a lifetime membership and the other is a yearly membership.

Membership Type


1 Year Membership

$1,497 (regularly $2,497)

Lifetime Membership

$2,497 (regularly $7,497)

What’s included in the cost?

Weekly Windfalls is jam-packed full of features such as:

  • 5 to 10 weekly alerts from Jason (1 or 2 trades per weekday)
  • Watch list (see what Jason’s keeping his eye on at the moment)
  • Live stream of Jason’s trading portfolio (along with other successful members)
  • Education (Jason teaches you everything you need to know about trading)
  • Trade alert videos (issued in real time and shows Jason’s order)
  • Training videos (sent in bite-sized chunks so you can watch them on the go)
  • Expired trades on Friday (so you always have some fun money for the weekend)

Pros & Cons


  • Higher returns, higher win rate, and lower risk than trading small-caps
  • Endorsed by Daymond John from Shark Tank
  • Set-it-and-forget it strategy
  • Access to community chat with other members


  • New product (released late 2019)
  • Membership fee my be expensive for some
Weekly Windfalls Pros & Cons

Weekly Windfalls

Weekly Windfalls is an options trading service where Jason Bonds teaches you how to make profitable trades and also shares his live picks with you. It is a no brainer if you want to make money with options.

Weekly Windfalls icon

How Do I Sign Up For Weekly Windfalls?

You can sign up for Weekly Windfalls online. 

To sign up online, simply go to the Weekly Windfalls website and select your lifetime or one-year membership. 

Getting Started with Weekly Windfalls

This screenshot shows the welcome video you’ll watch when you join Weekly Windfalls.

Should You Join Weekly Windfalls?

Are you interested in options trading?

Do you want to increase your income with minimal effort?

Do you have 15 extra minutes a day to learn some stuff and do some things?

Are you okay front loading the hard work off on an experienced investor who will tell you what to do? 

Then Weekly Windfalls is for you. 

This service makes it painfully easy to trade options that win almost every time.

Jason has poured his heart and soul into this course. He’s already had mega-success with it and he’s ready to pass his knowledge on to you. 

Interested in learning more?

Mark your calendars for Titans of Trade. This exclusive event with Jason Bond and Daymond John is something you’re definitely not gonna miss.

And if you’re on the fence about Weekly Windfalls, this live stream may give you the answers you’re looking for. 

Have questions about Weekly Windfalls we didn’t answer? Drop them in the comments below.

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Weekly Windfalls
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  • Published on:
  • Last modified: November 28, 2020

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