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Jason Bond Picks Review (by Real Member)

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The Bottom Line: Jason Bond Picks is a service that teaches you how to penny stocks for huge profits. His strategies have allowed his students to earn full time incomes and even millions of dollars.

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Jason Bond… a man who flies on private jets, takes tropical vacations, and gives away free Porsches to his top students.

He’s quick to flaunt his millionaire status, and he’s pretty confident he can make you a millionaire too. 

But are his swing trading services too good to be true? Read on to find out.

Who Is Jason Bond? 

Jason Bond

First, let’s talk about who Jason Bond is. 

Jason Bond is the founder and owner of Jason Bond Picks.

He has a rags-to-riches story that looks something like this…

He and his wife both worked as teachers in New York.

They lived paycheck-to-paycheck and had a net worth of negative $250,000. 

Fed up with being broke, Jason began looking for ways to increase his income and pay off debt. 

After learning about swing trading, he consulted the legendary stock trader, Jeff Bishop, who became a mentor to Jason. 

Jason promised Jeff that if he taught him everything he knew about trading the stock market, he’d return the favor by teaching others (after all, he does have an education background).

Fast-forward nearly a decade later, and Jason is doing just that. 

Since quitting his full-time teaching job in 2011, Jason claims he’s made millions of dollars trading penny stocks.

He’s now a full-time trading teacher (through Jason Bond Picks) and a part-time trader. 

As of 2017, his net worth is $5 million.

Learn JASON'S 3 FAVORITE Stock Trading Patterns HE USES DAILY

What is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks is a stock trading service that uses a small cap swing trade strategy to generate profits.

This program was started by Jason Bond in partnership with Jeff Bishop. 

Jason and Jeff view themselves as personal trainers. Just as athletes need a coach to teach them how to play ball, they teach you how to crush it in the stock market.

At the time of this article, over 10,000 people have joined Jason Bond Picks. 

Jason Bond Picks is meant to fast track you to success.

Jason and his team point out common pitfalls and teach you trading strategies so you can make money more quickly.

  • You don’t have to be a full-time trader. A lot of people think you have to trade full-time to be successful, but Jason and Jeff created this program for part-time traders.
  • You don’t have to have a lot of money to join. Most of their clients start with a few thousand dollars. Yes, they have some clients who are already millionaires and want to hone their investing skills, but they encourage you to start with what you have (whether that’s $1,000 or $1,000,000).  
  • Don’t get sucked into overtrading. Overtrading is also another big mistake with beginners. From Jason and Jeff’s experience, the more trades you make, the worse off you are. They encourage you to make conscious trades that give you a better chance of winning.
  • You don’t win every time. Trading is a lot like sports. In baseball, 3 out 10 is a great batting average.  In trading, 5 out of 10 wins may be a great average. They teach their clients to limit the losses and run with the winners. 
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. A lot of beginners want to go all-in on certain trades. Jason Bond Picks teaches you to allocate your portfolio in a way that limits your loses. They teach you to only invest as much as you’re willing to lose. 
  • Don’t mimic Jeff Bishop’s or Jason Bond’s trades. They also discourage their clients from mimicking their own trades. They want you to take the strategies they’ve put together and use them to pick and choose your own stocks. They claim their most successful traders do not mirror their trades. 

Products & Services

Jason Bond Picks Packages

When you purchase the Swing & Long-Term Trading Services (his core packages), you get access to:

  • 3-5 swing trade alerts researched by Jason
    • Snapshot sent in the morning
    • Alerts sent later on in the day
  • High Octane Long-Term Trading Service
  • Jackpot Penny Stocks (stocks meant to score big wins)
  • Daily Watch List (prepares you for swing-trades)
  • Education Suite (65 in-depth video lessons)
  • DVD Set (almost $5,000 value)
  • Day Trading Playbook (for full-time traders)
  • Monthly Live Strategy Sessions

“Learn The 3 Simple Patterns I Use Daily That Aims To 3X My Portfolio Every Year”

Advanced Package (Millionaire Roadmap)

Jason Bond Millionaire Roadmap

Jason’s advanced package is called Millionaire Roadmap. This advanced program is for people who want to earn more money beyond Jason’s basic services. 

In addition to all the services you get in Jason’s core packages, you also get access to an exclusive chat room, one-on-one training from successful students, and live streams of multiple real-money accounts.

The four main trainers in this group are: 

  • Jason Bond (owner & CEO of Jason Bond Picks)
  • Jeff Bishop (Jason’s mentor)
  • Taylor Conway (graduate of the program)
  • Nathan Bear (graduate of the program)

The direct access you get to these four people is meant to fast track you to success. 

Jason Bond Picks Webinar

The Jason Bond Picks Webinar is meant to get you amped up about the program (and ultimately purchase it at the end of the hour-long segment).

Jason is full of non-stop energy, so you may feel like he’s screaming at you the entire time (you decide if this is good or bad). 

The webinar gives you a good overview of what to expect in the course.

It breaks down Jason’s three trading strategies and gives a synopsis of his rags-to-riches story, along with other stories of students who’ve made millions from the course. 

