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  • 1 high conviction trade ideas a week
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#1 Biotech Trading Service

Taught by million trader Kyle Dennis

The Bottom Line: Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis offers a sound stock trading strategy for an affordable price. Even inexperienced traders can use the service to make their money work for them. 

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When it comes to stock trading, biotech companies represent one of the most significant opportunities for gains.

The industry enjoys promising developments and game-changing innovations regularly, and with them comes big spikes or drops in the market price. 

For those who can time their activities wisely, those jumps and drops can quickly turn even small investments into a lot of cash.

Of course, that timing proves elusive to the average citizen without hours, days, or weeks to spend analyzing patterns and finding potential winners.

That’s where Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis comes in. 

What is Fast 5 Trades?

“Fast 5” refers not to the number of trades Kyle Dennis will recommend, but rather one trade tip - provided on a Monday - will potentially give you big yields by Friday, five days later.

Fast 5 Trades gives you everything you need to know before the market opens on Monday.

The alert provides a number for a buy-in price, a sell price, and a stop zone to limit losses in case the trade does not go as planned.  

Kyle generates his picks each week using a carefully-honed system that analyzes the patterns in biotech stock trading.

By observing past trends, he has found a reliable way to generate sizable returns, and his Fast 5 Trades alerts shares that with users.  

Who is Kyle Dennis?

Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis’ story begins in a familiar way.

He graduated from UCLA in 2013 with $80,000 in debt and only $15,000 to his name.

He had the fortune to land a real estate job that paid decently, but the potential of stock trading - a hobby he picked up in college - called his name.

Within just three years, he had turned that $15,000 into $3.8 million.

Turns out, he had a knack for finding patterns in specific sectors of the stock market and leveraging that skill into sustained growth. 

Under the mentorship of Jason Bond, Kyle has continued to hone his skill in the stock trading world and now shares that skill with users in the form of several different alert services.

His role at the financial literacy website speaks to his dedication to teaching in addition to trading.

He has written several books on the art of trading and also hosts webinars and newsletters to help empower average people to grow their wealth. 

Fast 5 Trades Membership Details

A Fast 5 Trades membership provides a bevy of financial resources, including:

  • Monday Morning Stock Alert which provides one great tip for investing and gaining in a single week. 
  • Kyle Dennis Free Webinar, which goes into greater detail about the how and why of Kyle’s trading strategies. This is a great tool for helping traders better understand the market so they can start making their own decisions.
  • Fast Five Trading Academy collects all of Kyle’s resources in one place, providing scores of lessons on everything from day trading to trading psychology. 
  • Fast Five Trading Guides consolidates Kyle’s three books - The Seven Deadly Trading Sins, $3.9 Million Playbook, and Middle Class Millionaire - into eBook form for easy consumption.
  • Stock Options Guide brings Fast 5 users lessons from Jeff Bishop, who mentored Jason Bond, who mentored Kyle Dennis. In other words, this feature provides lessons from the teacher who taught the teacher who taught Kyle himself. 
  • Customer Service allows users to directly contact Raging Bull staff via email, phone, or web-based chat with any questions or problems arising from the service.

Fast 5 Trades Pricing & Plans

Fast 5 Trades has a reasonable price point at $197/year.

The plan also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have the opportunity to test the waters. 

If the picks don’t get the results you need, you can back out without losing your shirt. 

Who Should Signup for Fast 5 Trades?

Fast 5 Trades provides the greatest value to people looking to increase their knowledge of trading and stock strategy.

With access to Kyle’s eBooks, an incredible array of webinars and online lessons, and details on the logic behind each trade, users get an education each week. 

Pros & Cons


  • Kyle’s strategy balances high returns with careful risk management.
  • Low-cap stocks offer the opportunity to test the waters with minimal investment.
  • Considerable resources beyond the weekly tip to grow your knowledge.
  • Extremely affordable, especially given the potential for return on investment.


  • Some users have had issues finding the stock at Kyle’s suggested buy price.
  • Kyle’s actual gains and losses are difficult to track.


Is Fast 5 Trades Legit?

All trading carries some risks. Not all of Kyle’s trades win big, but his portfolio speaks for itself.

By sharing his tips, Fast 5 Trades does honestly make great recommendations. On top of that, the educational features provide great advice on the basics of trading strategy.

So is Fast 5 Trades legit? Yes.

Will it turn you into a millionaire overnight? Maybe, but just as with all things in life, there is really no such thing as a free lunch.


How Much Time Per Day Do You Need to Make Trades?

Kyle touts a “five minute work week,” so allegedly five minutes should provide enough time to see some return on your investment.

However, generally, you should take at least a little extra time to analyze the trade and see how much sense it makes for you.


What Type of Stocks Will You Be Buying?

The Fast 5 Trades alert specializes in biotech stocks.

Kyle has a background in biology, and he uses that knowledge to predict major activity in the biotech sector. 


Final Verdict

If you want a service to provide you great stock tips and a wealth of educational resources, consider Fast 5 Trades

The service brings great value for the price, and the service’s track record allows you to grow your wealth without the need to spend hours analyzing trends. 

Why we like Fast 5 Trades:

You get access to Kyle's top trade idea every single week that has the potential to produce nice gains.

Service: Weekly stock trades

Yearly Fee: $197

Promotion: Discount pricing

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  • Last modified: November 29, 2020

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