These 2 Secret Investments Could Grow Your Retirement by 534%+

Traditional investments have long been sold as the path to wealth in retirement. But they’re also inherently risky.

Most people don’t know there are other options poised for explosive growth. Until now...

Why Having a Traditional IRA is Like Jumping Out of An Airplane Without a Parachute

Traditional IRAs, annuities, and bonds are sold as “safe” investments.

Ask any financial advisor and they’ll all tell you the same thing: keep your 401K invested in stocks and bonds.

If you want to diversify, invest in a mutual fund.

Just do this and you should average 8-10% returns per year, AND minimize any downside risk, they say…

They’re the experts, right?

The truth is that this strategy actually LOSES you money and maximizes risk in your portfolio.

The Inherent Risk That’s Sold As Safe

Ever heard the term, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

Well, imagine if the only asset you owned was your house. Your plan is to sell it once you’re ready to retire, downsize, and live off the proceeds from the sale.

Sounds a little risky, you think?

What happens if the value of your house tanks right before you retire?

Your left without any options. And you’re forced to put off your retirement and might even have to get a job.

That’s exactly what it’s like keeping all of your money tied up in “traditional” retirement vehicles like: stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, CD’s, etc.

Because every single one of these retirement tools is tied to the SAME UNDERLYING ASSET: the dollar.

And if the dollar falls, guess what happens to your portfolio

You’re in exactly the same spot as the guy who can’t sell his house because it’s now worth less than what he paid for it.

And you’re stuck working 5 years later than you planned.

You can’t truly diversify if everything you invest in is tied to the same asset.

If that asset falls, so does EVERYTHING ELSE in your portfolio.

Why the “Experts” Are Dead Wrong

If this strategy is so risky, why do experts recommend it?

The answer is simple: because they make a commission off of these assets.

Have you ever thought about the conflict of interest that creates?

They’re getting rich, while you’re LOSING MONEY.

How to Limit Your Downside and MAXIMIZE Your Upside

Luckily, there are other options. There is a world of investments NOT TIED TO THE DOLLAR.

In fact, they move in the opposite direction of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

AND they are poised for explosive growth in the next 5-10 years.

Which means massive potential for your portfolio and protection against economic downturn.

But most people don’t know they can invest.

Until now.

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