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Gold and Silver for Life Review

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The Bottom Line: Gold and Silver for Life is an online training by Minesh Bhindi that teaches clients how to cash-flow gold and silver, promising annual yields of 12-26.4%. It is a great way to earn monthly passive income.

Are you concerned about inflation or another market crash?

Many guard themselves against the dwindling value of the dollar by investing in precious metals.

And while that can look like hoarding jewelry, bullion, or coins, there are also ETFs, which may be an easier, more practical means of investing in gold and silver.

This intriguing course promises a sure-fire strategy to do it as efficiently as possible, with returns that rival those of real estate investments.

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What is Gold and Silver for Life?

It’s an online course and coaching program that claims to show investors how to reap 12-26.4% on gold and silver ETFs.

That means a monthly ROI of 1-2.2% in exchange for only a couple hours of work a month, tops.

For example, by investing an initial $10,000, you would make $1,200-2,640 in your first year alone.

That’s not taking into account the future rise in the value of gold and silver. Third party research proves that the price of gold will continue to rise in the coming years.

Further, Gold and Silver for Life’s 3-step strategy includes compounding, aka leveraging your returns to buy more gold and silver, and therefore increasing overall profits. 

It’s all part of what the course’s founder, Minesh Bhindi, calls the “Wealth Triangle Philosophy”:

  • Buy Asset Below Market Value
  • Cash-Flow During Ownership
  • Buy More Of The Asset With Cash-Flow
Wealth Triangle Philosophy

Investing in gold and silver ETFs through this system promises you instant liquidity and complete freedom.

According to the course’s sales page, its clients operate from 46 countries, with a 92% success rate and 100% recommendation rate. 

Gold And Silver For Life Success Rate

Meet the instructor—who’s Minesh Bhindi?

Minesh Bhindi

Minesh Bhindi is a successful investor and the founder of Reverent Capital, an investment consultancy firm. 

There he works as a wealth manager.

He also works as a coach through Gold and Silver for Life, and of course manages his own lucrative portfolio.

Who this is for—and who it’s not.

This is for investors with existing capital.

The course is one of the most expensive I’ve ever seen, and then there’s the minimum 5-20k initial investment.

This is not for people struggling to pay the bills.

Nor is it for anyone needing to make quick profits, as this system works on low-risk, long-term returns. 

It’s not for high-risk investors or those who enjoy a bit of a gamble.

Bhindi stresses that one must stick very close to his system in order to yield the results he promises for his clients. 

How is the GASFL Is structured?

There are seven modules containing video training and supplemental materials (PDFs and audio files).

The videos are either recorded mastermind training groups (big value there), slideshows, or screencasts.

There’s only about six hours of content, so it shouldn’t take a motivated student too long to get through the course.

Module One: Creating Portfolios That Grow

Bhindi presents his “Perfect Portfolio Strategy,” the “Wealth Triangle Principle,” and how to structure your portfolio for growth.

Module Two: Discovering ETFs and Options

Learn more about these investment tools.

Module Three: Getting An Income Before You Buy

How to use Cash Secured Puts to generate an income before buying any stocks.

Module Four: How To "Rent Out" Your Gold & Silver

Learn how to rent out your metals and generate a cash flow while you wait for the capital gain.

Module Five: How To Do It All

How to set up your charts and fully implement the strategy.

Module Six: Art & Mining Stocks

How to increase returns with advice from David Morgan.

Module Seven: Profit Enhancing Principles

Advanced lessons on increasing returns.

GASFL also includes:

  • Open coaching calls every Monday. Bhindi calls this lifetime support, but I take this with a grain of salt—it’s not like he can literally continue this for the rest of his clients’ lives.
  • An hour-long one-on-one call with the program’s head coach
  • Free tech support for those struggling to get their charts up and running
  • Access to a learning centre, which includes any updated content that’s added later
  • Access to Bhindi's “Trade Notifications” for the first 3 months
  • Members Area Sneak Peek

    GASFL Members Area

    Screenshot of Gold and Silver for Life members dashboard

    How much does it cost?

    Ok, brace yourselves. The course costs $12,500. Though all that is required up-front is $4997, with the rest due when your profits exceed $50,000.

    Don’t forget, you’ll also need a large sum to make your initial investment with.

    GASFL Student Testimonials


  • Promises low-risk, long-term yields
  • A strategy that requires very little time or effort
  • Weekly coaching keeps you up-to-date on trade
  • Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Need starting investment
  • Coaching calls can be at an inconvenient time, depending on where you live
  • CFGS Masterclass

    Should I buy Gold and Silver for Life?

    I think that this course can prove very valuable for people with good capital, and who are interested in diversifying their portfolio.

    It may also serve those who are interested in investing but don’t know where to start.

    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the money to risk (because investing is a risk and this course isn’t cheap), or to those already well-versed in trading.

    They may be able to do this on their own.

    That said, this appears to be a well laid out, super-informative course taught by someone who knows their stuff. It’s up to you whether it’s worth the “investment!”

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    • Rated 4.5 stars
    • 80%

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