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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

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Best Dropship Course


  • Voted #1 e-commerce course by Shopify
  • Done-for-you templates, scripts, and over-the-shoulder lessons
  • Constant course updates
  • Lots of successful students

Overall Rating


Over 10,000 + students from over 22 countries

The Bottom Line: Shopify’s #1 ecommerce course Drop Ship Lifestyle teaches you everything you need to know about scaling an automated dropshipping business from anywhere in the world, among a community of incredible entrepreneurs.

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Before I start I have to preface this review by saying that this course is unlike any other I’ve ever looked at.

Which is saying something.

Drop Ship Lifestyle at its root is an online course.

Actually, it was voted Shopify’s best ecommerce course in 2019. But it’s also personal coaching, a community, and even an international retreat. 

This program can take you from zero to scaling a 6-figure online business using the dropshipping method.

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is advertising and selling others’ products from your own online store, without keeping stock of those products yourself.

A customer buys an item, you place the order with the actual retailer, who then ships the product to the customer.

You pocket a large commission from the retailer in return. 

Basically, it’s big reward with little work or risk.

So why doesn’t everyone do it?

It’s competitive. 

And Anton Kraley, the creator of Drop Ship Lifestyle (DSL), has evidently “hacked” the system so that his students can also grow successful dropshipping businesses.

Dropship Lifestyle

Quick Summary

Course: How to create and scale an online dropshipping store

Price: $2,997 to $4,997

Promotion: International retreats

Who is Anton Kraley?

Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly is the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle. He focuses on empowering people through eCommerce and better marketing.

He and his team are constantly researching and testing to discover what works best in digital marketing and eCommerce.

Anton’s story was featured on Forbes and he’s been on numerous business podcasts.

He holds annual retreats for Drop Ship Lifestyle and hosts live events for marketers and business owners.

In 2017, he hosted the Internet Marketing Expo in Austin.

So what’s inside Drop Ship Lifestyle?

What is Drop Ship Lifestyle

DSL has two packages: Premium and Ultimate. 

Both contain the online course, while the Ultimate package includes some major bonuses. 

I really like how often Anton updates the course content. The ecommerce industry is always changing, and online courses often fail to reflect that. DSL sets itself apart from others in this regard.

Since 2013 it’s already updated seven times.

It’s also different in terms of scope. This course is massive and far more comprehensive than others I’ve seen.

Let’s go over the course

DSL is laid out in seven modules with 90 video lessons that give you an over-the-shoulder look on how to build, scale, and eventually sell your dropshipping business. 

There has been some negative feedback regarding the organization of the modules, but I don’t consider this a dealbreaker.

There’s a ton of content there.

  • Module #1: Niche Selection
    This is so important because the right niche will make or break you. Anton goes over weighing profitability over what you may be passionate about, as well as how to take pricing, product size, weight, profitability, and target markets into consideration when picking a niche.
  • Module #2: Market Research
    This feels like an extension of module one. Anton essentially teaches you how to maximize your profits on whichever products you’ve chosen to sell.
  • Module #3: Creating Your Website
    This gives you the template to create your own high-converting Shopify site. Yes, DSL only covers Shopify (because it’s the best tool for dropshipping). Note that with the Ultimate Package, you can skip this module because your website will be created for you!
  • Module #4: Finding Suppliers
    Finding the ideal suppliers can be daunting, but actually calling them before you’ve begun business can be terrifying.Anton includes phone and email scripts for this very purpose. He also provides information on how to manage and build relationships with multiple suppliers.
  • Module #5: CRO Mastery
    CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, is simply maximizing your sales with lessons on buyer psychology, creating urgency, getting reviews, social media, and more.
  • Module #6: Traffic
    How to get the right kind of traffic using Google. This extensive module also covers paid social traffic via Facebook and Instagram, as well as email marketing.
  • Module #7: Outsourcing and Automation
    After you have a profitable store, you’ll want to step back a bit.Learn how to hire talent to do the work for you, as well as automate abandoned carts, Google sheets, custom orders, order tracking, reviews, and more.

There’s also tons of bonus lessons:

  • Goal Setting & Mindset bonus
  • Doing business abroad
  • Easy wins
  • Shopify video course
  • Social ads
  • Google ads
  • Dropship Lifestyle retreat’s recordings
  • Selling your online store
  • Outsourcing guides and SOPs

How to Build a Highly Profitable, Semi-Automated Dropship store...

(Without Needing Any  Experience!)

DSL Ultimate Package—and is it worth it?

drop ship lifestyle course

The big ticket items in DSL’s Ultimate Package are a done-for-you Shopify store, a retreat ticket (the next one is in Prague), and a year of private coaching.

I’m a big proponent of going all in. I’m personally pretty good with computers and web design, but if you’re not, web designers often charge a few thousand dollars for a new site.

The value of a year’s private coaching is pretty self-explanatory. 

And the retreat, besides just being fun, would help build lifelong industry connections.

DSL reportedly has over 10,000 students from 25 different countries.

But it does come at a cost.

How much does DSL cost?

Drop Ship Lifestyle costs $2,997 for the Premium package and $4,997 for the Ultimate package.

While crazy high, I can’t deny the value of the course’s content. Needless to say, be ready to commit.

One drawback is a kind of tough return policy. To qualify, you have to show that you’ve selected a niche, contacted 20 suppliers, and built a website within 30 days.

Considering the value of the course, I can understand Anton’s hesitation about doling out refunds. Just something to be aware of.  

Drop Ship Lifestyle Student Testimonials

Pros & Cons


  • Huge amount of content and comprehensive in its scope
  • Done-for-you templates, scripts, and over-the-shoulder lessons
  • Consistently updated
  • Voted #1 e-commerce course by Shopify
  • Cons

  • Expensive with a strict return policy
  • Could be a little better organized
  • No extensive lessons on SEO
  • Only covers Shopify
  • Should I buy Drop Ship Lifestyle?

    If the idea of working remotely and scaling your own business to an automated income, then maybe!

    Just be ready to commit because this course isn't cheap!

    But for the right, committed person, it’s an investment that could be returned on in no time.

    Drop Ship Lifestyle

    Shopify’s #1 ecommerce course Drop Ship Lifestyle teaches you everything you need to know about scaling an automated dropshipping business from anywhere in the world, among a community of incredible entrepreneurs.

    Dropship Lifestyle
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    • Rated 4 stars
    • 80%

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    • Last modified: November 28, 2020

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