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Weekly Money Multiplier Review

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The Bottom Line: If you’re interested in making money with options, we suggest that you check out the Weekly Money Multiplier Service. When you sign-up at this exceptional options trading website, you can get live trade alerts. You can also learn options trading strategies that will help you build a bright financial future.

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Trading stocks is a profitable investment opportunity you cannot afford to overlook. People from all walks of life trade stocks every day.

Some of them use stock trading strategies that generate millions of dollars every year.

With today’s technology, you can trade stocks from your home or on the go.

Can you imagine how you will feel once you begin generating a full-time income from your mobile phone?

We suggest that you get guidance from stock traders with years of experience in the game.

This is the best way for you to get started.

In this review, we will take a close look at a new course that is raising the bar in the stock trading world.

We will go over some vital points about this program.

After reading our review, you will be able to decide if this stock options trading course is ideal for you.

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Quick Summary

Service: Options Trading Training & Alerts

Price: $1,497/yr or $499/quarterly

Promotion: 50% off normal price

What is Weekly Money Multiplier?

The Weekly Money Multiplier was created by Nathan Bear. He’s just an average guy who wanted to escape the rat race.

Nathan knew he couldn’t depend on his employer for future financial security.

This is the primary reason why he developed something that would help him live the life of his dreams.

We must be honest with you. It took several years for Nathan to learn how to master stock options.  

Week Money Multiplier Review

During the process, he lost a significant amount of capital.

However, he did not get discouraged. He continued to study and place his trades.

He knew his patience and hard work would pay off.

Nathan eventually hit his stride and became a millionaire.

After having years of success in the stock market, he developed an interest to help others.

He was tired to seeing people being scammed by fake stock trading gurus.

He created a program that aims at helping beginners learn the fundamentals of stock trading.

Unlike other stock trading programs being marketed today, the Weekly Money Multiplier is designed for aspiring stock traders.

It’s important to point out that you must be ready to invest a significant amount of money to get started.

It’s a small sacrifice to make if you’re serious about making money with stocks.

Fortunately, many students have said great things about the program.

This shows that this program can help you if you’re willing to invest the time and work.

Who is Nathan Bear?

Nathan Bear

Nathan Bear is the co-moderator of the Weekly Money Multiplier.

As we stated earlier, Mr. Bear is an ordinary guy.

He didn’t graduate from an Ivy League School, and he doesn’t have any special technical skills.

Through trial and error, Mr. Bear managed to create a dynamic stock trading system that could help anyone become a successful trader.

His personal trading account went from $37,525 to $1.85 million dollars in less than four years. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Mr. Bear knows his stuff.

He has an unorthodox trading style, but anyone to master it within several weeks.

In our humble opinion, he’s the perfect instructor for stock trading novices.

What's Included with the Service?

The Weekly Money Multiplier is packed with information that you will not find in other stock trading courses. In short, we’re extremely impressed with the program’s material.

Once you become a student, you’ll be eligible to receive the following:

Exclusive Portfolio Updates

It’s critical for you to get off to a great start. This will help you avoid putting your hard-earned capital at risk.

Fortunately, you will get an inside look at Nathan’s personal portfolio.

You will get the golden opportunity to see his trades and copy them.

Getting these exclusive portfolio updates will put you in position to generate consistent earnings from your trades.

This puts you miles ahead of other novice stock traders around the world.

Options Trading Resources for Novices

The trading resources for novices will help you get your feet wet.

These resources will show you how stock options trading works.

There are over 21 detailed lessons and 30 hours of video material in the resource section.

We must stress that you take your time while going through the lessons and videos.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not become a master stock options trader overnight.

Please keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This business endeavor requires time, patience, and hard work.

The trading resources will show you how to pick winning trades.

They will also teach you how to part ways with your losing trades without subjecting your trading account to huge losses.

Nathan Bear’s Video Library

Besides getting a front row seat to the training resources, you will get full access to videos created by the master trader himself.

The quality video content in this course will amaze you.

You will be introduced to the world-famous Fibonacci trading technique.

The Fibonacci trading technique has helped many novice traders get off to a great start.

The library also has trading psychology videos.

After you look at them, you will not be afraid to be aggressive with your trades.

Scanning with Finiz is another training video you need to study carefully.

This video will help you get familiar with the platform. 

This will come in handy when it is time for you to search the market for profitable trades.

Live Trade Alerts

Live trade alerts will be sent to your email address or mobile phone.

These alerts will point out promising trading opportunities. 

The same alerts are delivered to Nathan Bear. 

What is the Price?

There’s an old saying in this world, “You cannot buy steak with hamburger money.”

This old adage applies to the price of the Weekly Money Multiplier.

This course is on the pricey side, but it offers many wonderful things that cannot be found in similar courses.

What’s the bright side of investing in the Weekly Money Multiplier?

Your investment will be backed with a money-back guarantee.

This shows that Nathan Bear is devoted to helping his students excel with stock trading.

At this present time, there are two plans for you to choose from.

You should look at your finances before making your decision.

You can choose the lifetime subscription plan or the quarterly subscription plan.

The yearly subscription plan is only $1,497. 

This is a great deal when you consider that the original price for this plan was $5998.

If you cannot afford the lifetime subscription plan at this time, you should consider taking advantage of the quarterly subscription plan.

It's only $499.

When you get the quarterly subscription plan, you will have direct access to the tutorials and videos for an entire year.

You can renew for another year when your subscription expires or you can get the lifetime subscription.

Nathan Bear promises that you will have a minimum of 12 successful trades during the first year of your subscription.

If you are not satisfied with the program, you can get a full refund with ease.

Weekly Money Multiplier is Your Shortcut to Becoming a Better Trader

Pros & Cons


  • The course has advanced trading strategies, but they are easy to follow
  • You get trade alerts
  • You get direct access to Nathan Bear’s trading portfolio
  • Exceptional Customer Service


  • The price of the course
  • Directional trades must be monitored carefully

Weekly Money Multiplier Reviews & Testimonials

The testimonials and reviews for the Weekly Money Multiplier are positive.

Weekly Money Multiplier Reviews

Is it Legit?

Based on our research, we have to say that this course is legitimate.

It’s the real deal!

The Weekly Money Multiplier’s platform makes it so easy for you to learn novice, intermediate, and advanced stock trading strategies.

However, you must be ready to work hard.

Will you lose money?

You will have losing trades, but the course will teach you how to minimize your losses.

If you’ve been searching for the best stock trading course, the Weekly Money Multiplier is the best program on the market today.

Should I Buy Weekly Money Multiplier?

You should buy the Weekly Money Multiplier if you are serious about becoming a successful stock trader.

The course was created by a self-made millionaire. 

Nathan Bear has created a course that can help you become financially independent.

You can be a part-time trader or a full-time trader. The choice is yours.

Get this course today if you’re serious about your financial future. You will not regret it.

Weekly Money Multiplier

If you’re interested in making money with options, we suggest that you check out the Weekly Money Multiplier Service.

Weekly Money Multiplier Icon
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  • Last modified: November 28, 2020

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