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Morningstar Premium Review: Is It Worth It?

Morningstar Premium is a subscription investment platform that provides helpful investment knowledge. It's a one-stop shop for stock research for beginners and experts alike. Morningstar also offers tools such as analyst reports and top investments, all for a low subscription cost. 

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Premium Investment Research Platform

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Pros & Cons


  • Offers investment advice from a reputable sources.
  • Includes analyst reports on individual investments.
  • Reveals top investment picks.
  • Includes a portfolio manager


  • The platform mainly focuses on mutual funds & ETF's.
  • Unsuitable for people seeking direct investment management and investment spending.

Do you feel like you've been wasting energy on multiple investment resources that barely yield fruit? Do you spend mind-numbing hours sifting through pages of stock research? 

Morningstar Premium can help you waste less energy. You'll be able to access expert research, analytics, portfolio management tools, and top investment picks for only $199 per year. 

Is the Morningstar Premium worth it? Yes, especially for self-driven investors. 

In this Morningstar review, we’ll break down the reasons why.

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Quick Summary

Service: Investment Research Platform

Price: .$199/year

Promotion: 14-Day free trial

What is Morningstar Premium?

The Morningstar Premium is a subscription service for a trading platform.

It provides analysis and ratings for primarily mutual funds. However, they also provide information for individual investments like index funds, socks, and bonds. This helps you discover what funds are worth investing in. 

The tools from Morningstar allow you to hand-pick investments for your portfolio. You can adjust it according to your financial needs and goals.


The app and the website are free. Morningstar offers both a basic and premium subscription package to choose from. The basic subscription allows you to have your portfolio analyzed, but does not include investment picks or analyst reports. 

The premium subscription gives you full access to all of Morningstar's tools. These include the following:

Analyst Reports

One of the core differences between the premium and basic packages is access to analyst reports. These are expert analyses on specific investments. 

It's a comprehensive analysis that provides a business and strategic outlook, analyses notes, risk and benefits, fair value, business attributes, and profit drivers.

Top Investment Picks

Morningstar Premium provides a list of top investment picks to help you choose some of the best-performing investments to add to your portfolio. 

Notably, more than 100 independent analysts participate in creating the portfolio before it's availed to you. The platform also includes all the specifics. For example, for funds, there are bond index funds, core bond funds, foreign funds, starter funds, and target–day funds. 

Each analysis includes the fund's investment requirements, processes, parent families, and performance.

Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager is a critical part of investments that helps you monitor and manage your investments, evaluate your investment strategies, and assess opportunities. Once subscribed, you can access your portfolio manager on the platform at the click of a button.

Portfolio X-ray

A portfolio x-ray provides a snapshot of your investments. It helps you identify where you invest the majority of your funds and find ways to diversify your portfolio. 

You can use the portfolio x-ray to avoid duplicating investments in one company. You also access your fees and expenses, world regions for your investments, and stock types.


With this tool, you can search and filter your investments by ratings, types, and performance. In addition, the screener helps you narrow your search for appropriate funds within your investment criteria. 

With the Morningstar screener, you can narrow your search to annual returns, risk, availability, price, sustainability, the tax-to-cost ratio, yield, among other factors. The screener also comes with a "similar funds" feature, which finds investments similar to yours.

Article Archive

The article archive has been a significant portion of the Morningstar, available on the basic and premium subscriptions. You can access investment advice, financial advice, savings, and retirements.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fortunately, there are several packages for Morningstar Premium:



Monthly Subscription


Annual Subscription


Two-year Subscription


Three-year subscription



Is Morningstar Premium legit?

Yes. Morningstar Premium is a legitimate subscription service provided by Morningstar.

What is Morningstar?

Morningstar is a financial services firm in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 1984 by Joe Mansueto, who sought to provide people with financial information to make investment decisions. The company runs a platform that provides investment insights and tools. 

Morningstar also has highly reputable rating systems that groups investments based on their history of returns and expected future performance. The ratings give you a quantitative measure for fund performance and selection.

Why should you try Morningstar Premium?

You should try the Morningstar Premium for potential investments, analytics, and regular monitoring. The platform offers regular stock recommendations, insightful advice from financial experts, and an analysis of securities. 

You can access reputable rating systems, articles, and tools to help you manage your investments. 

Morningstar basic does not offer analyst reports and top investment picks. The basic package also has limited access to the portfolio manager. Paying for the premium plan gives you better advice to manage your investments. 

Morningstar also has customer support for premium clients. Unfortunately, there's no chat support, but you can reach customer support via email and phone. The self-service FAQ section is also exhaustive. 

Overall, the Morningstar Premium is great for self-driven investors. If you're looking for brokerage, advisory, or management services, this may not be the subscription for you.

Who is Morningstar Premium Best For?

Are you looking for an unbiased, expert-backed, research-based, unique, authentic, and focused platform for investment advice and analytics?

If yes, the Morningstar Premium is for you. The platform also focuses on investment fundamentals and breaks down the knowledge to help you make investment decisions. 

This subscription is also suitable for self-directed investors, especially for funds, stocks, and bonds.

Is Morningstar Premium Worth It?

The Morningstar reports, analytics, expertise, and tools are some of the most respected in the financial world. You'll have access to information on funds, stocks, and bonds that are within your investment criteria. 

In addition, Morningstar frequently updates its data and provides reliable monthly ratings. 

If you'd like to find out more information or sign up, visit Morningstar Premium

Morningstar Premium

Get access to independent ratings, top picks, and advisor-grade portfolio management tools with Morningstar Premium.

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  • Last modified: August 3, 2021

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