7 Best Gold Investment Companies

I, like many others, have never understood how significant gold and silver investments are or how you one goes about investing in them.

Fortunately, through my research, I've found the best gold investment companies to get you started in investing and explain and guide you through the process.

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Goldco is one of the premier Precious Metals IRA companies in the United States. Protect your wealth and livelihood with physical precious metals like gold & silver. They are my #1 recommended gold investment company.

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Augusta Precious Metals is one of the premier Gold IRA companies in the United States. Protect your wealth and livelihood with physical precious metals like gold & silver. They offer the best customer service in the gold industry.

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Since October of 2007, the value of gold has not dropped below $1,000, and its shown a constant trend of stability throughout the last ten years.

The price of gold will fluctuate from time to time, but its appeal is that it's a long-term investment that holds its value. Gold and silver IRAs specifically are essential for your retirement portfolio as they are assets that will always hold some value as time goes on.

Investing all of your money in a single investment is risky and unnecessarily dangerous.  I'm not saying you should invest all your money into gold and silver IRAs.

Still, I am trying to emphasize the importance of having some of your money invested into these precious metals for diversity.

The Best Gold Investments for 2022

Comparison of the Best Gold Investment Companies

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Goldco is a renowned precious metals firm specializing in IRAs. The company has made a name for itself for its service transparency, low yearly rates, and excellent customer service.


This company is different from the rest, because it has proven its commitment to exceptional one-on-one customer experiences, customer attentiveness, better prices than everyone else’s, and a full endorsement by Joe Montana.


The mission at Noble Gold is to give clients a safe and easy way to buy precious metals. They believe in honesty & increasing our client's investment value.


Since 2003, Birch Gold Group become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the United States.


American Hartford Gold helps individuals and families invest in precious metals. 


Advantage Gold is an investment firm that specializes in precious metals.


Regal Assets is a highly respected investment company that assists clients with alternative investment options. 


The criteria I have for these companies involve how long they've been in business, price transparency, fees, and customer service. 

I'll also be looking at reviews from actual customers who have used or are currently using these companies to invest in gold.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Gold Investment Companies

Find the best gold investment in these top-rated companies. See what you need to do today to start saving for your retirement.

1. Goldco - Best Overall

Goldco was founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt. With over a decade of experience and service in the precious metal investment industry, Goldco has found success through providing excellent customer service. 

Goldco Reviews

It's important to note that Goldco has no reviews on Trustpilot below an excellent rating. Reviews focus on how helpful Goldco was in explaining the process and how they'll be investing their money. 

Steven writes, "The reps were informative and patient with me. I needed a lot of repeated information to understand the tax ramifications and investment options for coins versus bullion."

Duane Stokes writes, "I had all my questions answered, and they explained everything clearly. I will do business with them again."


  • Amazing customer support
  • Goldco fees are lower than average
  • Company history is transparent.


  • Relatively high minimum investment fee of $25,000.
  • Cannot open an account online

2. Augusta Precious Metals - Best Customer Service

I have to recommend Augusta Precious Metals as my top pick for the ease of access to newer investors and their transparency in pricing and assistance. 

Founded in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals focuses on streamlining the process by educating its clients and assisting them in multiple ways to ensure that their money will hold its value in gold and silver bullion and premium coins.

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

The customer experience for Augusta Precious Metals seems significantly high for a company that has operated for a little over a decade. Most reviews emphasize the helpful information provided to them and the company's transparency on pricing. 

Arlene E stated, "They focused on information…no pressure, no deadlines, no sense of urgency," reviews like these tell how this business handles its customers.

Another customer, George B, states, "We enjoyed the information and education we received from Augusta.


  • Total cost transparency
  • Knowledge others won't share about the industry
  • Streamlined processes that don't overcomplicate the investment process.


  • No online purchasing.
  • Relatively high minimum investment fee of $50,000.

3. Noble Gold Investments - Best Education

Noble Gold Investments was founded in 2016 by Collin Plume. This relatively young company has proven its devotion to consumers by providing a plethora of information to its customers. 

Noble Gold Reviews

The reviews for Noble Gold Investment focus on the amazing support provided to each customer in terms of knowledge. The transparency of the company and what they'll be investing in helped each person make a well-informed decision with no regrets about their investments.

Patricia and William D wrote, "He has held our hand the entire time and patiently answered the myriad of questions. So far, we are very happy with our decision to switch our IRAs to Nobel Gold."

Gerardo writes, "I'm a novice in purchasing precious metals. I'm so happy I got to work with Mandi Carlson he made all the difference in the world, helping me enter the transaction with confidence and knowledge."


  • No high-pressure sales
  • Great education on gold IRAs
  • Low annual fees


  • No international gold storage option
  • Relatively young company

4. Birch Gold Group - Lowest Minimum Investment

Founded in Birch Gold Group has been endorsed by public figures and has continued to provide easy access to customers discovering what gold IRAs are. 

The company sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, which offers customers a wide variety of precious metals.

Birch Gold Reviews

The reviews boast about the ease of access to investing in precious metals. It's important to note that while most customers seem to have not felt pressured into deciding with the company, they treated them as if they were already a member. 

