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Purchasing small business insurance is a critical part of any business’ operations.

The right insurance will protect your business from unexpected situations that may otherwise be costly for you, your employees, or your business.

But, like with other forms of insurance, choosing the best small business insurance is about more than just the coverage.

Who you choose to get your insurance from will determine how you file your claims, how much your premiums are, and which policies you wind up buying.

Each of these impacts your business’ bottom line, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Below, we cover the 10 best small insurance companies to help you get covered today.

Summary of Best Small Business Insurance in 2020



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Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Coverwallet website

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Hiscox Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Hiscox website

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The Hartford

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at The Hartford website

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Next Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Next Insurance website

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Chubb Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Chubb Insurance website

Founder Shield logo

Founder Shield

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Founder Shield website

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BiBERK Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at BiBERK website

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Embroker Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Embroker website

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CoverHound Insurance

Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at CoverHound website

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Free quotes

Multiple types of policies

at Insureon website


Coverwallet icon

CoverWallet is a highly rated small business insurance company that was named CNBC’s Top 100 most promising startups.

CoverWallet sells business insurance products through its agency partners and uses its platform as a space to keep all of your policy information in one place.

They pride themselves on having an easy-to-use platform that any business owner can use.

Their website is intuitive and includes an advice feature that asks about your industry, how many employees you have, and where you’re located.

Additionally, CoverWallet offers online bill pay to make your monthly payments easy.

CoverWallet Coverages

CoverWallet offers a wide range of coverages. They offer standard coverages like general liability, workers compensation, business owners policy, commercial property, professional liability, umbrella insurance, and more. 

On top of that, they offer more niche coverages like cyber liability, liquor liability, special event insurance, medical malpractice, pollution liability, and ocean marine policies.

And the list goes on. If you’re in need for nearly any kind of business insurance, CoverWallet probably offers it. Please visit their site for a comprehensive list of their services.

CoverWallet How to Get a Quote

CoverWallet has a prominent free quote feature located on their website.

You will have to enter a little bit of information about your business to receive a proper quote, but the quote does not require any commitment.

In addition to their free quote function, CoverWallet offers an Advice section that asks a few questions about your business before listing the type of policies it would recommend as well as the average premium of those policies.

Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox icon

Touting themselves as “America’s #1 Online Small Business Insurance”, Hiscox provides small business insurance that is expertly tailored to your industry in order to get you the coverage you need and nothing that you don’t.

Hiscox is part of the Hiscox Group and has origins dating back to 1901, so they are not new to the insurance industry.

They created Hiscox USA in order to fill a need with small businesses seeking an easy way to get insured online.

Instead of offering a wide range of coverages, Hiscox targets specific types of insurance in which they develop expertise, often focusing on areas other insurers find too complex to insure.

Hiscox Coverages

Hiscox offers a discreet set of policies for specific industry needs. They include general liability, professional liability, errors and omissions insurance, business owners policy, workers compensation, and cyber security.

In addition, they do offer other types of insurance like directors & officers insurance, commercial auto insurance, umbrella insurance, and employment practices liability insurance.

For a full list of their coverages, please visit their website.

Hiscox How to Get a Quote

Hiscox offers two ways to get a quote: a free, online instant quote and direct access to a licensed small business insurance agent via a phone call.

The free quote process is similar to many others you will find across the web, and is non-binding.

But being able to speak directly with an agent is a nice perk for business owners.

Sometimes an algorithm won’t capture the right needs for your business, so talking to an actual human can be a better option for those business owners with more questions or unique situations.

The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford icon

The Hartford offers a range of insurance policies, covering auto, home, small business, and employee benefits.

Zeroing in on their small business offering, The Hartford specializes in business owner’s policies (BOP) that combine three primary coverages (commercial property, general liability, and business income insurance).

Because this is their specialty, the Hartford is a great resource for those business owners looking specific for a BOP

The Hartford Coverages

As mentioned, The Hartford specializes in business owners’ policies. These policies are especially useful for brick-and-mortar businesses with less than 100 employees and annual revenue under $5 million (the eligibility cutoff for most BOPs).

In addition to business owner’s policies, The Hartford offers other types of insurance like data breach insurance, workers compensation, professional liability, and commercial auto insurance.

For a complete list of their coverages, please visit their website.

The Hartford How to Get a Quote

The Hartford gives prospective clients the opportunity to receive a free quote online in just a few minutes.

Additionally, they provide an “Agency Locator” for those business owners interested in meeting someone in person. This agency finder will ask for your location and provide the nearest agency that is licensed to offer Hartford insurance policies.

Next Insurance

Next Insurance icon

Next Insurance is a 100% online insurance agency that prides itself on being the future of insurance. 

Businesses, their owners, and the world, in general, is moving to the convenience of the internet. Next Insurance believes that insurance providers should be doing the same.

Their platform leverages AI-based technology that is backed by hundreds of data scientists, insurance advisors, product managers, designers, and more.

Next Insurance Coverages

Next Insurance offers business insurance, general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, errors and omissons insurance, commercial auto insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Please visit their website for a comprehensive list of their coverages along with details about each coverage.

Next Insurance How to Get a Quote

Next Insurance allows small business owners to get a free, instant quote in as little as 5 minutes. 

