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  • 1 high conviction trade ideas a week
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#1 Options Trading Service

Taught by million trader Jeff Bishop

The Bottom Line: Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades offers one of the simplest tools available for options trading, with a proven track record of financial return.

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Stock trading feels a lot like gambling, especially when you have little or no knowledge of how to do it.

But unlike gambling, stock trading carries less risk for those who have an understanding of the right statistics, trends, and strategies to make sense of the market fluctuations. 

Jeff Bishop has decades of experience analyzing and predicting the market, and a remarkable record of turning those predictions into literally millions of dollars.

His Bullseye Trades service sends one of those predictions out to users every week to help them get a piece of the pie. 

What is Bullseye Trades?

Bullseye Trades has a very simple premise: alert users to one smart tip every week. 

Each week before the market opens, the service sends one options trading recommendation to subscribers with explicit instructions for how to maximize profit - at least according to Jeff Bishop himself. 

Using these trades, Bullseye Trades aims to double your investment every week.

Of course, options trading always carries some risk so Bishop does sometimes fall short, but in the long run, the service does a good job of getting a return on investment for relatively little work.

By offering just one simple tip each week, Bullseye Trades cuts out the complicated guesswork of similar services that offer a list of tips and options from which users can pick.

Essentially, you just get Jeff Bishop’s “lock” each week and if it works for you, just tag along and cash in. 

Who is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop has over 20 years of experience trading stocks and that experience has turned him into a millionaire many times over. 

He has degrees in finance and economics from the University of Texas, but that degree does not tell the full story. 

Major financial publications like U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal have featured Jeff Bishop, and his bona fides helped him create RagingBull.com with Jason Bond and Allan Marshall, two trading titans in their own right.

Bullseye Trades Membership Details

  • Monday Morning Trade Pick forms the backbone of Bullseye Trades. Every Monday, users get a text or email that alerts them to one options trading idea along with the timing of entrance and exit.
  • Weekly Money Multiplier takes the process a step deeper. You follow Bishop’s weekly trading activity, and get further tips on suggested activities to help grow your bankroll based on Bishop’s carefully designed trading system. 
  • Bishop’s Free Options Trading Book empowers you to make your own decisions based on the wisdom Jeff Bishop has gained in his decades of stock trading. For those looking to expand their trading skills, this book offers a wealth of knowledge.
  • Bullseye Free Trade Webinar helps you understand the “why” behind Bishop’s weekly trade picks. By digging into the details you can start to take trades into your own hands and make your own decisions.
  • Customer Support provided to customers via email, chat, or telephone offers quick, personalized solutions to any problems stemming from the use of Bullseye Trades. 

Bullseye Trades Pricing & Plans

Bullseye Trades offers a remarkably reasonable price point, even with the risk inherent in options trading.

For just $48 per year, users get all of Jeff’s weekly stock tips and the ability to follow him from week to week. 

Further subscriptions can unlock more education on the art and science of options trading, but Raging Bull offers a lot of discounts and deals.

If you’re interested in saving a little bit of money in order to make a lot more, you can shop around and find great savings. 

Who Should Sign Up for Bullseye Trades?

Bullseye Trades has the greatest value to individuals looking for a simple, no-frills means to get into the stock market without having to carefully survey the landscape and make complicated or intimidating decisions.

Anyone who has a little extra money on which they would like to see great returns should consider Bullseye Trades.

At its price point, no alert services can match the simplicity and efficacy of Bishop’s service. 

Pros & Cons


  • Simple: With one trade per week, Bullseye Trades leaves little room for error. 
  • Effective: Bishop’s recommendations purport to provide anywhere from 50% to 300% gains per week.
  • Accountability: Jeff regularly posts his own trade activity so you know he’s not selling you one idea while engaging with something else.
  • Cost: Most alert services have at least double the price of Bullseye Trades - sometimes much more than that - for similar returns. 


  • Education: The key to Bullseye Trades comes from the minimal engagement required, but it also keeps users from gaining the knowledge necessary to trade aggressively. 
  • Limited: By keying in on one tip per week, users cannot leverage totally the capacity of day trading to expand one’s portfolio. 


Is Bullseye Trades Legit?

Yes. All stock trading activity carries some level of risks, and Bullseye Trades is no exception.

However, the entire Raging Bull enterprise stakes their reputation on getting results, so users can feel reasonably comfortable that the tips come from a place of good faith.  


How Much Time Per Day Do You Need to Make Trades?

The simple act of reading and enacting the suggestions of Bullseye Trades takes no more than 5-10 minutes per week.

What Type of Stocks Will You Be Buying?

Jeff Bishop specializes in small buys that have the potential to skyrocket.

Most of the Bullseye Trade tips play to that specialization, so expect to get lots of small or little-known companies in your portfolio. 


Final Verdict

If you want a simple, no-nonsense service to help you get into the stock market, look no further than Bullseye Trades

The weekly tip has an excellent record of providing returns no matter your investment. 

With Jeff Bishop still actively involved in the trading game, you can rest assured that even in 2020 the service still brings a lot of value.

The accountability and price point make it a great choice for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Why I like Bullseye Trades

All you have to do is make the trade that Jeff recommends each week and sit back and watch the profits.

Service: Weekly options pick

Yearly Fee: $299

Promotion: Save money with lifetime membership

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