Les B states, "This was my first time purchasing precious metal products. I did my due diligence and educated myself on how precious metals are priced and sold. I chose Birch because of very high marks on their business practices."

Ernest writes, "Very helpful. It took time to explain everything to me. He wasn't in a rush to get me off the phone."


  • Low minimum investment
  • Lots of educational resources
  • Endorsed by professional organizations


  • No overseas depository option
  • Some fees aren't clearly defined

5. American Hartford Gold - Great Buyback Plan

Scott Gerlis founded American Hartford in 2015. The company strives to help educate people about precious metals. American Hartford seeks to be transparent and maintain unparalleled customer service. 

American Hartford Gold Reviews

Overall, the reviews for American Hartford seem to praise their professionalism. I noticed that some complaints involved details excluded or not disclosed to the customer, but these issues were quickly remedied.

Monica VP says, "My experience was great. The only improvement I would have liked would be a copy of the metals I was purchasing to be sent to me to look at while it was being relayed to me verbally."

Alex J states, "My name is Alex J. American Hartford Gold is one the most professional companies I've ever dealt with. The workers were super nice, and they made sure you understood everything from a to z."


  • No storage fees
  • Two decades of experience
  • Buyback commitment


  • They don't ship outside of the US
  • Precious metals are not publicly listed

6. Advantage Gold - Best for 1st Time Buyers

Advantage Gold was founded in 2014 by Adam Baratta and Krill Zagalsky. Advantage gold's roots lay on the educational side of financial services. 

Therefore, Advantage Gold focuses on making its clients comfortable when making informed decisions.

Advantage Gold Reviews

The reviews for Advantage Gold seem to be above average, with few complaints from their clients. Advantage Gold focuses on informing customers of gold IRAs, which makes them excellent for first-time investors.

Brad writes, "First IRA precious metal rollover for Jay and me was very helpful in educating me upon the process. Easy to work with, easy to get a hold of. Thanks"

Gerard Gagne states, "Found Advantage Gold very knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly during purchasing precision metals for my IRA."


  • Meager custodial and storage fees
  • Buyback program
  • No buyback fees


  • Investment minimum of $25,000 to create an account
  • Need to talk to a representative for pricing

7. Regal Assets - Best for Gold/Crypto IRA's

Tyler Gallagher founded Regal Assets in 2009. Regal Assets stands out as a firm that helps people invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies. 

This company is favored by many for its diverse investment options and its promise of transparency. 

Regal Assets Review

I've noticed that Regal Assets has more negative reviews and significant complaints than the other companies. The positive reviews praise the company for a smooth transition into investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Joseph Brown says, "Great marketplace for those willing to invest in golds!"


  • Amazing customer service
  • Offers crypto IRA investments
  • Segregated vault storage


  • Lack of online pricing for precious metals
  • B- on Better Business Bureau and some customer complaints related to customer service

Why You Should Own Gold for Retirement

In my research, I learned something vital about gold: gold has always held value, while stocks can lose all their weight in a day. Having some of your money in gold will ensure that there will still be some cash value even in rough times. 

Portfolio diversity is another reason you should own gold for retirement. Looking at gold as a long-term investment ensures that its value will remain relatively stable. 

Gold and other precious metals aren't as volatile as the stocks, and because of this, investors can feel more secure about where their money is.

How to Pick the Best Gold Investment Company

When picking a gold investment company, choosing one willing to work with you is essential. If you're new to precious metal investing, picking a company that will inform you of as much detail as possible may prove valuable. 

I think the number one thing for a company is transparency. Being completely transparent with fees, pricing, and intent helps me as an investor feel more confident about my decision. 

Looking at reviews and other customer experiences is a great way to choose a company, and going through their services on their website may influence your decision.

Next Steps

No investment is safe, but investing in gold has proven to be one of the most assured investments for your retirement. These companies I've researched have proven that they know what they're doing. 

They're also willing to enlighten you about the importance of precious metals.  Choosing the right company is the first step in your journey to investing in precious metals.

Try your hand with some of these companies. Maybe one of them will finally convince you to leap into the gold market. 

Gold Investment FAQ's

Is investing in gold a good idea?

There is no going wrong in investing in gold. Just remember, it's a long-term investment. Gold will always hold some value and is a physical asset that can be stored and secured.

Should you invest in gold for retirement?

Gold is an excellent long-term asset with continually growing value throughout the years. For retirement, it's essential to understand that gold will never be worth $0.

Do you have capital gain taxes on gold?

Yes, just like any other asset, it's subjected to taxation.

Where is my gold stored inside an IRA?

Companies place gold in an IRS-approved depository. Some gold IRAs like Regal Assets have a segregated storage option for your precious metals. 

What percentage of gold should you own in your retirement portfolio?

I found that you should have an average of 10 to 20% of your portfolio in precious metals. Depending on your outlook on the economy, you may increase that percentage.


Goldco is a leader in the precious metals industry, with over a decade of experience helping customers protect their retirement savings. 

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