After you watch the webinar here’s how the price breaks down:

  • Video Training Collection (free) 
  • Strategy Course (free)
  • Day Trading Playbook (free)
  • Jason Bond Picks Subscription ($297/ quarter)

This package, regularly priced at $5,796, ends up being $297.

Just keep in mind, the $297 is paid per quarter. 

If you’re looking for a Jason Bond Picks Promo Code or Coupon Code, this webinar is the closest thing to it.

It looks like Jason doesn’t offer any other types of discounts at this time.

Daily Watchlist

The watchlist goes out once a day, and it gives a synopsis of which trades Jason is looking at for that day, as well as which strategy he’s using. 

Jason Bond Watchlist

Trade Alert Service

Jason Bond Alerts

Example of one of the email trading alerts

Jason promises up to 10 swing trade alerts per week delivered via SMS text message or email in real-time.

Most of these alerts come from Jason’s watchlist which goes out the night before or the morning of the alerts. 

 Live Portfolio Access

As a member, you have access to Jeff Bishop’s live TD Ameritrade account and Jason Bond’s live E-Trade account.

If you’re a member of Millionaire Roadmap, you also get access to the mentors’ live trade accounts as well.

Jason Bond's Training DVD's

Jason Bond DVD Training

Jason Bond claims his DVD collection is worth $4,996, but you can get it as a free bonus if you watch his webinar.

This collection features four DVDs.

The first three are by Jason Bond and cover topics on swing trading basics, selling naked options, and trading like a pro.

The fourth DVD is on stock options by Jeff Bishop.

Chat Room

The Jason Bond Picks chat room is meant to serve as a place where good trading decisions are encouraged and bad decisions are limited.

By having other traders to consult with, you’re able to accelerate the learning process and make money quicker.

Other successful traders run the chat room, so there’s always an “expert” to talk to. 

Education Suite

The Jason Bond Picks Education Suite features over 65 in-depth video lessons.

You have 24/7 access to this suite, so you can learn at your own pace and refer to the videos as needed. 

Jason recommends you start with these video lessons before you begin trading: 

  • Penny Stock 101 
  • How To Trade Like A Pro
  • Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple
  • Pay Yourself

Mastermind Meetups

mastermind meetups

A unique feature of the Millionaire Roadmap is the Mastermind Meetups—an event meant to build comradery and fast track you to success. 

During these events, you meet face-to-face with Jason, Jeff, and several successful students.

This event is free for Millionaire Roadmap students and is limited to about 50 students per events.

Pros  & Cons


  • Comprehensive progam
  • Live active chatroom
  • Real-Time trade alerts
  • Access to Jason's daily watchlist
  • Live access to Jason's current portfolio


  • Expensive for most new traders
  • Strict refund policy
  • No auto-renew notifications
Jason Bond Picks Pros and Cons

How To Get Started With Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks claims they do all the hard work for you.

Jason finds up to 10 trades that are expected to move and then sends them to you each week.

He claims you can learn his system, trade with his system, and keep all the profits yourself. 

His 4-step process looks like this:

Jason Bond Picks Get Started

Jason’s swing trading strategy is based on 3 simple stock setups:

  1. The fishhook (oversold stocks) 
  2. The pennant (a continuation pattern within an existing stock trend)
  3. The rocket (breakout from a current stock trend)

It took Jeff Bishop 10 years to learn these trading techniques, but he was able to teach it to Jason Bond in one year.

They created this program to teach these techniques to people even quicker. 

Jason Bond Picks Review's & Testimonials

On Trustpilot, Jason Bond Picks has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 based on 551 reviews. 

Trustpilot is a review website where people can only leave a review after they’ve verified their purchase (so you can be sure the reviews are legit).

Jason Bond Picks is also endorsed by several celebrities.

Frank Mir, 2x UFC Heavyweight World Champion, picked Jason Bond to be his stock trading coach.

Jose Canseco, a major league baseball player, is a student of Jason Bond Picks, and Terrell Owens, a hall of fame NFL player endorses Jason Bond.

Jason Bond has also been featured on several sites and publications.

Jason Bond Recommendation

Who Is Jason Bond Picks Good For?

If you’re new to trading, interested in penny stocks, and have a few thousand dollars to play with, Jason Bond Picks may be good for you.

His program comes with over 65 videos on swing trading, and you even get access to a live chat room with expert day traders. 

This service is designed for part-time traders.

Anyone with a phone can make trades, and Jason’s most successful students have made upwards of $4 million.

Is Jason Bond Picks Worth The Investment?

Jason Bond Picks has a loyal following with a 9.2 out of 10 rating on TrustPilot.

He’s an excellent teacher full of energy, and his top students have seemingly earned millions of dollars. 

If you’re interested in penny stocks, Jason Bond Picks may be the perfect way for you to learn the basics and start making money. 

But before you fork over your credit card information, I recommend doing some research. 

Start by watching the Jason Bond Picks webinar.

Call their customer service line with any questions you have. If you’re still interested after that, go ahead and give the course a try. 

We just want you to be 100% confident in your decision to buy.

Have you tried Jason Bond Picks before? If so, what was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks is a service that teaches you how to penny stocks for huge profits. His strategies have allowed his students to earn full time incomes and even millions of dollars.

Jason Bond
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