Additionally, after services are secured, Next Insurance offers a live certificate for instant proof of insurance and a monthly payment feature for no extra cost.

Chubb Insurance

Chubb icon

Chubb offers a range of insurance options for small to large businesses, including multi-national or international businesses.

They’ve designed their products to fit specific industries, enabling them to provide insurance policies that are specific to your business.

Chubb Coverages

They offer an extensive amount of coverage and their coverages are grouped by category.

These categories include accident and health, commercial liability, commercial package, cyber, environmental, excess and surplus, global casualty, international solutions, management liability, marine, medical, product, professional, property, and more.

For a complete list of their coverages, please visit their website.

Chubb How to Get a Quote

Chubb offers an online quote for a limited selection of their policies, including professional liability, BOP, cyber liability, umbrella liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.

For all others, you’ll either need to call Chubb or find an agent near you. Chubb agents are independent, meaning they can work on behalf of multiple insurance companies.

Founder Shield

Founder Shield icon

Founder Shield is an online insurance agency designed specifically for startup and high-growth companies.

They offer fully customizable insurance packages businesses in different stages of growth.

These stages include “Bootstrapper” (beta/pre-launch, 1-10 employees), “Venturer” (scaling operations, 10-50 employees), “Premier” (growth phase, 50+ employees), and health insurance for all size of businesses.

Founder Shield Coverages

Founder Shield offers insurance coverages for everything ranging from crime, cyber, disability, general liability, intellectual property, product, property, and umbrella coverage.

Please visit their website for a full list of their coverages.

Founder Shield How to Get a Quote

Getting a quote from Founder Shield isn’t as easy as it is with others, but the process is still relatively quick.

You will have to sign up for an account with them, which includes giving them an email address, setting a password, and providing the legal name of your company.

biBerk Insurance

BiBerk icon

biBerk is a Berkshire Hathaway company that was created specifically with small businesses in mind. 

The affiliation with Berkshire means they have over 40+ years of insurance experience and are rated A++ by A.M Best Company and AAA by Standard & Poor’s Corporation, meaning they have both superior financial conditions and operating performance.

biBerk Coverages

biBerk’s coverages are not as extensive or as niche as some others on this list, but they do offer many of the coverages that matter to most businesses.

These coverages include workers’ compensation, professional liability, general liability, property and liability (BOP), commercial auto, and umbrella.

biBerk How to Get a Quote

biBerk makes getting a quote easy with their online instant quote feature.

All that is required from you is the number of employees you have, your business’ industry, where you operate (home, office, building that you own or lease, etc.), and your location.

Embroker Insurance

Embroker icon

Embroker is an intelligent startup insurance company that specializes in business insurance for startups and growth businesses.

Because their targeted audience is startups, they offer premium pricing credits for startups with top VCs and other select partners.

Embroker Coverages

Their list of coverages is extensive, covering the basics like general liability,  workers’ compensation, product liability, and professional liability, along with more niche coverages like cyber liability, key person insurance, and directors and officers insurance.

For a complete list of their coverages, please visit their website.

Embroker How to Get a Quote

Embroker makes getting a quote easy and prides itself on their ability to get you a quote quickly, without having to provide an exhaustive amount of detail.

However, this is only the case for some of their coverages, including directors and officers, employment practices, technology errors and omissions, and cyber liability.

For all other types of coverages, you will have to create an account with Embroker.

CoverHound Insurance

Coverhound icon

CoverHound offers business and personal insurance, touting itself as a one-stop-shop for your insurance needs.

Their agents are compensated based on their service and ability to exceed the customer’s expectations instead of sales commissions, so they have your best interests in mind instead of their kickback.

CoverHound Coverages

CoverHound offers traditional small business insurance options like a business owner’s policy, general liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, cyber, and directors’ and officers’ insurance.

Please visit their website for a complete list of their coverages.

CoverHound How to Get a Quote

In order to get a quote from CoverHound, you will need to navigate to the business insurance section of their website.

From there you can click the “get started” button where they will then ask you a series of questions before taking you to a policy comparison page.

Insureon Insurance

Insureon icon

Insureon is a small business insurance marketplace whereby you can compare quotes and rates from multiple carriers.

By entering your information one time you are able to receive quotes from multiple, top insurance carriers and choose the best rates and coverages for your business.

Insureon Coverages

Coverages they offer quotes for include business owners’ policy, general liability, professional liability, errors and omissions, workers’ compensation, and cyber liability insurance.

For a complete list of coverages that Insureon offers quotes for, please visit their website.

Insureon How to Get a Quote

Insureon makes it easy to get quotes from top insurance providers.

You enter your information one time - industry, business size, location, etc. - and they perform a comprehensive search to bring you the best offers and packages from across the insurance industry.

Which Small Business Insurance is Right for You?

Searching for business insurance is not the most fun activity, but it is necessary in order to protect yourself, your employees, and your business.

The best insurance providers offer a positive customer experience, high-quality products, and the right prices.

The 10 insurance companies on this list provide a range of products for businesses of all types.

If you’re looking for the right insurance company for you and your business, one of these 10 is a good place to start.

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